Yang by Arlieth

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Yang FAQ/Movelist v2.8 for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
by Thomas Shin (arlieth@west.net)

Disclaimer: This FAQ can not be duplicated in part or in whole without
expressed permission from the author. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, 
and all characters related are the property of Capcom of Japan.
This FAQ is Copyright Thomas Shin/Arlieth Tralare 1999,2000,2001. 
(You know the drill.)


1. Introduction
2. Quick-Guide
3. Basics 
4. Techniques
5. Super Arts
6. Combos
7. Tactics 
8. The Leftovers

 - = [ r e v i s i o n    h i s t o r y  ] = - 

03/06/00 v2.8: One little combo that I thought warranted 

               Namely, C.Short -> EX Mantis Slash. It's more
               useful than you'd think.

               Also, exhibition combo by Xerocrew posted. (Check them
               out at http://www.shiningblade.com/xerocrew/

01/03/00 v2.7: Happy New Year! ^_^
               Interesting info I found out after doing some
               research on a Dreamcast regarding his Senkyuutai
               (normal Drill Kick, not the super art), enough
               to warrant its use in combos. Heavily revised
               combo section especially regarding Drill Kick.

               Damage modifiers added in Combo and Quick-guide

               His best Kara-cancel is his Roundhouse kick. 

               Special Attack section heavily edited, Stats on
               moves changed to reflect results from Dreamcast
               training mode testing.

               Revised Mindgame 3, added a new little trick.

09/22/00 v2.6: Fixed a mis-translation made in one of Yang's 
               Skillsmith combos for the Sei-ei Enbu. (The 2nd
               one, specifically.) It's a C.Forward, not an
               L.Forward =P

09/21/00 v2.5: Some minor changes made to the format. Also, an
               extra note about Yang's fighting style was given
               to me by Yun_Iori. ^_^ Vs. content has been revised
               heavily. Mindgame #2 has been replaced. Alternate
               translation of Yang's Teleport (tentative)?
               Most likely Final Version.

08/05/00 v2.4: More erratum fixed. Namely, Yang doesn't have the
               Dakai, he's got the Senpuu Kyaku. Duh. Also added
               a little bit in the combo section and another tip
               for the Kaihou (Teleport).

07/08/00 v2.3: One new combo added for completeness's sake, some 
               erratum fixed. New Sei-ei Enbu data taken from Kao 
               Megura's updated Third Strike FAQ.

06/07/00 v2.2: Small tip in Mantis Slash and Dive-kick descriptions. 
               Also adjusted the damage percentages for supers to 
               reflect overall hit points (Skillsmith stats) instead of
               the lifebar. Other little tweaks. Took out an air-chain
               combo because it's impossible to do outside of theory.

Same day v2.1: Added a mindgame trick that I completely forgot to 
as below       include in, what... three months? I submitted it to
               GameFAQs a bit prematurely.

04/20/00 v2.0: Found a new combo that I never thought to try (duh...) 
               and cleaned a few parts up. Unless I happen to 
               extensively play against expert Oros and Necros in the 
               near future, this'll be sitting still for a while. Added 
               a little stuff on Q and Makoto vs. Tactics as well. More 
               organization? Heh. Some stuff's been cleaned up as well,
               'cause this FAQ is large enough as it is. 

04/13/00 v1.9: Added some combos that I completely overlooked a while
               back. Also another little mind-game trick. ^_-

04/06/00 v1.8: Added two Sei-ei Enbu SkillSmith(tm) combos.

02/16/00 v1.7: And more tweaks... revised descriptions...

01/30/00 v1.6: Decided to make even more tweaks...

12/15/99 v1.5: Tweaks to the normal movelist and tactics.

10/26/99 v1.4: Discovered a semi-infinite trick and two bugs, with the 
               Sei-ei Enbu. Also, a few more small tweaks.

9/16/99  v1.3: This update is dedicated to the 50+ Otter Pops that 
               selflessly gave their lives. For what reason? None,
               really. On another note, Tactics have been updated.

9/12/99  v1.2: More small tweaks. Nothing much.

9/11/99  v1.1: tweaked a move description, added info for Sei-ei Enbu,
               put in some Juggle combos and tactics edit (Thanks to
               Min Sub Kim) I also remembered to put in the Ryu Tactics 
               this time.

9/10/99  v1.0: Started on 9/8/99, finished on 9/9/99


A brief analysis of Yang's fighting abilities:

He's a combo pixie. He's also not the greatest character in the game,
admittedly. He doesn't inflict much damage, takes quite a bit of 
damage, and he doesn't have the fastest learning curve. 

Yang's optimum range is around sweep-range on the ground, and half
the screen away when starting a jump. He has an extremely punishing
mix-up game revolving around his comboing and fake-outs. But aside
from this, he does have two things going for him:

He's fast. Oft-repeated, but it's true. [it's true.]

He looks cool.

For starters, Yang is a bishounen kung-fu boy who loves roller-blades 
and owns a cute white cat. His brother (Yun) now fights in a rather 
different fashion than he, and supposedly Yang has something to prove
to his twin bro. When Yang fights, he squirms around as opposed to
Yun's statue-still pose. If you haven't figured it out by now, they're
essentially opposites (Yin and Yang). He's got a bit of an inferiority
complex going against him, so he's prone to fits of brooding and being
a general loner. (I wouldn't be surprised if he writes poetry as well.

(If you want to see his cat, get 3 wins and you'll see it at the start
of each fight afterwards. It's cute. It might even be lucky. ^_-)

But not many of you really care about story, and coincidentally, that's
about as much as I know about Yang's background. So there.

Oh yeah, if you were wondering about his colors, pressing Fierce will
give you his standard colors (Purple top, black pants), Short will
show you just how much Yang can look like Iori Yagami (of KoF fame), 
and pressing Jab + Forward + Fierce will give Yang the awesomely cool
professional black attire. I forget the rest, and they don't really
matter too much anyhow. 

And for you martial-arts otaku, I believe that Yun and Yang practice
Kempo. (Which isn't TECHNICALLY Kung-Fu, but a derivative, as far as
I know. I may be -very- wrong. Don't quote me on this.) Besides that, 
it appears that they know some Jeet Kune Do. Yang also incorporates
Acupressure attacks in his style, which explains why his gloves only
have two fingers on them.

I'm also going to assume that you've at least read in passing, a
generic Street Fighter III FAQ (such as Kao Megura's), so you should
be aware of notations such as qcf, EX and the like. If you don't,
you'd better get cracking. There are some techniques that you should
be aware of before reading this guide, especially how to jump-cancel
a launching attack.

Stuff you should know in a nutshell.

Far Anti-Air attacks: Fierce, Forward, Forward Senkyuutai, C.Forward
Near Anti-air attacks: Forward, Strong, Short Senkyuutai
Best Air vs. Air attacks: [J.]Fierce, Roundhouse, Short, Forward.
Best Stun attacks: EX Mantis Slash, Byakko Soushouda
Ranged Pokes: Fierce, C.Forward, Forward, Mantis Slash x1
Close Pokes: Strong, C.Jab, C.Strong, Short 
Not Recommended: Roundhouse, Drill-Kick or Teleport vs. turtles
Best combo starters: J.Forward -> Divekick, C.Forward, Strong
Most Abusable Attack: EX Mantis Slash (Combined with C.Forward)
Command overhead attack: twd+Forward (Spinkick)
Best super: Tenshin Senkyuutai (EX Meter)
Best Kara-Cancel: Roundhouse

-Crouching characters take an extra 25% damage.
-There are no Major Counter hits in this game.


Jab:    Fast, quick eye-poke. Use it as anti-air when someone has no
        health left. ^_^

Strong: Pokey elbow to the gut. Yang will step forward a little when he
        does this move. Has EXCELLENT stuffing priority. Used to start 
        his Punch chain-combo (bread n' butter). You will use this 
        one a LOT in close-combat. There is a slightly different 
        animation for the far version of the elbow, and you can't combo
        from that one, so be careful if you're trying to combo it 
        into a Mantis Slash. However, it will save your bacon if you
        tried to combo into a Drill Kick.

        One more note: The Strong punch will do more damage than the
        1st hit of the close-up Fierce. Remember this when you're doing
        a combo.

Fierce: There's two versions. 
        Towards + Fierce [at close range], or just a normal Fierce will 
        make Yang take a step and perform a spear-thrust to the neck. 
        GREAT priority and range. Stuffs almost every jump-in, but
        watch the angle. Unfortunately, it has mediocre recovery.

        The close-up Fierce is a two-hit vertical knifehand
        to the chin. This has just as much priority, but much less
        damage compared to the spear-thrust. You may cancel the 2nd
        hit of the punch for the Tourou Zan x3 instead. Be careful
        about this move when punishing someone, especially if they're
        falling from the air (it'll do crappy damage).
Short:    A quick kick to the shin. If used as a short-range stuffer, 
          only use one at a time, walking up to them between kicks (the
          range is rather bad). Makes for anti-climatic finish. You may 
          chain this kick into the other two for Yang's kick combo. On
          another note, it has more range than his Jab.

Forward:  Yang has three versions of this kick. 
          His normal Forward kick is a fast roundhouse kick to the head 
          that can hit jump-ins (and jump-outs), although it's somewhat
          lacking in priority. On the otherhand, it is a *great* poking
          attack that can easily piss your opponent off in a corner.

          His close-range Forward kick (aka [L]aunch Forward) is a 
          vertical side-kick right to the chin. Yang does the splits
          when he does this (Owwww...). It hits crossovers fairly well,
          and can set up for a juggle as it launches the victim to the
          air. If you're going to snuff a jump-in with this, kick
          early, especially because it doesn't have the greatest 
          priority, and characters such as Alex and Makoto have wicked 
          ranges with their jumping Fierces. Chances are that the angle
          of their air-attack is outside that of the launch kick. Also, 
          you can go into a super-jump right after this kick and chase 
          them with an air Roundhouse if you like. In combos, I will
          label this kick as an L. Forward to signify a Launcher.

          Note: To use the L.Forward, you must be within throw range.

          Towards + Forward will do an overhead spin-kick. He's still 
          vulnerable to many low attacks using this move, though. It's
          probably better to use the standard overhead, which hops.
          This does have a longer range than the normal overhead, 
          however. Since you're considered to be 'on the ground' during
          this move, you are still vulnerable to certain throws and 
          most Super Arts. Also known as the 'Senpuu Kyaku'. [Spin 

Roundhouse: Eww. It ain't what it used to be from 2nd Impact. It's a 
            spinning back-kick that hurts fairly well. However, it
            has rather bad lag before the move (but good recovery). 
            NEVER use it to hit jump-ins, as its angle will usually 
            whiff the target... use the Fierce punch instead. The best 
            time to use this is after juggling someone with a standing 
            Forward kick if you need some extra range. Yang might as 
            well fix his hair up in that spin animation. =P The only 
            positive about this move is that it moves Yang back a bit,
            so that it becomes just a little bit harder to throw him.
            In fact, many Roundhouse attacks do this (test it by kara-
            cancelling the attack and checking if your character shifts
            backward instead of forward. Alex and Makoto do this too).


Jab:    Quick poke to the knees. Use it for fun, or to give you 
        a little breathing room after an overhead. You can juggle
        with it too, if it means anything.

Strong: Yang smashes your foot with his hand. Little damage, great
        priority, but you can't chain with it like in 2nd Impact.
        If you're right next to your opponent in a game of footsie,
        use this punch. There's a few instances when this won't work
        (i.e.: against Yun) because of priority/speed issues.

Fierce: This one's interesting. It's a double-hit rising 
        knife-hand, with great range but low damage. Use it
        if you're under a hurricane kick, or countering an 
        overhead. For the most part though, it's useless- use two 
        C.Strongs to escape close-range clinches instead.

Short:   Close foot-mash kick. Really fast, use it as a stuffer.
         It no longer chains into the crouching Forward kick, but
         it still chains into itself.

Forward: A mid-long range kick to the feet. This move is Yang's
         premiere low-chainer. Beware the priority though, as it
         often gets stuffed by characters such as Urien, Hugo and 
         Elena, because it has a tiny little lag time behind it. 
         However, it stuffs most low attacks if done early enough. 
         It seems to work especially well against Shotoclones because
         of the speed. 

Roundhouse: Your standard foot-sweep. You can't chain anything
            after it like with Yun, but it comes out fairly
            quickly. Moderate range, standard priority, and it
            juggles Remy like a golf-ball if done during the
            Sei-ei Enbu. It might also juggle other characters,
            but it's rather iffy.


Jab:    Small little elbow that flies the whole way through. In 
        a pinch, can suffice for a stuffer, but don't rely on it.

Strong: Another short-ranged punch. Don't bother.

Fierce: High priority smacker with okay range (you can jump
        backwards and STILL hit certain characters with it).
        However, it's advisable not to jump in with it, as it
        must be connected deeply to be effective. Use it to smack
        someone else out of the air, preferably. If you have
        enough height, you may stuff aerial Shotokan spinkicks.

        If Yang jumps straight up, then he'll perform a straight
        knifehand chop to the neck for some nifty damage.

Short:    A cool-looking jumping side-kick. It lasts the whole
          Jump, and has odd priority(but again, don't rely on it).
          You might want to use this to beat attacks like the
          Megaton Press, especially with the Sei-ei Enbu.

Forward:  You'll use this one a lot. It has okay priority, but
          nice range (the farthest of all his air-attacks). If
          you look like you're going to hit deep with it, chain
          it into his Dive kick (df+Forward Kick) to add insult
          to injury. It's fun.

Roundhouse: A vertical kick that has okay priority, but good
            range. You may want to use this against someone in 
            the air. Don't bother chaining this into a ground
            combo, as it usually pushes the victim too far back.
            I don't use this too often, personally, although it's
            great when you use it with the Sei-ei Enbu because of
            it's hit locations. You may use this move to smack 
            someone else out of the air, but press the button a
            little earlier than you normally would. This move can
            RELIABLY stuff aerial attacks within range, but does
            not do as much damage as his J.Fierce.


Neutral: Memories of Double Dragon come to mind as Yang grabs the poor 
         sucker's head and starts bashing them with his knee. Mash the 
         buttons! This one is used for stun damage. You may no longer 
         connect with his Tenshin Senkyuutai afterwards, however. Also-
         the recommended method of mashing involves wiggling the 
         joystick left and right while flopping your palm on the 

Towards: This one's kinda cool. Yang grabs their shoulders, then
         plants his sneakers on their chest and kicks off. Hard.

Back:    Yang pulls the victim towards him, plants his feet on their
         chest, then rolls backwards and launches them away.

Note: If Yang whiffs a throw, he'll lean forward with his hands 
      outstretched for a split second, then recover. Also, Yang's
      one of the few characters who can increase throw stun as
      well as striking stun after a taunt. It ain't much, but
      you might need the extra edge. And if you're really nice
      and don't like taunting, then flip back and do it at the
      beginning of the round so it won't be so insulting. The bonus
      only lasts for one connected attack, however.

Overhead (Strong Punch + Forward Kick): Yang will do a hop with his 
hand outstretched. Kinda silly, but effective. This is preferred
because you can't get thrown from it, unlike his other overhead.

About Kara-Cancelling: His best one seems to be his Roundhouse kick.
It's pretty damned good, so use it. ^_^

Key:  Move name (Japanese Translation): Motions [EX?]

Damage: On a scale of 1(Bad) to 5(Excellent)/[EX Version if applicable]
Range: Described as best as possible...
Speed: Scaled 1-5. A Speed 5 can combo off of a jab.
Priority: Scaled 1-5. Priority 5 stuffs everything.
Recovery: Scaled 1-5. Recovery 5 is equal to Hugo's Palm Bomber.
Weakness: Described briefly.
Strengths: Described briefly.

(Depends on Strength)
The Strength of the button pressed (i.e.: Jab, Strong,Fierce) can 
drastically affect a move's properties. If so, it will be explained in 
detail. Most moves do have a damage modifier depending on the strength
of the button pressed anyways, but it's usually not very significant.

   QCF : Quarter Circle Forwards
   QCB : Quarter Circle Backwards
   HCF : Half Circle Forwards
   HCB : Half Circle Backwards
    DP : Forward, Quarter Circle Forwards  (Dragon Punch)
    3x : Perform the motion up to three times
   [EX]: Press two buttons instead of one for a powered version.
U,D,F,A: Up, Down, Forwards, Away  (You should know this...)

      Tourou Zan (Mantis-Style Slash): QCF + Punch (3x) [EX]

Damage: 3/5
Range: About sweep range
Speed: 3/4.5
Priority: 4/3
Recovery: 3/4
Weakness: Low, Long-range, Air
Strengths: Awesome poke supplement, Easily comboed

This move is a series of three inward swipes with Yang's hands, each
one dragging him forward. The timing is variable between each swipe, 
and can be used to throw an opponent off if they block the first or
second hits. You can stop doing this at any time, but beware, for 
there is a nasty lag after the 2nd and 3rd strikes if you don't keep 
it up. The third and final strike is a wicked backhand that launches
the opponent away, and does the most damage of all the strikes.

This technique has good stun damage, and if chained with the low 
Forward kick, can be very effective as a quick punishment. Note that 
if you combo it, it does a little less stun-damage, but gives you the
added safety of being too far to retaliate against with many moves. If
you play your cards well, you can zone your opponent into your maximum 
effective range.

This move is vulnerable to low strikes and has a short lag before the 
attack, so don't EVER think about using it as a wake-up move. However, 
the priority for this is rather nice. Unfortunately, it'll trade 
with Shoryukens and such, if not lose. If you attack with this, you'll
go right under certain attacks such as Alex's DDT, Shotokan spinkicks, 
and Urien's Headbutt. Abort the move as soon as possible if this 
happens, or just complete the rest and get the hell out of there, 
varying on the super they've chosen. It also hits low enough that
Dudley's Cross Counter can't defend against it consistently.

The EX version has a bit of lag time before the first strike, 
attacks for twice the hits, and moves Yang forward even more than
usual. You may use this for punishing a missed or blocked sweep. I
advise that you use a steady tempo for this attack, except for the
last two hits, which you should mash like crazy. ^_^

This is a retaliation attack- don't use it to stuff someone as the 
slight lag before the 1st hit may screw you over. It *IS* possible 
to chain some jabs into this move, but the timing is extremely 

      Senkyuutai (Arcing Thigh Drill): QCF + Kick [EX]

Damage: 3/5 (+ Juggle)
Range: Point Blank to Full Screen
Speed: 3/4 (Depends on Strength)
Priority: 2/3
Recovery: 2/4 (Depends on Strength)
Weakness: Sweeps, grapples
Strengths: Juggle, Anti-projectile, Anti-air

Yang will roll on the ground rather quickly, then launch himself 
upwards with an outstretched sneaker. This works okay as anti-air.
You can chase someone jumping away from you with this, if your
timing is good. Also juggles from a close-range Forward kick. The
length that Yang rolls along the ground is determined by the
kick that you use. Choose wisely. This move doesn't do much damage
by itself, although the stun damage is very decent. 

Short: Doesn't roll at all, but instead launches himself
VERY high into the air. Cannot combo this one, HORRIBLE recovery.
However, it has no initiation time, so use it as a wakeup if you're
really up to it.

Forward: Rolls for a bit, then launches. Bleh recovery. Don't use
this in combos if you can help it.

Roundhouse: Rolls for the entire length of the screen before launch.
Pretty good recovery, because he doesn't launch himself very high at
all, and sets him up for an extra juggle. I suggest Strong punch.

EX: Like the Roundhouse version, but faster. Again, you have the choice
to juggle afterwards. Use this one to punish fireballs if possible.

This move is best comboed off of a close Strong punch. This is also
very safe, because if you're too far away to combo into it, Yang 
does his far Strong elbow, which can't cancel into any other attack.
This prevents you from doing the move anyways and getting punished 
hard. ^_^ Also, if you want to combo, always use Roundhouse 
version, or the EX version if you have meter. These two will let you
follow up with a juggle.

This move gets stuffed by attacks such as Akuma's Dive-kick, or
any Shotokan's J.Fierce. Also, you CAN be grabbed out of it! For this
reason, if you decide to use this as a wake-up attack, use the Short
version against grapplers such as Hugo and Alex. You can also get 
sweeped out of it, so beware.

      Byakko Soushouda (White Tiger Paired Palm-Strike) QCB + Punch
                                         (QCB + Two Punches to fake)

Damage: 4 (+ High stun)
Range: Slightly closer than sweep range
Speed: 1
Priority: 5
Recovery: 3 
Weakness: Easily parried
Strengths: Mind-game, Priority, Stun, long "Active" time

This is nasty. Yang will pair his hands together and ease them forward, 
while raising his forward foot. At the end, CRASH! Yang stomps down, 
and smashes forward with his palms. This strike has a very short
distance, but it has GREAT priority. This move takes precedence over
anything without an invincibility frame. Keep in mind that Yang is
vulnerable throughout the entire move, and as such, may end up trading
hits if he's too close to a countered attack. This move can also cancel
fireballs if timed correctly, although its use is limited.

Certain Super Arts such as the Shoryu-Reppa (and all copycats), the 
Messatsu Gou-Rasen, Remy's Flash-Kick (not the Super Art or EX), 
and many more moves will be stuffed if you put Yang just far enough 
away to strike them. If you're too close, you place yourself at risk 
for a trade or even a whiff. Just don't use this against Super Arts 
that dash forward, such as the Shippu-Jinrai Kyaku and the Brave Dance,
as they have frontal invincibility frames. On that matter, so do some
EX moves too.

This move is best used to stuff wake-up attacks and even jump-ins
(although this is parry-bait).

A neat little trick with this move is that it can be aborted. If you
press two punch buttons instead of one as if doing an EX move, Yang
will stop halfway through the wind-up. This is quite fun to do against
someone getting up, as they may attempt to parry/counter the attack. If 
this happens, attack/defend accordingly. On a special note, this move 
is Super-Cancelable.

      Zenpou Tenshin (Forward Roll): HCB + Kick

Damage: 0
Range: Throw Range
Speed: 3
Priority: 1
Recovery: 2
Weakness: Can be easily countered, counts as a hit (reduces damage)
Strengths: Sets up for supers/punishments

Not the greatest command-throw in the world, mind you.

Yang will lean forward in a grabbing motion. If he whiffs, he'll look
like a dork as he almost loses his balance and recovers. If he 
connects(good luck), he'll flip over his opponent's head and land 
behind them, all set up for a combo. However, there's a few problems 
with all this.

There's a lag before the actual grab itself. Hell, someone can throw
you before you actually lay your hands on them. It has horrible range,
and it's often whiffed into a normal kick because of its half-circle
motion. And when you DO connect, you'd better attack fast, because
the victim will turn around very quickly if you wait a fraction of a
second too long. To add icing to the cake, you won't be at point-blank
range when you flip over, so some combos may be impossible to complete
after this move. =P

Don't bother doing a Super Art with this move, because the target will
take 25% damage from the 1st hit and lose 40% damage total because the
grab counts as a hit. 

      Kaihou (Convalesence?):  DP + Kick

Damage: n/a
Range: Half Screen to Full Screen (Depends on Strength)
Speed: 3
Priority: n/a
Recovery: 3
Weakness: Slight recovery time, vulnerability
Strengths: Mixup, Cross-under

Yang's new Teleport. It's flashy, but it kinda sucks. Yang is
vulnerable throughout the first half of the teleport when he's still 
a blur, until he actually disappears. However, it's fast, and the
distance is variable depending on the strength of the Kick pressed.

Use this to cross-under an opponent, or to put on extreme pressure.
Since Yang is vulnerable for 1/3 of a second after the teleport,
he's wide open for a counterattack (or a series of low ticks). So 
use this to chase after a reeling opponent, but be very careful
about it. And of course, you can run away with it too. ^_^

Don't use this to get out of a corner-trap, because of the lack of
invincibility frames. All in all, it really isn't that good, as it's
quite limited when compared to Akuma's Ashura Warp (although that's a
hell of a lot slower, and vulnerable to Super Arts).

You can combo into it with certain normal moves such as Strong and
the 1st hit of a close Fierce for mixup purposes. Use this ESPECIALLY
after you've juggled them. Also, a great trick to do with this is to
poke them with a Short kick, then immediately use the Short version 
of the teleport to end up right behind them for a throw.

      Raigeki Shuu (Lightning Attack Kick): Jump U or F, DF + Kick

Damage: 2
Range: 15/45/60 degree downward angle (Depends on Strength)
Speed: 4
Priority: 2
Recovery: 3
Weakness: Easily punished/countered
Strengths: Variable range, speed, comboable

Yang's dive-kick. It can only be done on the descent or the peak of a
jump. The strength of the Kick button pressed determines the angle at
which Yang dives. 

Short: Drops almost straight down, and you can fake someone out quite
well by super-jumping and then suddenly dropping. Don't use this to
attack, because it will hit at a very shallow angle and make you prone
to a throw.

Forward: Drops at a 45 degree angle. This version may be chained from
a jumping Forward kick for some extra damage.

Roundhouse: Continues the arc of the jump. Make sure you hit as low
on their body as possible to ensure a deep jump-in.

The one real disadvantage of this move is that if you connect at a
shallow angle, you'll most likely be thrown, because this is definitely
NOT Akuma's dive-kick. It doesn't stun the opponent nearly as long, and
the descent is twice as slow, so be prepared to Tech-Hit after it. 
However, if you chain it, and your opponent blocked the jumpkick but
not the dive-kick, you'll have plenty of time to perform your combos.

The ability to chain his divekick after his J. Forward is unique to
Yang only (Yun has a Jab -> Fierce air chain instead). Because most of
Yang's jumping moves have mediocre range and hit-stun, you will have to
rely on this to land many jump-in combos. You may link a super after
it if you feel inclined to do so, although I recommend a combo.


I: Raishin Mahhaken(Quaking Thunder Demonic Fist Break) x1 /Punch
Level of Skill: Easy
Meter Length: Long
Damage: 40% Max
Range: Sweep Range
Speed: 4
Priority: 5 
Weakness: Directly above, One-hit parry, delay

Yang will stomp down with his foot as he thrusts forward with a Spear-
Hand strike. If it connects, then he'll dash through his opponent, 
stabbing into the flesh of their neck for multiple hits. You CAN use
this as an anti-air attack, because there's a tiny pause before Yang
actually strikes. Because of this pause, this gives Yang additional
frontal invincibility frames (in other words, he's completely unable
to be grabbed), but now the only way to combo this attack is off of
a J.Fierce, a very well placed Dive-kick, or a C.Forward.

This is made to be used as a counter-strike, and possibly anti-air
because of that lag, but it's MUCH harder to use this for punishing
a blocked attack. It's a one-shot-wonder, so use it as such and 
don't bother too much with a combo. However, if someone parries a 
Palm-Strike, by all means Super-Cancel into this and catch them off 
guard. I *have* used this as anti-air for good results against Akuma's
pressure game. Fireballs are not a problem. Also, if someone blocks 
this, they can't immediately retaliate afterwards, so it's rather safe.

One more thing: If you try to hit someone who's off the ground, such as
an overhead or a juggle, this Super Art won't hit for but maybe a 
fraction of the hits. If your opponent is in the middle of a universal
overhead, then you're going to whiff a lot. =/

II: Tenshin Senkyuutai (Rolling Arcing Thigh Drill) x2 /Kick
Level of Skill: Intermediate
Meter Length: Long
Damage: 25% Max
Range: Full Screen (Point-blank for the actual hit)
Speed: 5
Priority: 4
Weakness: Grapples, low-hitting projectiles

Yang will roll forward rather quickly, and then launch himself into the
air in a series of kicks. Yes, you can punish fireballs in this way,
but you'll most likely be using this with Punch Combo #1.

One problem: You can be GRABBED out of this Super Art, not unlike his 
normal Drill Kick. You can also be sweeped out of this Super, but such 
is a freak occurrence. But don't worry yourself about this and use it 
to counter anticipated sweeps, punishing missed attacks, and using it 
as a juggle after an EX or normal Drill Kick in the corner. If used as
a juggle, the combo-buffer penalties are reduced I believe.

This attack hits for around 20% damage if done straight, 10% if in
a combo. Watch in shock at how little it does! But at least it looks 
cool. You can use this to roll right under fireballs too, but don't
use it too late or you'll find yourself high and dry.

You can try to use this as anti-air, but you need damn good timing. My
recommendation is to select this super SOLELY for the amount of EX
attacks that you can store.

III: Sei-ei Enbu (Phantom Point Waltz) x1 /Punch
Level of Skill: Expert
Meter Length: Hideously Short. ^_^
Damage: 30% Max (Within duration), 20-22% (In a combo)
Range: n/a
Speed: n/a
Priority: 4
Weakness: Long-range grapples, projectiles

It's Custom Combo Time! Yang is trailed by shadows which attack twice.
In effect, Yang does the same, IF NOT LESS damage per hit. However,
the fact that you can poke, poke, poke away during the 7 seconds(?) 
that this lasts will more than make up for it. The meter's so short
that you'll be using it twice, if not three times a round. This is
much improved from the 2nd Impact version.

Any multi-hit attacks (close Fierce punch, Senkyuutai) will hit for
at least three times as many hits against an airborne opponent. Yang's
close up 2-hit fierce will hit for as many as nine times.

Certain characters can be juggled from a sweep (Remy, Ryu) as the 
shadows will bounce the victim for two more times off the same low 
Roundhouse kick. The best usage for this is to mix up a high-low game, 
because if the opponent is hit just once, they'll be vulnerable to 
anything else you throw at them.

This is absolute hell for the parry-happy.

The secret power behind this move is the ability to snuff out a
number of Super Arts in the game. Because of the coverage from the
other two shadows, you can do a jump-kick without fear of Hugo's
Megaton Press and Alex's Stun-gun Headbutt!

One of the properties of these extra images that you can abuse is to
attack from two sides at once. After you knock an opponent down, try
to trap them between yourself and your images with a dive-kick.

Any super without an invincibility frame will be stuffed if used as 
a counterattack, because they'd have to wait until the third attack 
passed before they could hit you safely. Just be extremely careful for
rushing supers because of their temporary invincibility frames, such
as Ken's Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku, Hugo's Hammer Frenzy, and Urien's Tyrant
Slaughter. Note that you might trade with a few normal attacks.

If you're really good with this Super-Art, you can take off some 20% 
life or more with the right kind of attacks. Be sure to use this when
you've got your opponent trapped in the corner. 

There's a bug with this super: If you use the Teleport, you will no
longer have the shadows trailing you. In fact, for all purposes, the
super is no longer in effect, although you still have the timed meter
draining. This only happens against Akuma, fortunately. I've had this
happen several times, but i'm not sure what exactly causes it... 
perhaps the activation of *his* super...


Notation: C.  = Crouching
          J.  = Jumping
          L.  = Launching (done as a close range move) 
          ( ) = Additional Notes/Short name
          [ ] = Optional
          *   = Special Instance/Exhibition combo

A note about Combos:

During any combo, the damage that a given move will inflict is 
automatically reduced depending on what type of attack it is, and how
many hits preceeded it. Also, Super-canceling a Special Attack into
a Super Art will also drastically affect damage.

Normal Attack: -7% x Number of hits already dealt
Special Attack and Super Arts: -5% x Number of hits already dealt

Light Attack: No Penalty
Medium Attack: -7%
Hard Attack: 15%
Special Attack: 25%(!)

Juggles are considered part of the combo. If you used an EX Drill
kick to launch your opponent in the air, then nailed them with the
Tenshin Senkyuutai, the initial hit would do -45% damage (-25% for
Special Attack, and -20% because this is the 4th hit of the combo.)

Note that the % does not refer to the lifebar, but to the damage
rating of the attack itself. 

-= Master List=- [Excluding Sei-ei Enbu combos]

-Basic Combos-
(Punch  #1): Strong -> Fierce -> Back + Fierce -> [Tenshin Senkyuutai]
(Kick   #2): Short -> Forward -> Roundhouse
(Mantis #3): C.Forward -> Mantis Slash x3 (EX Optional)
(Air-Chain): J.Forward -> Dive-Kick (Chain) -> ...

Zenpou Tenshin (Flip grab) -> C.Forward -> EX Mantis Slash (All hits)

J.Fierce -> Raishin Mahhaken
C.Forward -> Raishin Mahhaken

C.Jab x3 -> EX Mantis Slash
C.Short -> EX Mantis Slash (very reliable but harder EX Mantis timing)
Strong (close) -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
Fierce (close, 1st hit) -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
Overhead -> Tenshin Senkyuutai (Overhead must hit LATE)
C.Short x2 -> Tenshin Senkyuutai (Requires MAD timing skillz)

Dive-kick (Chain) -> Any Super Art or Basic Combo
" " -> Strong -> Roundhouse Drill Kick -> Strong -> [Teleport]
" " -> Strong -> Roundhouse Drill Kick -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
" " -> EX Drill-Kick -> Strong -> [Teleport]
" " -> EX Drill-Kick -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
" " -> L.Forward -> ...

L.Forward Kick -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
" " -> Fierce
" " -> Mantis Slash x3 (In the corner)
" " -> Jab Mantis Slash x1 -> Tenshin Senkyuutai (Corner)
" " -> Medium Drill-kick -> [Tenshin Senkyuutai] (Anti-air or Corner)
" " -> EX or Roundhouse Drill-kick -> Strong (Corner)
" " -> J.Fierce or J.Roundhouse (Super-jump cancel)
" " -> J.Short (jumping away from opponent, safety, vs. Chun only?)

[By Skillsmith] Corner, vs. Q only
* EX Mantis Slash -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
[By Xerocrew] Corner, Stun only
* Dive-kick Chain -> Strong -> Short Senkyuutai -> C.Strong ->
C.Forward -> Palm-Strike -> Tenshin Senkyuutai


A few notes for 2nd Impact Players: You can no longer chain a Jab into
Strong, nor can you do a low Short into a low Forward. Also, remember
that you can't follow Combo #2 with the Tenshin Senkyuutai. The Raishin
Mahhaken has only one charge this time, but the Sei-ei Enbu is much
quicker to charge than before. Yang's forward dash can no longer hop 
over sweeps as effectively, and this is especially true vs. Makoto and 

Furthermore, Yang's twd+Forward spinkick no longer combos into the
Raishin Mahhaken, as both have been toned down a bit. 

Finally, the Drill Kicks don't juggle quite as high as they used to.
Which is a shame, because there were some trippy stunts you could pull
with them...

-Basic Combos- (a.k.a. Bread n' Butter)

The following here are Yang's most used combos.

   [Punch Chain]: Strong -> Fierce -> Back + Fierce 

This is one of Yang's most used combos. It's fast, although it doesn't
deal much in the damage department. It knocks the opponent down, and
can be comboed into a Tenshin-Senkyuutai for a cool-looking finish.
Use this combo to stuff upcoming attacks immediately.

The final hit (which is a Palm-Strike) has variable timing- You can 
delay it for a very short pause to throw someone off. This would
include people blocking and/or parrying the combo. This is especially
true for Red-Parries. Use it to your advantage.

   [Kick Chain]: Short -> Forward -> Roundhouse

Yang's fastest combo. It does okay damage and fair stun. You may want
to use this after a dive-kick. This combo must be done very quickly 
(All within the space of 1/2 a second). If you want to catch someone 
who's falling to the ground with this combo, you'll have to time it 
well, because the first kick hits quite low. 

Whereas Combo # 1 may connect the first hit only if done too early 
(because they're in the air), Combo #2 may whiff entirely. What this 
means is that if someone's planning to do a Super Art, you're going to
eat it because of the time it takes to initate a close Forward kick. 
This is especially true with Hugo (You'd think he'd fall to the ground
a little faster, but he doesn't.)

A suggested followup after this combo is a Teleport, then a throw.
This Kick combo does NOT knock the opponent down. Note that this
combo can be parried high for all three hits. Also, you can no longer 
chain the Tenshin-Senkyuutai with this, as there's too much of a lag
after the triple-kick. Well, it may still be possible, but don't
count on it very much.

   [Mantis Chain]: C.(Crouching) Forward -> Mantis Slash x3

You may very well use this combo a lot. It does fair damage and it 
starts out low, which makes for some very evil punishment. But 
remember that sometimes, it's just better to do the Mantis Slash x3
straight, without the C. Forward. You might get the jump on a
footsie game with it.

If you find people Low-Parrying you a lot when you're trying to 
use this combo, just keep in mind that sometimes... simple is
best. Use the Mantis-Slash x3 as it is, no combos and you may be
able to catch your opponent off guard. (The Mantis-Slash by itself
has slightly better priority.) You could use the EX version instead,
but the timing is rather tricky. However, it tends to connect in its
entirety after a Flip-grab (Zenpou Tenshin).

   [Air Chain]: J. Forward -> Forward Dive-kick

You can only do this when jumping towards the opponent, not when 
jumping backwards or straight up.

Remember that you can, after landing a jumping Forward kick -> Dive 
Kick, go into any ground combo afterwards without fear of retaliation.
But be careful if the first kick is parried, for if you didn't land it
deeply enough, you'll be pushed so far back from the parry that your 
Dive kick may miss.

This move has a severe weakness- it can only connect at certain angles
of jump-ins. Thus, it's somewhat telegraphed against veteran players,
so it may be necessary to forego this Air-Chain and simply use a normal
jump-in attack instead. Furthermore, if both hits of the Air-Chain do
not connect (one gets parried but the other hits, etc.) then you may
find yourself unable to follow up with a combo afterwards... which
brings us to the next exciting section. (Rah.)

   -=Air Chain Combos=-

These advanced combos require a bit of practice and timing to get 
right, especially because juggling with the Tenshin Senkyuutai for all
the hits can be a *bitch* sometimes. Note that in some cases, if you
do not connect with both hits of the Air-Chain, you may be unable to
land the rest of these presented combos. In this case, you can resort
to Yang's Combo #2, the Kick-Chain for a near-guaranteed combo. The
reason why these combos have been singled out as opposed to just 
slapping the Dive-kick (Chain) before any other combo is that these
have a much higher payoff on connecting after the Dive-kick. Both the
EX Drill-Kick and L.Forward are attacks that have very high potential
for damage and the like, but are near-impossible to connect on someone
who's at least half-awake. If you find yourself needing an alternative
to a Dive-kick chain, use a deep J.Fierce. The combos listed here are
in order of increasing difficulty.

   Dive-kick (Chain) -> Roundhouse Drill-Kick -> Tenshin Senkyuutai

After the Drill-Kick, you're almost guaranteed to connect with the
super if your timing's good. If you're REALLY nervous about getting
that super in, then use an EX Drill-Kick for more air-time, but be
warned that the damage will be severely penalized.

*  Dive-kick (Chain) -> Strong -> EX Drill-Kick -> Strong -> [Teleport]

After connecting with the 3-hit EX Drill-kick, hit their body with a 
close, standing Strong punch. Follow up with mind games. If you are in
a corner, the Teleport will not bring you behind them, so it might be
better to use an EX Mantis Slash instead of an EX Drill-Kick in the 
first place. This is also his most effective followup for a Dive-Kick.

   Dive-kick (Chain) -> L.Forward -> J.Fierce  (High stun potential)

Timing the Dive-kick so that you connect the L.Forward is extremely
difficult. It used to be much easier in 2nd Impact, but Capcom decided
to shrink the stun-time after a Dive-kick. More often than not, you
will whiff. But if you do get the hang of the timing needed, then this
combo will pay off both in damage, stun and in offensive pressure. 
(Again, Mindgame #3 because you juggled with a normal attack.) If you
manage to follow this up with a Flip-Grab or a Mantis Slash, the stun 
damage inflicted will exceed 50%, but you'll need to anticipate your
opponent. Once you get the hang of connecting the L.Forward, feel free
to use the other L.Forward combos.

   Dive-kick (Chain) -> L.Forward -> Forward Drill-kick -> Tenshin

I've got bad news for you- this combo can only be done near the corner.
Similar to how Ken cannot use much after a J.Fierce -> Strong ->
Fierce chain because the J.Fierce pushed his enemy too far away,
you simply won't be able to reach your opponent in time (unless they're
Q) to connect with the Tenshin Senkyuutai unless they're in the corner.

   Dive-kick (Chain) -> L.Forward -> Tenshin Senkyuutai

This ain't what you think. You're going to catch them with the super 
BEFORE they hit the peak of their launch. >=) (Major props to Elusive!)
What you need to do is super-jump cancel after the L.Forward (after
all, it is a launching attack) and use the Tenshin before you actually
jump (while you're still in your crouching frames for the super-jump.)
To do this, you'll have to perform a Tiger Knee (Down, Down-Towards,
Towards, Up-Towards) motion instead of the 1st QCF to do the super. 
This same crouch-frame delay lets Hugo perform 360 throws without 
leaving the ground, even though Up has been touched on the joystick.

Oh yeah- This is completely useless. Only use it if you're REALLY 
bored. ^_^

   -=Mixing it up with the Sei-ei Enbu=-

With the Sei-ei Enbu, you could do less chain combos and more 
single strikes that end up linking together. Also, certain combos
may link into another combo.

   Low Forward -> Palm Strike (May be possible to get more juggles 
   after the Palm Strike if you're in the corner.)

   Jumping Forward -> Dive-Kick (Chained) -> Short -> Forward(chain)-> 
   Mantis x3 (23+ hit combo) [Seems to work on Hugo only...]

The following won't actually combo, but they're certainly interesting
to try.

   Overhead -> C.Forward -> Teleport -> Flip-Grab (Zenpou Tenshin) 
   -> Strong -> Mantis Slash x3

Note that you may be able to substitute the Tourou Zan x3 with 
repeated Jab Mantis Slash x1's. 

Also note the lack of launcher combos in this sub-section. During the 
Sei-ei Enbu, it becomes near-impossible to follow up a launching 
attack because of the fact that your shadows are hitting your target
multiple times before the body has reached the peak of its arc. Because
of this, any more hits would violate the juggle limit.
SkillSmith Sei-ei Enbu Combos: (Props to Kyoujin for translating this!)

   Dive-kick -> Jab x5 -> Mantis Slash x3 (27 hits)

   Jab Mantis Slash(1st hit)x8 -> C.Forward (end Super)-> Fierce 
   Mantis Slash x3. (28 hits)

The first combo requires either good timing or a very deep dive kick
to be able to land the Mantis Slashes after the jabs, but it works
very well as a crossup combo. (Knock them down, then use the dive kick
to land behind them.) Since the Mantis Slash is not an instantaneous
attack, it's a little difficult to connect after the initial jabs. Use
a C.Jab instead.

The 2nd combo is a bit easier to connect with (try to connect it after
an overhead) although timing the C.Forward is tricky because of the
short window of opportunity. In any case, make sure that you use the
Fierce Mantis Slash at the end for maximum damage.

If you're having difficulty getting your opponent to stay down long
enough for you to cross them up, use his Punch chain and then super-
cancel into the Sei-ei Enbu. From there you can do a dive-kick, or


   -=Juggles=- ("You hit the ground when I SAY you hit the ground!")

Yang's juggle combos start with the closeup standing Forward kick, 
which as you may recall, launches your opponent into the air. These
are actually best done in a corner- keep this in mind when you're
practicing. Also, additional juggle hits may be achieved while your
opponent is stunned. Mess around and experiment. 

Launching (L.)Forward Kick 

L.Forward Kick -> Tenshin Senkyuutai
" " -> Fierce or Roundhouse
" " -> Mantis Slash x3 (In the corner)
" " -> Jab Mantis Slash x1 -> Tenshin Senkyuutai (Corner)
" " -> Medium Drill-kick -> [Tenshin Senkyuutai] (Anti-air or Corner)
" " -> EX or Roundhouse Drill-kick -> Strong (Corner)
" " -> J.Fierce or J.Roundhouse (Super-jump cancel)
" " -> J.Short (jumping away from opponent, safety, vs. Chun only?)

For the Mantis Slash x3, you can connect all three hits if you
time it right, and only in the corner. You can't juggle with all the 
hits of the EX Mantis Slash, because the recovery/delay time is cut 
in half.

For the Jab Mantis x1 -> Tenshin Sen, this is real tricky to pull
off. You may consider walking forward a little before the Jab Mantis 
x1. I've whiffed this on Elena before, with painful results... but
whether this is a result of faulty timing or just plain physics is 
still beyond me. If you mash it, you'll connect with it.

The best way to set up a Juggle combo during the middle of combat
is to parry, then launch them with the Forward kick. Barring that,
use the Dive-kick chain. Always keep in mind that you can juggle after
parrying an overhead, and you'll do fine. And remember that Tenshin 
Senkyuutai. ^^


Yang's greatest asset is his cornering ability. With the Mantis Slash,
he can push most opponents into the corner and trap them there. Also
mix up your combos to keep your opponent off guard. Once you've got
them in a corner, most people fall for the silliest tricks...

Mindgame Trick #1: Few people remember that the Palm Strike is super
cancelable. Therefore, if someone is parry-happy, and you have a 
Raishin Mahhaken or a Tenshin Senkyuutai saved up, then purposely time 
a Palm Strike to hit them as they get up. They'll parry it, during 
which you're super-canceling. You may also use this as Anti-air. Or 
you could fake the Palm-strike... ^_^ This used to work better in 2i,
when the Raishin Mahhaken didn't have that delay.

Mindgame Trick #2: After knocking your opponent down, high-jump -> 
dive-kick behind them and attack them as soon as they get up. Doing
so puts them at a defensive position where you have the advantage, and
for some reason they'll fall prey to a C.Forward -> Mantis Slash combo
much more readily. Crossups like this can confuse even skilled players
if they forget what you're planning. While this isn't a true crossup,
it's still effective because of Yang's speed. You can also mix up the
dive kicks to fake them out. Variation: Use the Teleport instead, 
especially if they like to quick-rise.

Mindgame Trick #3: After a L.Forward kick -> Jumping attack, do a 
Zenpou Tenshin (Flip Grab) when you hit the ground, or Combo #3.
This also goes for Drill-Kick -> Strong. After juggling someone with
a normal attack, they will *always* flip back on their feet (with one
exception), so resume the mixups! (Or watch out for supers.) You can
also activate your Sei-ei Enbu for a mixup game (constant attacks will
render you partially invulnerable to most supers.) Note: If you're in
the corner and you used Roundhouse Drill-Kick -> Strong, you MUST use
a Teleport to get close enough for the Flip Grab.

Mindgame Trick #4: This is something best saved until the end of the
match. With the Mantis Slash, abort the 2nd hit and walk forward to 
your opponent, perform the Zenpou Tenshin (Flip Grab) on them, and
start another combo into the Mantis Slash again. It isn't recommended
for regular use, so just pull this one out of your ass on a rainy day.
This is best used when you have the Sei-ei Enbu activated... this can
REALLY mess up your opponent's day...

Mindgame Trick #5: This works especially well with Ibuki, but works
fine with Yang. If you truly want to piss off your opponent, start
walking towards them with Short kicks in a steady rythym. You'll 
snuff their moves by pulling off an old Jeet Kune Do technique- 
kicking them in the shins to distract them from attacking. ^_^ And
indeed, Yang does incorporate Jeet Kune Do in his fighting style.
(This is an adaptation of Ibuki's Advancing Jab trap.)

Character-specific tactics:

The recommended super to use overall is the Tenshin Senkyuutai- not
because the super's great, but because you have a HELL of a lot of EX 
meter to use. If you feel the need to mix it up before your opponents
catch on to your tactics, then try my suggestions. =P

Akuma (Gouki)

Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu or Raishin Mahhaken
Stamina: 81% (Lowest)
Strengths: High damage, easily comboed moves and a sick mixup game.
Weaknesses: Very low stamina and stun gauge
Tricks: Shakunetsu Hadouken -> Hyakki Shuu mixup
        Shun Goku Satsu as anti-air
        Tenma Gou Zankuu as a surprise attack (more on this)
        Taunt -> Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (Lightning, adds 50% more damage)

There's usually two kinds of Akuma players: Super-defensive and Super
Offensive. For the Super-defensive ones that jump back and throw air 
fireballs all day, time your Drill-Kick to hit them, or Super-Jump at
a high-enough angle so that you can rip them out of the air with a 
jumping Fierce punch. However, this might make you open to an aerial
Tatsumaki, so you can try the third approach: teleport under their 
air-fireballs without leaving yourself wide open. In fact, this is a 
very, very abusable option for you- If you want to learn some juggling
combos, now's the time.

Akuma will like to use his Fierce punch as a poking move, like
your own Fierce. Watch out for it.

If you know how to Red-parry, then remember to parry immediately
after blocking a low Forward kick which is usually chained into
a fireball or a spinkick, then retaliate with a Mantis Slash.
But keep in mind that you could be suckered into a Raging Demon
(Shun Goku Satsu) instead, so keep an eye on that super meter.

Against the Super-Offensive Akuma players, you'll have your 
hands full. Akuma's Dive-Kick busts through Yang's Roll Kick,
so you'll have to block it, then throw Akuma afterwards, or
block the upcoming combo. The key strategy here is to put Akuma
on the defensive, since you don't have any moves with high
priority startups (such as a Shoryuken). You may have to resort
to swiping Akuma out of the air with a super-jump air-Roundhouse.
And remember, since Akuma has the shortest stun meter in the 
game... if you can manage to get him knocked down, taunt. More
stun damage to you. ^_^ 
If Akuma throws a Shakunetsu Hadouken and, while you try to
parry it, goes into the Hyakki Shuu flip, block the rest and 
either use a Drill-Kick or jump. ^_^

An afterthought- If you attempt to have the Sei-ei Enbu on a 
cornered Akuma who happens to teleport, corner him again and
wait for him to teleport as a wake-up before activating the 
Sei-ei Enbu. (Activation of supers throws Akuma out of the 


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu and Raishin Mahhaken
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: High damage and stun, great range and a quick dash and jump.
Weaknesses: Big target- easy to combo off of.
Tricks: Forward -> Spiral DDT (Pseudo-Tick throw)
        Elbow Slash(anti-air) -> Stun Gun Headbutt
        Crossup Air Stampede (Stomp)
        Power-Bomb tick-throw (Jump-in with Short, or overhead)

A word of advice: This is a character you want to keep trapped. Alex's 
mind-games are so punishing that you don't want to give him an inch of 
breathing space. Yang is the 2nd weakest character in the game in 
regards to stamina.

This one's a tough match, mainly because Alex does disgusting damage.
If you're knocked to the ground, be VERY careful of Alex's Power Bomb
and his overhead Fierce (which can ALSO swat you if you try to jump 
away!) If he's kinda far away from you, he'll probably use a 
C.Roundhouse because of its deceptive range, but he probably won't use
it in the corner. If he has the Boomerang Raid, then watch for a low
Short -> Super.

Alex has one of the fastest dashes (next to Urien), so don't be
surprised if he opens up with a dash and power bombs your skull into 
the concrete. Since you don't have as much range, nor can you cover 
distance as effectively, you'll want him pinned in the corner. Also, 
he may try to dash in with a Hyper Bomb at the start of 2nd or 3rd 
round- you can always try to jump away from it.

As for Alex's tick throws, watch out for a jumping weak attack, an 
overhead, or a crouching jab/short. If you see one of those, either
use an overhead or jump out of the way. 

Be extremely careful when jumping in against Alex.He can either use 
his headbutt, which has sick range and cannot be parried, a Strong
-> EX Knee Grab, or his C.Fierce, which has very good priority.

Also remember that the Spiral DDT cannot be parried or blocked high,
so if you see that one coming, duck and throw him when he lands. On 
occasion, he may attempt to chain it off of a close Forward knee 
instead of his Flash Chop. While it may not actually combo, it may 
still catch you off guard.

If Alex jumps at you, take a good look at how far away he is. If he's
going to land on top of you, he's aiming for a bread and butter combo
with J.Fierce. If he's farther away, he's trying to use J.Roundhouse
-> Headbutt. In the latter case, you can crouch under his J.Roundhouse
and nail him with a C.Forward to combo into the Mantis Slash. In the 
former, you might just want to teleport out of his way.

A special note about Alex's Stun-Gun Headbutt: You can hit Alex at the
peak of his jump and afterwards. Don't bother jumping out of it- just
try to counterattack it with a standing move. If timed right, you can
also try using the Palm-Strike, but you may want to activate the 
Sei-ei Enbu before doing this. This is most effective when Alex uses
it as a wake-up super.

Remember that he can't grab you if you're doing an overhead, but one
of Alex's favorite wakeups is the EX Knee Grab which can nail you 
HARD. Some prefer to use an EX Stomp, which would effectively snuff
some overhead attempts as well. The EX Knee Grab *can* hit standing

Most of all, you should keep a VERY steady eye on your Stun Gauge. 
One combo from Alex will send you reeling halfway to a world of hurt.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 93%, 131% after taunt (Shoulder Rub)
Strengths: Speed. Damage. Priority. Range. She's nothing but strengths.
Weaknesses: C.Roundhouse can be high-parried. Other than that...
Tricks: Air-air kara-cancel has insane range
        Lightning-kick for guaranteed tick damage after a knockdown

This is also a tough match (Notice a trend here?) against the Choke 
Queen. Chun-Li will combo her supers after a low Forward most often, so
don't be afraid to do some overhead Hopping if she's got a super handy.
However, if she doesn't have a super, don't bother using overheads. Her
C.Roundhouse snuffs any mix-ups along that line.

Chun Li has four different viable anti-air attacks- C.Roundhouse and 
Fierce from far away, C.Roundhouse and Forward kick for close range,
and her EX Spinning Bird Kick which she uses as a wakeup as well. Guess
what most people pick? C.Roundhouse has a fairly short recovery time,
so after parrying it you'll need to make quick use of the opening. In
fact, few of her moves have more than a .4 second recovery time, save
her supers. 

What you should be afraid of is her air-game- she has a double Fierce
with variable timing, along with her jumping forward kick. Fortunately,
her Fierce has relatively low priority compared to her forward kick,
and your standing Fierce is GREAT anti-air against her. Also be
cautious of her throwing- the hardest Chun-Li players will end up
throwing you a LOT. If she uses the Houyoku-Sen, remember that it has
no invincibility frames so use anti-wakeup games to your advantage.

If you're feeling cocky, know this: the Kikousho must be parried at
least 20 times from its activation. The Houyoku Sen must be parried in
an 8-hit, 8-hit, 1-hit sequence, and the Tensei-Ranka requires at
least 4 parries (if you're in mid air), delay for a split second, and
another parry for the final hit. Parrying her normal lightning kick on
the ground is also rather tiresome because it never seems to end!
You'll parry more than a dozen hits if your opponent insists on
mashing the kick button, so just build your meter up and pull off the
Raishin Mahhaken when you get the chance.

Perhaps the most effective tactic is to keep her trapped with constant
Jab Mantis Slashes which can pre-empt her attacks at close range. Your
mileage may vary.

And for Red-Parrying: After a low Forward kick, red-parry her
Kikouken, unless she has a Kikousho charged up. Also, try to red-parry
her Houyoku-Sen while she's still burst-kicking. You'll be surprised
at the results.


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu, Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Extremely strong, with range, speed, great mixups and an
           absolutely hideous corner-juggle game. Great chains too.
Weaknesses: Completely vulnerable to mid-range footsie pokes.
Tricks: EX Short Swing Blow as a safe wakeup attack
        Confusing anti-air game with Ducking-Upper

Dudley has plenty of openings for you to retaliate with the EX Mantis
Slash. Beware his uppercuts and when he dashes forward for a sec 
(which works well as an anti-poke) because he can either swipe you out
of the air, counter a sweep, or not punch at all and just THROW you.
His overhead punch is tricky to notice. Despite all of this, he'll
almost always be standing, because he has NO FOOTSIE GAME. None. So
move in and pull off Combo #3 on him, and throw him a few times to keep
him off. 

However, I wouldn't get too predictable, now. If you're within the
range of his C.Roundhouse, use quick attacks that won't cause you to
suffer if they're parried. Dudley has some sick followups to parries.
Standing pokes can be parried, and followed with a Roundhouse -> EX
Machine Gun Blow, so watch it. I recommend the C.Short -> EX Mantis
for close range.

Beware his Rocket Uppercut if you're gonna try throwing, though. If 
you're falling behind, you could probably stand to benefit by turtling
a little and taking a breather. If you despise turtling, then super 
jump at him, parry, then go into Yang's air-chain (forward kick into
Dive kick) then mop him up. The Palm Strike will bust Dudley out of 
his Rocket Uppercut if needs be.

Dudley has some highly effective EX attacks that you should be very 
watchful of, especially the EX uppercut and his dash-back attack (Short
Swing Blow). Be wary of these as wakeups. You CAN throw him out of his
Jet Upper (even the EX if you're quick), as well as the Corkscrew Blow
if you're at point-blank. 

This is a tricky thing keep in mind, being that Dudley has some great 
close-range chain combos to initiate into supers. However, this is 
perhaps preferable to being pressured by Dudley, where his Fierces and
Roundhouses (Yeah, I know) will leave you reeling across the screen
seeing stars. Even a good parrying game is somewhat at a disadvantage
because of the variable timing and angles that he can use for his 
punches. So stay in close and throw when he least expects it to keep 
him off his guard.

Finally, his mixup game is deadly, so use the teleport if necessary so
that he doesn't get comfortable with you. If you're trapped, he will
use his Short Swing Blow to evade any pokes or throw attempts (the
latter being a nasty, nasty tactic), as well as juggle you in the 
corner like a malignant trampoline.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Evil punishment combo with a C.Strong, great mix-up and
           a wicked footsie game. Also, extremely fast dash.
Weaknesses: Against Yang, not much. 
Tricks: Surprisingly, not much.

I'm suggesting the Tenshin Senkyuutai for a wholly different reason 
than for Dudley. You probably won't find any feasible openings against
Elena- she's kind of a Chun Li Lite in regards to speed and range. You
may have to use your Palm-strike or the Raishin Mahhaken to stuff
random pokes and the EX Roll Kick to punish a blocked Lynx Tail (her
new breakdance-type move).

About her Brave Dance- if the super is blocked, there's almost no 
recovery time afterwards, so counterattack quickly or just keep

Elena will use the Scratch Wheel as a wakeup, which can be stuffed by
the Palm Strike if you're FAR enough away. However,don't use this 
against a Brave Dance.

Be careful when jumping at her and use double-parries. You'll most
likely be VERY defensive throughout this match. The teleport actually
works well against her. She does beat you miserably in the range 
department, so take your time.

If she has a super charged up, you should watch out for overheads, 
because she can link her Super from those. If she has Healing, she'll
try to knock you down with a ground chain or a throw before using it, 
so play keep-away because she's not going to gain any more meter. =P

A final note: Elena's C.Strong can combo extremely well, and it has 
deceptive range. Keep an eye out for it, as well as an EX Rhino Horn 
used as long-range anti-air (she can juggle you after that).


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu
Stamina: 111% (Subsequent Taunts give 117%, 131%, 140% and 151%.)
Strengths: Raw damage, pure and simple. Great range too.
Weaknesses: Easily punished because of slow attacks. Also, he's a very
            large target.
Tricks: Body Splash -> C.Jab -> Meat Squasher (Pseudo-Tick Throw)
        whiffed Palm Bomber -> Moonsault Press
        delayed Hammer Frenzy
        * Best Kara-cancel in the game

First, let me say that this fight is all about zoning. Close enough to
chain your combos, but right out SPD range. What you'll want to do is
to move (herd, actually) Hugo into the corner where it's almost
impossible for him to get out. Put pressure on him so he doesn't have a
chance to mix you up... and if you've got the Sei-ei Enbu, here's your
chance to try some neat combos. Also remember that if you try to combo
into the Mantis Slash, you'll be (relatively) safe if he blocks it, as
you'll be out of grab range. 

Since Hugo has incredible poking ability, it's advised that you may 
want to poke back with the standing Fierce once, or use the Tourou Zan
x3 instead(you might even want to EX it, but that's your call). But 
Hugo can stuff your Fierce with his sweep, and your sweep with his 
Strong. You can't win with this. 

Don't try matching his priority in the air if you're not off the 
ground yet. However, If you decide to jump IN (Hugo doesn't have the 
best Anti-Air if you're already in his face), then go in with the Air 
Combo chain or a fierce punch, then jump back OUT and do another 
Fierce punch on the way. This works rather well as Hugo will most 
often be trying to grab you. In fact, if he misses the first time 
with an SPD, he'll try again, and again, and again... keep jumping!
This is ESPECIALLY effective with the Sei-ei Enbu activated.

If you see Hugo leap in the air (his air-catch) over to you, then you
should use a L.Forward kick or get away, because he's trying to land 
a SPD or a Gigas Breaker on you. However, if you have the Sei-ei Enbu
activated, don't fear. And keep jump-kicking him around if he has the
Megaton-Press because the Sei-ei Enbu will stuff his super if you 
time your kicks right. And you can NOT parry his air-catch in Third

Be careful if Hugo has the Hammer Frenzy. If he has this, then watch
it when he wakes up or jumps at you. If he charges at you with the 
Hammer Frenzy, then block high, but if he doesn't attack immediately
during the super, throw him, or SOMETHING- because he's delaying the
attack. Or even worse, he'll just stay there like that and do an SPD
on you when the dash wears off.

And a final warning: Don't try to hit with overheads at -close- 
range, because he'll probably retaliate with an SPD before you can 
do anything. (However, throwing his ass around is not only effective
because he won't expect it, it's *damn* funny. ^_^) Use the Senpuu
Kyaku (twd + Forward overhead) instead as it has more range.


Suggested Super: Tenshin Senkyuutai, Raishin Mahhaken
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, chains, mixup game/footsie
Weaknesses: Low damage
Tricks: Yami Shigure (Dagger/Slash super) when you parry a Kunai
        Chain Combo -> Dash -> Throw (That dash counts as a move!)
        Advancing Jab punches (very annoying. Counter with C.Short)

This one's an iffy, mainly because Ibuki isn't the powerhouse she used
to be. Therefore, not many people play her in 3rd Strike anymore. 
Still, I wouldn't try looking for Ibuki to make a fatal error to combo
the Tenshin Senkyuutai, and she still retains a lot of priority, so use
the Raishin Mahhaken to bust through. You're also better off blocking
low more than high, because of the properties of certain attacks. If 
she tries an overhead, use a C.Fierce or C.Jab to knock her away.

If you have her trapped in a corner, keep in mind that she'll probably
dash out. A good L.Forward kick can knock her out of a teleport-dash,
as well as your Mantis slash.

Your recommended fighting distance is right at the edge of an EX Mantis
Slash. She needs to use her chains to inflict damage, so you need to 
put yourself into a position where you can spank her if she messes up.
If you let her get too far away, she can start playing keep-away again.
If she's too CLOSE... well now, you're extremely susceptible to her 
traps and her highly annoying advancing Jabs. Get her away by jamming
on C. Jab or something.

The one move you may wish to keep an eye on is that air-leap of hers...
she can activate the Kasumi Suzaku from there. Teleport or dash out of
the way so that you can nail her on the way down. In fact, make a habit
of teleporting when she jumps- she can't throw a kunai behind her.

Ken Masters

Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken, Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Hard-hitting combos, mixup and footsie, plus a great poke.
Weaknesses: Not much.
Tricks: Jab Shoryuken x2 in the corner
        EX Air Tatsumaki for anti-air/juggle

I've run into some normal Ken players and some REALLY HIDEOUS turtling
Kens. Watch out for his standing Roundhouse kick because it has great
range, damage, speed and priority. Not to mention it can pick you out 
of the air. Don't bother jumping at Ken, instead, throw a sweep out if
he starts to spaz on the joystick. Throws work alright, but watch out 
for those wakeups.

If you want to use the Raishin Mahhaken effectively against a Pokey/
Footsie game, dash forward, wait a split second, then execute it as 
they attempt to sweep you. Or, you could try just plain blocking the 
sweep... it's got that much recovery lag. Most Shotokan footsweeps have
quick execution but rather bad recovery lag. Capitalize on it with an
EX Mantis Slash.

As with all Shotokans, use your Palm-strike to your advantage. It 
counters all Dragon Punches, you can fake it, etc. If he has a Shippu
Jinrai Kyaku ready, use an overhead to counter it. Against the 
Shinryuuken, fake him out with a Short dive-kick to fall short of the 

Ken's main tactic is to use lots and lots of combos and jab uppercuts,
as well as his C.Short -> Super. Also, the Shippu Jinrai Kyaku punishes
pretty damn well, so don't leave yourself open with roll kicks and 
stuff. This goes for the Mantis Slash as well. You can play defensively
against him without too much trouble (as opposed to Ryu, who you want
to keep pressure on.), although his tricky kicks need some watching.

Also, be careful of that C.Strong he has. That thing has some damn good
priority and damage, and can link into into a super.


Suggested Super: Tenshin Senkyuutai or Sei-ei Enbu
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Speed, priority, damage, and a great dash.
Weaknesses: Poor wakeups (vulnerable to traps), and her own traps are
            rather high-risk.
Tricks: Karakusa/Hayate trap
        Tsurugi (or EX version) anti-wakeup
        Dash-in Karakusa tick-throw (if you block the Tsurugi)
        EX Fukiage wakeup (50%+ Stun)

This little dizzy-bitch will try and get all over you like white on 
rice. Be extremely careful when trying to poke (In fact, it'd be better
not to poke), and refrain from overheads because she has nasty ways to
counter it. If she starts a footsie game against you, back away and 
counter with a Fierce. Wait for the right moment to counterattack, and 
do it hard. You may indeed have to do a little bit of turtling against
her, because of her high priority. 

If you get knocked down to the ground, do a quick-rise before she can
close in any further. Just to confuse her, you may want to throw her
occasionally. If you're comfortable with your parrying skills, then 
by all means USE THEM, because you'll need it if you're playing 
offensively. Makoto's special moves are one-shot-wonders and don't 
super-cancel that well (except with #1), so you won't have to worry
about double-parrying all too often. (#1 = Seichuusen Godanzuki 5-hit
punch super)

I don't recommend trapping Makoto in the corner with overheads. Her EX
Fukiage -> Tsurugi can easily stun you, doing some major hurt. Trap her
using Sei-ei Enbu tick throws/mixups and footsie pokes.

Later in the game (or in the day ^_-) you may go against a more 
defensive Makoto who loves to stay in the air all day and use her air
priority to its fullest. Remember your Teleport? Use it as a crossup 
and position yourself to land right behind where she'll land. Use this
opportunity to land a good juggle combo ending with the Tenshin 
Senkyuutai, or play a Mindgame on her.

Makoto's jumping Fierce has surprisingly good range, and sets her up
for a nasty combo. Expect her to jump in, or to dash into your face
if she's got a super charged.

A special note about her EX Hayate punch: If you're dashing forward
(Yang will hop slightly off of the ground when doing this), the EX 
Hayate will pass RIGHT THROUGH you. Save your ass with this trick if
they're desperate to knock a shot off of you.

If she has the Seichuusen Godanzuki (Punch super), you may want to be
*extremely* careful because she can link it after a C. Forward kick,
her universal overhead, and her Hayate dash punch. However, your 
normal Overhead will travel right over it if you time it well.

If she's using the Abare Tosanami Kudaki (Off-the wall kick) then 
remember that she can chain it off of an overhead karate chop, or after
her Karakusa grab (if she's close to her side of the screen). If she
has this super, MIX UP YOUR CHAINS! Red parrying into the Abare
Tosanami is deadly in the hands of a skilled Makoto player. Also, if
she's got two full meters, it's not unheard of for a Makoto player to
intentionally whiff an Abare Tosanami and immediately go into another
Abare Tosanami while you're trying to sweep her. ^_-

Finally, the Tanden Renki leaves her unable to block, so use the 
Mantis Slash... hell, abuse it with the C.Forward kick as well 
(Combo #3). Don't try to match her air priority, though. If you have
the Sei-ei Enbu, nothing more needs to be said. Just watch for those
crouching Forward kicks.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken, Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 87%
Strengths: Range, Defensive traps
Weaknesses: Slow recovery on attacks
Tricks: Electric Blast in corner for tick damage (~20 hits to parry)
        (even the Magnetic Storm super doesn't have this many hits...)

Don't poke, but instead close in for throws and combos to stuff his
moves. Careful when you jump in, because I haven't found anything that
smashes through his electric field. Of course, you could try parrying
it. ^_^ If you do, remember that you'll have to parry backwards after
a while (he can continue it). You can't be as reckless because Necro's
pretty good at turtling.

For a change, you may want to play this game on the defensive, as 
Necro's -mixup- game is slightly lacking in speed. EX Roll Kicks 
actually work allright if you can predict him, and Dive Kicks will
work as well. 

The Slam Dance has no invincibility frames that I know of, so if you're
attempting a jump-in against it, poke early with a forward kick.

If Necro tries to use his air-drill, he's just left himself open for a
spanking. Parry the drill twice, then use a super or a launcher combo
to open up the hurt.

Also, be careful retaliating after a blocked Spinning Punch, as he has
deceptively good recovery afterwards.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken, Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Great priority on his pokes, stun damage, turtling game and
           corner pressure traps
Weaknesses: Too slow to maintain an offensive (Use your speed!)
Tricks: Crossup Jinchuu Nobori (Head stomp)
        Yagyou Dama Corner Trap
        Roundhouse kick of DooM! (25% Stun)
        Grab your pokes! (Urk...)

Now this is a wierd match. Oro has a few charge moves, so expect him
to chuck a fireball for the hell of it. He can doublejump too, as well
as perform some funky dive attacks. He also has excellent poking
ability, so you're going to do some parrying. His standing Roundhouse
is just as good as Ken's, and he can chain his grab-slam with most
attacks. Also, his charged uppercut hurts pretty badly, and he's got
some good juggle combos going his way. So don't jump too often.

If he has his grab-super charged to full, use some overheads to keep
your butt off the ground so he can't throw you. 

If Oro is trying to play a pressure game on you by controlling the
middle of the stage, use your teleport and fake him out with dive
kicks. Most likely he's got a super activated in this scenario.

For the most part, you'll have to keep the pressure on with constant
Mantis Slashes and pokes. Just watch that charged uppercut, and play
keep-away when necessary. Oro is damn slow, so use that to your
advantage and stay out of the corner.

By the way... don't get too predictable with your Fierce poke. Oro
can just reach out and slam you three times for free, if your 
opponent has their wits about them.


Suggested Super: Tenshin Senkyuutai, Sei-ei Enbu
Stamina: 100% (Subsequent Taunts: 131%, 140%, 164%!)
Strengths: Insane defense if he taunts, Easier parrying, painful juggle
           combos. Fairly good corner-trap game.
Weaknesses: Extremely slow, Dash-attacks vulnerable to sweeps/pokes,
            slow offense, many openings for retaliation and juggle
Tricks: Taunt 3x for increased defense
        Tick-throw with Capture and Deadly Blow
        GREAT Kara-Cancelled throw and Overhead
        Kara'd Overhead -> Deadly Double (1/2 Screen Range!)

When fighting Q, do NOT let him corner you, or you're in for a ride. 
It's advisable to use the air-chain kicks against him because he's so
tall, but beware of his arm flail, which works as a great anti-air. 
Also, he can retaliate against air attacks with a parry -> Capture and
Deadly Blow -> EX Head Rush Punch -> Roundhouse -> Taunt. Bad news for

The rushing punch takes a while to attack with, so if you see it 
coming, feel perfectly free to either parry it or stuff it with a 
Fierce. Hell, if he doesn't have you in the corner, it's his weakest
attack. Just don't poke away trying to charge your meter up... you
may have to be a little defensive if you're in a stand-off. Just 
remember that he *can* chain his arm flail and his supers after a 
close Forward kick.

Also, back to the arm-flail (High Speed Barrage). It's a GREAT anti
poke move, so don't try using your Fierces and Roundhouses to chip 
damage away. A master Q player will gradually pressure you into the 
corner where he can keep you pinned. Use the Teleport to keep him on
the defensive, because doing so will ruin his charge for the Dashing
attacks. Also use the Teleport or EX Roll kick to help you punish
him if he taunts. And taunt he will.
Teleports are useful to stay away from the Total Destruction, but do 
NOT jump at him when his Deadly Double Combination is charged. In fact,
it may be a good idea at this point to start running like hell... or 
charge up the Sei-ei Enbu and use some combos. If he has the Critical
Combo Attack, remember to block the 4th hit low. However, most Q 
players will use the DDC exclusively. This super can inflict *more*
damage than a Gigas Breaker if the followup juggles connect. WATCH 
OUT FOR IT. If you can avoid getting hit by this super, there's a 
very good chance you'll win the match. 

Don't try to poke him when you're on the ground too often, as Q has a
very decent Kara-Cancel. (Go to Shoryuken.com for more about this
technique.) Overheads and mixup games work pretty well because Q is 
quite slow and won't have much time to bust out with a high-priority
move. Just be careful of his Deadly Double Combination, and you
should be okay. This can be a long, drawn out battle of attrition, so
be patient. At all costs, do NOT throw random attacks in an attempt
to keep him away or to build meter, as he will maul you and taunt over
your fallen body.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 87%
Strengths: Juggles, priority
Weaknesses: Predictable offense, poor recovery
Tricks: EX Cold Blue Kick trap

First off, you want to prevent Remy from controlling the pace of the
match. Use liberal amounts of Short dive kicks to fake him out into 
using a Flash Kick, and to dodge thrown Light of Virtues.

Remy has some excellent priority, so be careful about poking him. If
he does the double-roundhouse sweep, block the first hit and PARRY the
second. From there you may do a Tenshin Senkyuutai or the Mantis
Slash. Don't try to use overheads on him, because he can launch your
butt into the air with his Flash Kick. If you're feeling gutsy, then
jump at him and get ready to parry. If you manage to knock him down,
then stand just a bit away from him (roughly outside the range of a
sweep) and perform the Palm strike. If you're far enough away, you'll
bust Remy out of his Flash Kick as he gets up. This is very
demoralizing and will most likely make Remy start to turtle, in which
case you get to throw him! ^_^

However, if the Blue Nocturne is charged up, then use throws. I 
believe the Blue Nocturne doesn't do too well against air attacks, 
though. But it's probably likely that it'll catch you off-guard if 
you're playing a good Remy player anyhow. You can try using the fake
Palm Strike to provoke him as well.

Also note that it's quite easy to parry the Flash Kick when you're on
the ground. Put the pressure on Remy, because if he starts using a
high-low mix game on you, you may have to teleport and rethink your
strategy. Remy has an overhead kick that looks deceptively like it
should be blocked low, and if he traps you with his Light of Virtue
-> Cold Blue Kick, either turtle for a breather or go on a parrying
spree. If you *know* that he's going to use a Cold Blue Kick, then jump
straight up and clip him out of the air.

Something you should be wary of: Remy may juggle with a super, after
his throw(in the corner). Also be careful in an air-air matchup,
because his Fierce punch can send you flying upward for another juggle.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Well balanced, high strength
Weaknesses: None
Tricks: Short Tatsumaki -> Throw fake
        EX Aerial Tatsumaki Crossup

This match can turn ugly, real fast. The Shin-Shoryuken is self
explanatory, and the Shinkuu-Hadouken is also fairly basic and painful.
Try not to get caught in a standing combo. Also beware of a low Forward
chained into a spinkick, EX Spinkicks in the air, and Shoryuken 
wakeups. And if you decide to parry Ryu's attacks, you may want to 
double-parry if in the air (Ryu has a 2-hit aerial strong)

Ryu's footsie game is highly annoying (as is any Shotokan's) but try
not to be suckered into eating a Shoryuken at close range. Also 
remember that if you already know if Ryu's going to throw a fireball,
use the EX Roll-Kick or the Tenshin Senkyuutai. The same goes for the
Denjin Hadouken; Yang has plenty of options to evade that, if your
parrying skills are in question. If you have an empty Stun gauge and
you're parrying the Denjin Hadouken at point-blank, parry two or
three hits and take the rest. You'll recover quickly enough so that
Ryu won't have a chance to walk up and nail you as you're busy
parrying (There goes your perfect. =P)

The ideal tactic is to pressure Ryu into making a stupid mistake, such
as an uppercut or a fireball. Remember to red-parry fireballs after a
C.Forward. If you're in doubt as to what kind of retaliation you should
use, fall back to the EX Mantis Slash. This works especially well on
blocked sweeps, as with all Shotos.

Expert Ryu players will rarely jump, utilize his quick dash, and dart
in and out to sucker you into an opening where they can land a sick
1/2 stun or 35% Shoryuken combo on your ass. Also, their dash lets
them stay at a very far distance (out of your attack range, no less)
and gives them the speed to throw you before you realize it. This,
along with his very effective kara-cancel, will make it extremely
difficult for you to pressure him into the corner... just when you
think they're in the bag, you find yourself flat on your back.

Finally, be extremely careful of jump-ins. Ryu possesses a three-hit
combo that can inflict up to 70% stun. An Air-Air counter or a
cross-under may be in order, unless you're sure of the timing for the
jump-in Fierce- in which case you can just parry and launch him in
the air for a combo. Don't forget to throw and teleport, either.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Speed (great normal moves), Shotokan-level strength and dash
Weaknesses: Horribly sucky special moves
Tricks: Basketball trap w/ Sean Tackle

Sean is not what he used to be. If you're blocking his Tornado-Kick
(or even hit by it), throw him at the very moment he stops kicking you.
This works a little too well, really. Also, be careful of his 
half-assed Dragon Punch as a wakeup or anti-air. His Shoryu-Cannon is
nothing to laugh at either.

Don't try to jump at him too often, as he can hurt you quite a bit
with his Strong -> Roundhouse chain as a crossunder. He's got the
classic short n' speedy dash like Ryu and Ken.

You'll have plenty of openings to perform a super on him after
blocking his attacks. Just be careful of his poking game- he's
deceptively quick and has decent priority with his normals. Remember,
like any Shoto, blocking his sweep is an easy EX Mantis punishment.

His most preferred super will most likely be the Shoryu-Cannon. It's
great anti-air, so take care around it. He may also select the Hadou
Burst, because of the fact that it doesn't suffer much, if at all,
in the way of combo-buffering penalties. Also, he can link the Hyper
Tornado after two C.Jabs.


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 87%
Strengths: Range, but that's it.
Weaknesses: Easily punished, takes a lot of damage, crappy supers
Tricks: Deceptive J.Roundhouse kicks for mixup

Note: If Twelve performs X.C.O.P.Y into Yang, use throws and Combo #1
when the chance presents itself. During this mode, Twelve takes 1/2
damage or something, so keep him blocking (and activate Sei-ei Enbu
while you're at it).

Twelve in his normal form has incredible range but not-so-good
startup speed for his attacks. Thus, if you get right in his face and
initate some combos, you'll put him on a serious defensive. But don't
try jumping at him, as he'll use that arm-flail attack not unlike Q's.
And if he uses that squirrel-glide in the air, teleport after him!

If he tries to keep you out with long range pokes, just use the
Tenshin Senkyuutai when you see the animation start. Yeah, that'll
teach it...

One more note: If Twelve morphs back from his X.C.O.P.Y., take the
opportunity to do some enhanced damage. Any attack will do double
damage, (except the Raishin Mahhaken, which will mostly miss) so
get that Palmstrike ready...


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Fastest dash in the game, good range
Weaknesses: Mediocre in-close chain-combos
Tricks: Headbutt -> Throw Crossover vs. crouching or rising opponents
  Aegis Reflector Traps
  The Flying Anago Special (heh.)

A difficult match for Yang, if you're not careful. Urien has a great
footsie game, so don't try to use Combo #3 too often. Instead, you
may want to Keep It Simple, Stupid and use the Mantis Slash as it is,
without trying to combo it. It's got more priority than many of his
pokes and specials if you're within range. Use the EX Mantis-Slash as
retaliation for a blocked Chariot Tackle and he'll be afraid to use it. 

Since Urien is a charge character, be wary of wakeups. Also be VERY
careful about jumping in, because Urien's juggle combos can beat 
the snot out of you. He has incredible range with his attacks, but 
the Chariot Tackle is vulnerable to low hits so get those C.Shorts

Don't use the overhead too often, as Urien can launch you with his
fierce punch for a juggle. However, if he's playing a lot of footsie,
then hop over his low kicks. If you wish, you can also play
defensively, but watch out for that overhead punch. He also has a 
disgustingly effective dash which he'll most likely throw afterwards. 

One thing to beware of is Urien's headbutt. If he opens the round with
this move, he's closing in for a throw. Your first reaction will be to
block the headbutt, naturally... so keep this in mind at the start of
each match, or if you've been knocked down. The headbutt will also
knock you out of your jump if you decide to leap over him.

Nasty Aegis reflector trap if you're not in the corner: Urien does a
Chariot Tackle -> Fierce Aegis Reflector for some wierd-ass reason.
GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. If he grabs you with a neutral throw, he
can drop you on the Aegis Reflector and juggle you for some damage.

Also: If you ARE in the corner and you were knocked down, he can try
using a jab Aegis Reflector and grab you right before it activates. 
If he pulls this off, Tech-hit his throw and you can most likely
block the Aegis. Actually getting hit by the Aegis while you're
standing is not an option, unless you want to die. So let this be
a lesson to you: stay away from the corner. =P 


Suggested Super: Tenshin Senkyuutai or Sei-ei Enbu
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, EX Mantis Slash retaliation, mixup
Weaknesses: Takes damage like a sissy, poor wakeup attacks
Tricks: Already explained. =P

You may want to be careful about retaliation if you try to bust 
through Punch Combo #1 since the final hit can be delayed. If you 
end up blocking the first hit of the Tourou Zan, then just sit 
back and wait until the third hit, or until there's been a 
considerable pause in the attack. (You could try a red-parry...)
If he foolishly does the Roll Kick while you're still on the 
ground, block it, then trip him before he can recover with a 
Super Art. 

Also, learn how to parry a dive-kick so that you may find more 
ways to implement your own. Use cross-under Teleports and mixups
to your advantage, as Yang has a poor wakeup array to choose 
from. If you can keep a constant offense and slam him every time 
he tries to escape from it (stay in his face at point-blank!). If 
you have the option of either losing your offensive pressure or 
inflicting more damage (Flip-Grab vs. Standard throw), it's 
better to keep the pressure up. Nothing's as easy to kill as a 
spazzy player who snaps under pressure. ^_^

Also, take note of the kind of combos they like to do. Always try
to red-parry after a blocked C.Forward.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, Excellent chain combos, mixup
Weaknesses: Again, takes damage like a sissy and poor wakeups.
Tricks: Dive-kick fake out
  Fake Palm Strike

Yun will leave himself open after a good deal of his moves, especially
his dashing punch. Use this to punish him with Punch Combo #1 into the
Tenshin-Senkyuutai, or throw him into the nearest corner of the screen
and activate Sei-ei Enbu. If Yun has the Gen-ei Jin activated, save
your supers until it's over. He does have quite a footsie/poking game,
so you might be a bit defensive.

When Yun has an active Gen-ei Jin, it is unlikely that he will jump.
However, he can get you into a nasty juggling combo that starts with
a C.Forward, or with a corner-trap. You may want to play keep-away
against him, or attempt to make him nervous with lots of Short Dive

His favorite tactic is pressuring you with dive-kicks into his Jab-
Short-Strong combo because of it's versatility (You-Hou can be 
chained after a jab Shoulder Check) Use your teleport to cross
under his jumps and retaliate with the Mantis Slash after blocked
attacks. You also have the option of parrying his dive kicks to set
up for a launcher combo, but ware his supers lest he lay one on you.

Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu or Tenshin Senkyuutai

Stamina: 111%?
Strengths: Range, priority, damage, stun... 
Weaknesses: None. =P
Tricks: ... he needs Tricks? Whaaaaaa?

I hate this battle with a passion. Remember to punish Gill after
blocking or parrying his Violence Knee Drop and teleport when the
situation warrants it. Just watch out for his range- he does have a
nasty footsie game.

vs. CPU, he rarely blocks the rest of the Mantis Slash if you delay
one of the hits. Also, use your jump-ins a lot after you knock him

If you're playing this one at home against a friend, don't bother
jumping at Gill unless you want to watch your stun meter rise 
exponentially. Instead, try to fake him out and use crossup Sei-ei
Enbus and teleports to confuse him, and leave him open for an EX 
Mantis Slash. Stay well away from him and play some mad keepaway,
because you can't afford to be caught in a juggle combo.

7-:The Leftovers:

For those of you curious, here are the Japanese rankings by Skillsmith.
I have been told that these rate the effectiveness of each character's
*combos*, not necessarily their overall character.

Yun       XS
Yang      XS
Ken       S
Akuma     Between A and S. They were ambiguous I guess. =P
Chun-Li   A++
Urien     A++
Ryu       A+
Alex      A
Dudley    A
Oro       B++
Remy      B++
Ibuki     B+
Elena     B+
Makoto    B
Q         B
Sean      B
Necro     C
Twelve    C
Hugo      D+

Thanks to Joel Benefiel for tearing me to shreds with his Alex, to 
Asian Bomber for telling me about the Sei-ei Enbu ever-combo, Min 
Sub Kim for some tactical advice and some simple juggle combos, A.o.D.
for his Q matchup analysis, and the epic sacrifices made on behalf of
many packages of instant noodles. Breakfast of Champions. =P Pocky 
helps too, in a pinch.

Also, thanks to Kyoujin for translating the combos at the SkillSmith 
website, and for Shoryuken.com for the Kara-cancel article. Check it 

Special thanks go to Kao Megura (Chris MacDonald) for writing up his 
movelist and supplying the translations of everyone's moves. 

Side note: I found an alternate "Kaihou" listed as "Convalesence" 
(Recovery) which could have something to do with Yang running away to
escape danger. I found this to make a bit more sense than "Pleasant
Kneel" although the "Hou" part is written in Katakana. I could be
VERY wrong.

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