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Street Fighter III: 3rd Stike:
Makoto Faq v1.2
Added new strategies and combos. I should have added these a while ago.
Makoto Faq v.1.1
Added official names and fixed a motion command for overhead chop.
Makoto Faq v.1.0
Added: Basic faq with movelist and comments.

This is basically a straight forward faq with descriptions of each moves 
and a comment section at the end.

ub   u    uf
                Joystick directions.
b    n    f     u - up     d - down
                b - back   f - forward
db   db   df    n - neutral

jp: jab punch
sp: strong punch
fp: fierce punch
sk: short kick
fk: forward kick
rh: roundhouse kick
p: any punch attack
k: any kick attack
PP: any two punches
KK: any two kicks.
Universal overhead attack: sp+fk
Throw: f/b+jp+sk
Alternate Throw: jp+sk

At the moment, I haven't figured out the exact names of each individual 
attack. However, I have no intention of using it because it would simply 
confuse the readers more because they will have to go back and forth on 
this faq to find the name of the move and its joystick movements. I'll 
just give them an overall name that seems to fit the attack.

EX versions: Each character has the ability to make most of their 
special attacks faster and more powerful. In order to do this, simply 
execute the special motion for the particular move and following it up 
with hitting two punch/kick buttons instead of one.


Seichusen Godanzuki (Punch Super): d,df,f,d,df,f,P
An extremely strong attack where Makoto with punch you in the gut once, 
stunning the opponent momentarily, where she would then follow up with 
several rapid punches and finally an extremely hard-hitting uppercut 
that would launch the opponent across the entire screen. You only have 
one bar and it takes a while to fill up. You can't juggle afterwards.

Abare Tosanami (Kick Super): d,df,f,d,df,f,K
The anti-fireball super. Makoto will jump backwards toward the middle 
edge of screen where she would then execute a diving kick. When the 
attack lands, she will do a knee, a hook kick which will launch the 
opponent, and while the opponent is in the air, she would follow it up 
by a quick dash forward and punching straight up as the opponent falls 
down toward the ground. The final attack will launch the opponent again. 
Follow this super with another attack. It is probably best to do a 
dashing punch (d,df,f,P) afterwards. You can land two of those without 
problem. The kick button pressed after the motions determines the angle 
of the initial diving kick attack. You have two bars, which can be 
easily filled. You can cancel her super jump after the super's final 
attack. It's better to do the dashing punches though.

Tanden Renki (Power-Up super): d,df,f,d,df,f,P
Makoto will power herself up for a limited amount of time. Her skin 
color will turn red. While powered-up, all her attacks will take off a 
HUGE amount of energy. A single three hit combo can take off over sixty 
percent. Basically, if you land five or six of her more powerful 
attacks, it'll be enough to kill your opponent. The hard part is landing 
an attack. While power-up, she can't block so you better have a good 
parrying game if you wish to use this super. You only get one bar, which 
fills up very quickly. 

Special attacks:
Oroshi (Overhead chop): d,df,f,P
Makoto will execute a wicked overhand chop that must be blocked high. It 
looks as if she were trying to break several slabs of stones in front of 
her. The fierce punch version comes out very slow and can usually be 
blocked. The jab and strong punch versions, although weaker, are faster 
and have a better chance of landing against a ducking opponent. The EX 
version is much much faster and does considerable damage.

Karakusa (Choke Grab): f,df,d,db,b,K
A pretty useful move where Makoto will reach out and grab her opponent 
and then lift them up off their feet where she would then choke them 
once which does very little damage. After the choke, she would put them 
back down on their feet where they would be vulnerable for a short 
moment for whatever attack you wish. 

Ax kick: f,df,d,db,b,K (While in the air)
Makoto will execute a wide arcing ax kick with insane priority that will 
knock anyone out of the sky. Unfortunately, it comes out a bit slow and 
opponents can usually knock her out of the air before the move comes 
out. If the short or forward kick version lands deep, you are free to do 
whatever combo you choose once you land. The EX version has it where she 
stops in mid-air and executes the attack instead of arcing through the 
air like a regular jump.

Hayate (Dashing punch):d,df,f,P
An extremely useful attack where Makoto will execute a very fast dashing 
punch. It does great damage and comes out extremely fast. Unfortunately, 
the move has quite a bit of recovery so make sure the opponent doesn't 
get the chance to block it because even the jab punch version has enough 
recovery to allow your opponent to combo you afterwards. The EX version 
is a screen-length dashing punch that will knock your opponent of their 
feet. Holding down the punch button will keep her in a ready stance. 
Pressing the kick button will cancel her ready stance if you don't want 
her executing her dashing punch afterwards.

Fukiage (Dragon punch): f,d,df,P
This is the ultimate anti-crossup attack where Makoto punches her fist 
straight up in the air. It's incredibly hard to land but leaves the 
opponent open for a juggle when it does. A simply ducking roundhouse 
will do fine for good damage. You can try a dashing punch, but it's kind 
of hard landing that and does relatively the same damage. The EX version 
of this move should be abuse because she'll dash forward a bit and then 
punching straight up, which will make it a great anti-air attack, 
setting them up for a juggle attack afterwards if it lands.

Normal moves:

Jab punch: jp
A simple punch where Makoto extends an open plam forward. It's quick but 
does little damage.

Forward jap punch: f+jp
Another simply punch where Makoto executes a quick jab. It has further 
range and is equally as fast as a regular jab attack.

Strong punch: sp
A great attack where Makoto execute a double fist attack at chest level. 
It has suprisingly good anti-air priority and can be comboed afterwards.

Forward strong punch: f+sp
Makoto will do a quick punch at her opponent's gut. The attack, although 
a bit slow, has great priority. It will basically stuff any attack your 
opponent sticks out. It can even stuff sweeping attacks. The only way to 
stop this attack is to hit her before the attack actually comes out 
where her fist is extended forward. She moves forward a little bit so 
this is a useful move to use to get closer. 

Fierce punch: fp
A powerful but relatively slow attack where Makoto will execute a knife 
hand attack. Although slow, if the move connects, you can easily land a 
dashing punch or her punch super or even her kick super if you have your 
back in the corner.

Forward fierce punch: f+fp
Makoto will take a pretty big step forward and executes a straight and 
extremely powerful punch. It's very slow to come out and you basically 
need a good sense of spacing to get this move to connect. The move has 
great priority and if it trade hits, Makoto will always be on the 
winning end. If you press the fierce punch again after the first punch, 
she will do two more extra punches which will take off a little more. 
It's best to stick with the single punch one.

Short kick: sk
Makoto will perform a simple knee. Only useful if the opponent is close. 
It does decent damage for a short kick but the best part is that it can 
be chained into her forward kick afterwards.

Forward short kick: f+sk
A simple snap kick where Makoto will take a short step forward and kick 
forward. It has poor recovery but is a good way of attacking while 
getting closer to your opponent.

Forward kick: fk
It's almost like roundhouse where Makoto will kick toward the opponent's 
head. It can be ducked but is a good and quick anti-air attack. It's 
best to use this move after having executed her short kick attack since 
it can be chained into this attack.

Forward forward kick: f+fk
Makoto will take a step forward where she would do a spinning side high 
kick. It takes off a good amount of damage if it lands, but landing it 
is going to be a problem. It has great recovery time. However, because  
she takes a step forward and it's slow, she can usually get hit out of 
the attack. 

Roundhouse kick: rk
Makoto will kick straight out as if kicking her heel toward her 
opponent's groin. It does great damage but comes over very slow. It 
basically looks like a meelee attack where she wants her opponent to get 
the hell back :)

Forward roundhouse kick: f+rh
A great move in general. Makoto will take a big step forward and do a 
sweeping shin kick that will knock the opponent down if it connects. 
Although it can be seen from a mile away, if you hold down the 
roundhouse attack, she won't follow up the step-in with the sweeping 
shin kick. The latter is a great way of getting in close for a throw 
because people mostly expect a sweep and tend to duck, waiting to 
counter attack after blocking the attack.

Ducking jab punch: d,jp
A simple ducking jab punch. It comes out lightning quick and you can 
usually land an additional jab before comboing in a jab dashing 
punch(d,df,f,jp). A ducking jab is pretty safe follow up after a 
universal overhead.(sp+fk)

Ducking strong punch: d,sp
A great attack where Makoto does a ducking knife hand. It has great 
reach and great recovery time. Use this move often because it's great 
for a keep-away tactic.  

Ducking fierce punch: d,fp
Makoto's sweeping attack where she does a low side chop toward her 
opponent's legs, knocking them to the ground if it lands. It's a bit 
slow but dishes good damage. You should usually mix in this attack with 
her overhead chop(d,df,f,P) to keep your opponent guess on whether 
you're going to attack high or low.

Ducking short kick: d,sk
Makoto will kick a foot out toward her opponent's shins. It comes out 
pretty fast but doesn't do all that much damage.

Ducking Forward kick: d,fk
This is probably one of the best attacks in the entire game. Makoto 
executes what looks like a side kick that is aimed toward her opponent's 
knees. This moves stuff's just about everything. It can even stuff 
jumping attack. Because the attack is aimed a bit higher than usual low 
attack, it can be both both high and low. However, it also leaves her 
safe from being swept while she's using those move because not only will 
this stuff anyone's sweep, but the sweep would travel below her extended 
leg :)

Ducking roundhouse: d,rh
Makoto executes a rising hook kick that looks like it really really 
hurts. And it does. It does insane damage as well as stun damage. A 
great anti-air attack.

Jumping attacks:

All these attacks are described for jump-in versions.

Jumping jab punch: uf,jp
A simple attack where Makoto has her hand extended outward. It does 
little damage but can usually knock people out of the air before they 
can attack with their own jumping attack.

Jumping strong punch: uf,sp
A very slow punch attack. It comes out about as slow as her jumping 
fierce punch. The angle of that punch, which is aimed in a downforward 
fashion is a great jumpi-in attack, but due to it's lack of speed, 
you'll usually get knocked out of the attack before her arm becomes 

Jumping fierce punch: uf,fp
An attack where Makoto will do a downward chopping attack and let her 
momentum carry her into what looks like a forward somersault. This move 
does massive damage and has a wide attack arc, meaning you can pretty 
much hit another jumping opponent whether they're slightly above or 
below your jump path. It does great stun damage also.

Jumping short kick: uf,sk
Makoto will extend a knee out as she arcs through the air. It has pretty 
good priority against other jumping opponents. It does little damage.

Jumping forward kick: uf,fk
This is probably going to be the most widely used jumping attack of 
Makoto's. It's your basic jump kick. It deals a good amount of damage 
and can be used as a crossup attack. It has good range and comes out 
extremely fast. Because of the angle of that jump kick, it can trade 
hits with several anti-air attacks that your opponent might use. 

Jumping roundhouse kick: uf,rh
Another very good jump kick. It comes out about as fast as her jumping 
forward kick but does more damage. Because it's a hard hitting attack, 
it leaves the opponent very open to a combo if the attack lands. It also 
dishes out a great deal of stun damage.

Comments and strategies:
All right. Here's the good stuff. They're basically tips I have found 
out while playing her. I've also added a bunch of comments.

I found some interesting combos with her. If someone were to jump, do a 
EX uppercut(f,d,df,PP) followed up with a ducking roundhouse for easy 
damage. I usually do her dashing jab/strong punch attack, but the timing 
is a bit hard. Besides, they basically do the same damage and the 
ducking roundhouse version lands every time. You can also follow up with 
another EX uppercut after the first one but it's basically for show-off 
purposes. Man, I dunno if there is was a way to follow the first 
uppercut with more than one juggle. 

For the more skilled players interested in dishing out an insane amount 
of damage following the uppercut, cancel her uppercut into a super jump. 
You're going to have to anticipate the direction the uppercut will 
launch them so you can super jump in that direction. Now, while your 
opponent is in the air, perform Makoto's ax kick, f,df,d,db,b,K to 
juggle them further into the air (Use either the short or forward kick 
version because the roundhouse one will send them back down to the 
ground), and then perform two dashing punches, d,df,f,P after you land 
and before your opponent hits the ground. Basically, it's the same combo 
one would use after landing her kick super, which will be explained 
later on.

The power-up super is very useful if you're good at parrying since she 
can't block while powered up. It looks like she tries to block it 
though, but the attacks will always land. I managed to take off over 
fifty percent with a single combo after powering-up, which will always 
work if the first attack lands. Jump in with a forward button axe 
kick(d,df,f,fk). Time it so that you're coming down from the jump before 
you do the ax kick. Followed up with a standing fierce and then a 
dashing punch(d,df,f,P). Sometimes, it's hard to land the fierce punch 
because the timing for the forward ax kick is very hard so it's best to 
do the strong punch instead. The thing is is that executing that ax kick 
isn't hard....but having it so that she does the attack and land 
_without_ recovery is. You'll know you've got the timing down right when 
she doesn't go into her recovery frames, which looks like her landing 
from a jump, and that you can land any attack afterwards. Anyway, you'll 
be amazed at how much that combo takes off. The hard part is landing 
that initial jump-in attack because not only do you need the proper 
spacing, but you'll also need the timing to know exactly when to execute 
the ax kick. It's probably better to do a simple jumping roundhouse 
followed by a fierce and then a fierce dashing punch.

You can also follow up her kick super(d,df,f,d,df,f,K) with a super jump 
and an attack. That's a variation to the usual fierce dashing punch, 
fierce dashing punch most people would do. The best attack to do would 
be to cancel into a super jump, follow it up with a short/forward ax 
kick, f,df,d,db,b,K, attack to juggle them further into the air and then 
executing two consecutive dashing punches, d,df,f,P. I recommend using 
the fierce version of the dashing punch.

Wanna land that damn kick super.....aside from using it against 
shotoscrub fireballers? No problem. Get yourself backed up into a 
corner. When the opponent gets close enough, or jumps in, parry his 
attack and do her chock grab(f,df,d,db,b,K) attack. Watch carefully so 
that you get the timing down. Watch your opponent's feet. Once the feet 
touches the ground, wait about a split second, not even that long, 
before you do a fierce punch and follow it up with the short kick 
version of her kick super. If you can't get the timing down right, tap 
the fierce button fiercely(pun intended:). When you see the fierce punch 
land, then execute her kick super. Of course, you're going to need fast 
hands to do this :)

Wanna land her punch super _all_ the time? Just do the chock grab and 
follow it up with the super. It's much safer doing it this was as 
opposed to doing a jump-in attack, standing strong punch, cancelled into 
the super because you don't have to worry about being parried. 

Wanna land at least ONE guaranteed powered-up super attack? Execute her 
choke grab again. After she chokes her opponents once and puts them back 
down on the ground, land her fierce attack where it would be cancelled 
into her power-up super. Immediately after that, execute her dashing 
punch. Of course, that combo sucks because it doesn't take off that 

Another way to land her powered-up super attack is performing her power-
up after successfully landing a short/forward ax kick on a jumping 
opponent. Because the ax kick will basically float your opponent further 
into the air, you'll have time to power-up, and then perform two fierce 
dashing punches for a good chunk of damage.

Her ducking forward kick pretty much stuffs everyone's low attacks. 
Either that or trade hits. I've been knocked out of her low forward 
attack a few times, but that was because she was hit as her leg was 
being retracted back to her body. I doubt anyone has that good of 
timing, especially when you're mixing moves up.

The only chain combo she seems to have is her standing short, forward 
atttack. I remeber landing a jab, short, forward attack but I'm not too 
sure if it's a combo.

If you time it correctly, Makoto's overhand chop(d,df,f,P) attack is 
great anti air. Since it's a bit slow, it's good to use the EX version. 
It's also a good anti wake up attack, like Yun and Yang's palm attack. 
You just hafta get the timing down correctly. Also, it's a good anti-
sweep tactic. The jab version of this move will stuff Hugo's ducking 
forward kick EVERYTIME. You know how the match usually goes....if the 
Hugo does a ducking strong punch but you block it, you'll get pushed 
back because of it. Because you're pushed back, that leaves you out of 
range of Hugo's strong punch. So what will the Hugo player try and do? 
What else, do a crouching forward. Well, he'll be in for a surprise 
because Makoto's jab overhead chop will stuff Hugo's big-booted sweep 
every single time for great damage :)

If you hold down the roundhouse for her f+rh attack, she doesn't follow 
up with a leg sweep. It's an awesome way of getting her in for a grab. 
It's mcu better to do this move rather than doing her double tap forward 
dash-in. You won't believe how many times I've grabbed someone because 
they always thought I was going in for the sweep. This works especially 
well against skilled players because scrubs are usually mashing buttons 
so you'll most likely get hit out of her initial step-in. Talk about 

One of the BEST ways to use Makoto is to implement her choke grab, 
f,df,d,db,b,K. A GREAT way to use this is to follow it up with this move 
after a successful dashing punch. Bascially, you can go about beating 
any computer, and a great deal of human opponents, using this technique. 
What you do is simply land her choke grab. After she chokes them once 
and puts her opponent on the ground, execute a standing fierce, 
cancelled into a dashing punch for quite a bit of damage. Now, before 
your opponent can counterattack, simply do her choke grab again and 
repeat the process all over again. You do have to be careful not to use 
this tactic all the time because some people might execute a super on 
you while Makoto is in her grabbing animations. Most of the time, they 
would just jab or short kick you out of your attempted choke grab. This 
is where you can mix things up. If your opponent is expecting you to do 
another choke grab, simply don't do it and parry their attack when they 
try to counterattack....leaving them open for the choke grab :)

One of the things that you should take note of is that upon landing a 
dashing punch, Makoto's recovery is much faster than had it been 
blocked. Basically, you can land the dashing punch, and will never have 
to worry about being counterattacked because by the time your opponent 
recovers from their hit animation, you're ready to parry/block whatever 
they dish out. If your opponent manages to block your attempted dashing 
punch....well, expect to get punished because her recovery is far slower 
than had it landed.

Also, if you happen to land an EX dashing punch on a cornered opponent, 
you can dash punch them again for a juggle before they even hit the 
ground. You have to be quick to do this.

Play her like you would Ryu in terms of confusing your opponent. I mean 
as in jumping, executing the helichopter kick to get behind your 
opponent. I mean in _only_ that. You can't play her like Ryu.

I'm not too sure, but I think if you do the full version of her taunt, 
meaning you press and hold down the fierce and roundhouse, she'll become 
powered up for a short time. It's similar alone the lines of Alex's 
taunt after he's been taunting for a short while. 

Her special outfit, which is jp+fk+fp at the character selection screen, 
makes it look like she mixed in her reds with her whites while doing the 
laundry ;)

There, I hope this info could be useful.

Thanks goes to Kao Megura for most of Makoto's moves.
Thanks goes to BBH for the corner choke grab/kick super combo.

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