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Street Fighter III: Third Strike      
Version 2.0 2000

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     Supposedly Yun and Yang are both grand-children
of the Gen that we all know and love.  Yes, the
"assasin's  fist" Gen.  (Notice the similarities
between Gen's rushing super and Yang's Rashin
Mahhakken?!?)  Yun is actually the OLDER of the two. 
You never would have thought, huh? He is more light
hearted and less serious about the fight, and this is
rather obvious by the quotes he delivers at the end of
fights, "I rather rave than misbehave".  The two boys
work in a restaurant and entered the Street Fighter's
Tournament when they heard about the money being
offered, seems like they were falling under hard
(history taken directly off of character

Character Basics: 
*Yun is fast.
*Yun is chain combo crazy
*Yun takes damage well and gives it well too (compared
to his brother!)  He has been rather toned dawn A LOT
from 2nd impact.  His jab, light kick, medium punch,
strong, then shoulder charge doesn't take the insane
amount of damage that it used to. And neither do his
specials.  But still, he gained some speed (mainly
because everyone else seemed to have been slowed


For this section I am assuming that you know about the
basics.  If you don't then go read the K. Megura FAQ
on GameFAQS and then come back.  I will only be
listing the moves that I think are useful.

Jab: light and ultra fast.  Can be chained when done
standing.  The crouching one has a little use, read
further more.

Strong: Amazingly versatile and fast for a strong,
nice reach too.  Good for poking the hell out of
people.  Use standing or crouching

Fierce:  Can you say overpowered, long reaching
fingers?  Yeah, great move.  Press Forward and Fierce
and Yun will step fowrard for even longer reach!  It
is only okay when used as a jump in due to the
shortness of range.  Keep in mind though, that this is
the only basic jump in that will allow you to connect
anything with.

Medium Kick: when done up close it is a launcher, when
done from afar it angles out at 45 degrees.  Good
reach while crouching.  Easily comboed from.  The
medium kick seems like it's the best to use as a jump
in also.

Roundhouse:  A straight LONG range kick to the guts
when done standing with little or no recovery.  When
done as a sweep you can attach another standing
roundhouse to it as a chain.  I will explicate further



Nishou Kyaku (F,HCF + Kick), EX:  Yun does what looks
like an air Roundhouse and rises at a 45 degree angle.
 The kick strength varies the height of the Kyaku.
Unlike the Senkyu Tai that he use to have there is no
start-up roll.  Low on priority, low on damage.
Overall... it is very useless.  Can be comboed.... but
why?  Half the time you will miss completely and  when
you do hit the damage is nothing compared to what you
could have done.  The EX is fast, like all EX's, and
will catch anything except an air hurricane kick.  In
that situation you will probably trade hits, usually
with you taking more damage.  Do the EX when you just
really want the energy taken out of your opponent's
life bar because the EX does enough damage to justify
itself.  Arlieth Tralare writes: "You can chain two
Ex's off of each other."  This is very true.  Takes
good damage, although the second Nishou Kyaku is
heavily buffered, but wastes a lot of Super Art meter.
 Only do this if you are using the Sourai Rengeki and
have a lot of meter to spare.

Raigeki Shuu, or Dive Kick (jump, then Diagnolly down
and forward + kick):  Yun does a dive at the opponent.
 Can be done anytime during the ascension of the jump.
 Yes, ANYTIME. Most opponents expect you to do it at
the highest point of your jump.  Be unpredictable. 
Kick strength varies the angle and the speed at which
Yun descends.  You MUST aim at the opponent's lower
leg or else the will have some time to counter, even
if you land the hit.  I have been thrown so many times
due to the fact that I aimed the kick wrong.

Senpuu Kyaku, overhead kick (f + medium kick) : slow
overhead.  Good for mixing up the opponent, and for
moving forward to set you up for his chain combos. 
This move has as slow a startup as his universal
overhead, but it is still good because it is harder to
detect coming.

Kobokushi, Palm Strike (QCB + punch):  Oh yeah!  The
strike may have slow start up but it is highly
prioritized when in the final stages.  Punch controls
the speed of startup as well as the damage.  The
obokushi WILL knock out fireballs and trade hits with
Shoryukens.  Awesome move, though watch the execution,
there is just enough time for the opponent to
throw/trip/super you.

Fake Kobokushi, Palm Strike (QCB + two punches): Good
only as fakeout.  Read on, and I will explain.

Zesshou Hohou, or Lunging Punch (QCF + punch) EX: 
This is a fast lunging punch.  The strength of the
punch determines distance and speed of the Zesshou
Hohou.  Remember, after the jab Zesshou Hohou there
STILL is a bit of a recovery time.  Usually not enough
for anyone to do anything excpet a foward kick or
medium punch.  Anything else is too slow.  They will
still have enough time to super, because time stops
for most supers! Rarely is there anyone fast enough...
but be carefull anyway.   But it is still very useful.

Zenpou Tenshin (HCB + kick):  Yun grabs the opponent
and then flips over them, leaving them stunned for a
milisecond.  NEVER use this unless you are feeling
reeeeaaalllyyy cocky and just want to insult your
opponent.  You have to be right next to the opponent
(kissing them, or at least within throw range) Usually
you land too far away to do any real damage and if you
super afterwards the super is Combo Buffered heavily,
taking almost no damage.

Tetsu Zankou, aka Shoulder Charge (F,HCF + Punch)  Yun
charges forward and gives them the shoulder.  The
punch button determines the length of the startup and
the distance travelled.  The medium and fierce punch
buttons allows for some juggles since it knocks them
up in the air.  Slow start up but NO recovery time! 
The EX one is fast and it goes under Hadoukens! Abuse
the move!!  Very hard to parry the Tetsu Zanjou when
you bust it out in the middle of an offensive
onslaught of attacks.  But don't be too repetitive,
because they will learn....  Note: This move gives you
A LOT of super meter.  I don't know why it does, but
use this to your advantage. You'll get that You Hou
charged in no time!

** all super arts are done with QCF, QCF + punch

I.  You Hou: can you say "mini-Shin-Shoryuken?"  Yun
punches them up and then juggles them twice for a
total of three very damaging hits.  It you don't
connect with the super there is a massive recovery
time....  Beware.  Also can be used as an anti air
seeing how Yun raises his hand for the first move.  It
has to be done when the opponent is landing REALLY
close though or else the opponent will fall to the
ground before the third hit comes out, where most of
your juggling comes after.  One not-so-long bar and he
can only hold one.

II.  Sourai Rengeki : Yun lunges forward with a series
or kicks and then brings them to the air with a jump
kick.  As far as I know there is no juggling
afterward.  Comes out fast, as with any of Yun's
super.  Short bars, and he can hold three!  Optimal
for people who love using his EX's.

III. Gen'ei Jin:  Can you say custom combos?  Yep, Yun
goes crazy with shadows flashing behind him.. Seeing
how Yun is faster he has a greater ability to juggle
opponents while in Gen'ei Jin then Yang does.   Very
short super bar so you might do this two or three
times a round.  My record was six times against a
turtling bastard!  You ever wonder why Yun calls this
move the Gen'ei Jin and Yang calls it the Se'ei Enbu?
They are the dame friggin' move !!!  
	Note: In my personal opinion this move is rather pale
compared with the juggling that Yang can do.  Besides,
his other supers do so much more damage.



1)  while in the air => Jab, Forward + Fierce
     This is you air chain use this as a confuser for
the parry happy.  Not many people seem to know about
this for some strange reason.  Hey, abuse the power.

2) down strong, down Fierce
     Yeah, it works but it doesn't really do anything
for you.  Not much in the way of damage or combo

3) down Roundhouse, Standing  Roundhouse
     Damn is Yun ain't sportin chains like crazy. 
This one is good for damage or if you just want to
push them into the corner.

4)  strong puch, fierce, back + Fierce, optional.
=>Super of Choice
     This the the combo everyone uses.  For good
reason too.  It is so easy to do.  Plus a person can
super-cancel after this combo.  Don't do it toooooooo
often of else people will start red-parrying your ass
because you only know one combo!  To avoid the red
parry you can actually wait a bit before hitting the
back + Fierce punch.  More on this combo in tactics

5)  down medium kick, Lunging Punch
     Don't laugh at this combo yet.  A LOT of peopl
will get caught due to the long range of the
crounching medium kick.  And if you consistently use
the jab version of the lunging punch then the recovery
time is veeeerrrryyy minimal.  Okay, now you can

6) close standing medium kick, into Shoulder Charge or
Lunging Punch.
     This move is best done after a parry. 

7)    jab, light kick, medium punch, jab (EX) 
Shoulder Charge (optional==> super of choice)
     My favorite combo.  It looks sooooo cool when you
pull it off.  And you can land any super after the
Shoulder Charge.  You have the option to EX or just do
a jab after the medium punch, but if you do EX you
don't get to super-cancel a super after the Shoulder
Charge.  The Super MUST be canceld at the exact moment
that Yun's shoulder hits the opponent.  This is my
most used combo.  And do you notice the massive
amounts of energy it adds to your super bar?

8)  crounching lp, crounching lp, crounching lp =>
(EX) lunging punch.  Yes, it combos.  And the best
part about it is that you can stop yourself if the lp
doesn't connect.  I usually stop at the first two
crounchin lp's because sometimes the third one puts
them too far away.

9) crounching lp, crounching lp, => You Hou or Sourai
Rengeki.  Yes, this also works. remember to try and
stop yourself from doing the super if the lp's don't
hit.   Lately I've been training to do this because
I've mistakenly did it once.  Being able to just
launch a super from some pokes is just wonderful. 
Plus, there is barely any damage buffering.  You get
almost full damage.

This here section will start you on your way to
building your own tactics and mind games. .

*  There are two types of Yun Players.  One is the
super offensive type and the other one is the player
who doesn't know how to play Yun.  It's almost
impossible to be super defensive with Yun.  He has no
fireball, he's not super damaging, and his version of
the Shoryu-ken doesn't have high priority.  Be super
offensive.  Make the opponents panic out of their
minds until they make a mistake.  Read on to learn
GREAT offensive techniques.

*  Mix everything up.  Do Swan dives a lot, but don't
always land ON them.  Land behind them and go into a
combo or land right in FRONT of them and go into combo
5 while they are still blocking high.  Play footsies. 
It's your advantage.  Use your crounching medium kick,
and then you overhead kick (forward and medium kick),
and then another crounching medium kick, universal
overhean... etc.  When you get far away do a Crouching
medium kick, into a strong Shoulder Charge.  There is
no recovery after the shoulder so you can use this
relatively safely, 
unless they parry.  Mix everything up to make them

*  Corner Tactics:  If you can get anyone in a corner
then make him bleed! Muah ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Ahem..
Anyway... Abuse the Palm Strike.  Since the opponent
is down on the ground and getting up he can't do
anything during the startup.  After a few times of
this do a fake Palm Strike, and when the opponent is
about to block or parry, throw them.  Jump straight up
just as they are gettin up and randomly do a jump
attack or Dive kick.  Confuse him!

*  Fake Out!  Usually after a blocked overhead, combo
number 4, or combo number 7 people will try to
retaliate thinking that you need time to recover. 
Once in a while do a super after the above combos so
that they will eat it in the face!  Yeah, makes people
mad when they eat a stupid super like that.  Also
throw one out when you do a dive kick and land in
front of your opponent withour acutally hitting him.

*  Vary all you combos.  Never, ever, use the same
combos over and over again.  Yun has so many of them. 
Mix it up or watch your opponent turn into a parry
master against the one combo that you keep on doing.

*  For All Gen'ei Jin Users!
     There are many ways to do the Gen'ei Jin.  Do it
after you CONNECT combo number 7.  This way you can
pull off some combos before they can think enough to
recover.  Do it after a BLOCKED combo number 4 to trap
your opponent.  Remeber once you have the Gen'ei Jin
out mix all you moves.  A trick that works a lot is to
build up that bar and then keep doing medium punch
Shoulder Charges when he's in the corner.  Yeah, major
block damage.  Anyway, if one of those medium Shoulder
Charges hits and launches them into the air, then
switch to jab Shoulder Charges right away.  If they
are in the corner then the jab Shoulder Charges will
keep them in the air for the remainder of the Gen'ei
Jin. If the opponent learns and just blaocks
throughout all of your Gen'ei Jin then go into major
mix ups.  Note of caution here: even though the
shadows trail you and make it virtually impossible to
parry or counter-attack there is still time after a
Lunging Punch for the opponent to throw or super you.

*  For Sourai Rengeki Users!
     Remeber... combo number 7 is your friend!  After
the jab shoulder charge in combo number 7 bust out the
Sourai Rengeki for the full amount of hits.  Don't do
combo number 4 if you can avoid it.  If you ever
actually do combo number 4 then pull out the Sourai
Rengeki anyway.  All the hits won't connect but it's
still  more damage then if you just ended it there. 
Rember also that the Sourai Rengeki does not have to
be done in combo 7 only.  If you see a chance to
strike, or if you just parried, then bust out a medium
kick and cancel into a Sourai Rengeki.  Sourai Rengeki
to punish missed roundhouse sweeps by scrubs who don't
know how to do anything else. Note: With combo number
7, you might want to skip the shoulder charge and just
do jp=>lk=>mp=> Sourai Rengeki.  This decreases the
buffer and gives just a little more damage.

*  For You Hou Users!
     Ahhh... the most reccomended super, IMO.  Sure
you only have one but it is so versatile!  And look at
the damage!  Okay.. use it after combo 7 to look
really cool and have many hits on the combo count, or
use it after combo 4 for easy comboing.  Either way,
after you connect with the You Hou there are three
things you can do.  Beginners should just do a Fierce
Lunging Punch to catch the opponent's body as they
land.  Intermediates shoud cancel into a super jump
immediatly after the end of the You Hou and air combo
with combo number 1.  Advanced players should look at
the angle that the opponent is launched (or look at
the shadow of the falling body) and do either a jab
Shoulder Charge, or a 
Strong Shoulder Charge.  After the Shoulder do a
Lunging Punch.  So the full combo is:

 jab, light kick, medium punch, jab  Shoulder Charge,
You Hou, Shoulder Charge, Lunging Punch. 

With a jump in you can get a total of 10 hits.  (of
course you could try to do combo 1 as a jump in and
get 11 hits but it is very hard.)  Learn it. People
will fear it.  People will fear you.

* For You Hou and Sourai Rengeki users!
     Learn combo number 9.  Learn to stop yourself. 
Learn to do the super if the first hits connect.  This
will give you such a major advantage.  Also learn to
no abuse the combo.  Do too many crouching lp and the
opponent will learn to red parry.  Mix it up also.

Remember, these are just starters.  Learned to create
your own brand of confusion =)



Thanks to K. Magura for the proper names of some of
Yun's moves. 

Thanks goes out to Arlieth Tralare for pre-reading the
FAQ and giving many good comments on it, including the
double EX of Yun's rising kick and about combo number
4.  He also has a FAQ of his own about Yang that shows
some really cool things to do with Yang's Se'ei Enbu. 
Yang does defenitely have a much better custom combo
game than Yun does.

Thanks to the single creator of, Jef
Veasy,  for maintaining this wonderful site by
himself.   Keep the coffee pumping!

Thanks to for being a good fighter's site
and having a great forum for discussion, and all those
who took the time to read and write posts.

Thanks to Akumachan for good arguments.  Sean is still
better looking than RYU!

And finally to Paul Le who has been a good punching
bag, good consultant, and all around good friend. 
Damn Ryu.... Had to take his ass down with my Alex!

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