Akuma by J.Smith

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v 1.00 
by J. Smith CPUGaruda@excite.com

This original, unofficial FAQ was made by me, John Smith. It is 
Copyrighted 2000 J. Smith. The author is not affiliated with Capcom. 
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I will update this FAQ as soon as I figure just what is going on.



1)	Controls
2)	Directions
3)	Player Mechanics
4)	Command Attacks
5)	Special Moves
6)	Super Arts
7)	How to kill [other] people
8)	How to use the Shungokusatsu
9)	How to use the Kongou Kokuretsuzan
10)	Combos
11)	Akuma's Ending
12)	Credits



QCF: Quarter-circle Forward
HCB: Half-circle Backward
HCF: Half-circle Forward
QCB: Quarter-circle Backward
PP: Two Punches
PPP: Three Punches
KKK: Three Kicks
F: Forward
B: Backward
D: Down
U: Up
OTG: Off the Ground
DF or DB: Down Forward or Down Backward
UF or UB: Up Forward or Up Backward
JP: Jab Punch
SP: Strong Punch
FP: Fierce Punch
SK: Short Kick
FK: Forward Kick
RK: Roundhouse Kick


These are special move commands. Universal to all characters. Moves may 
have two names, in which case the second name will be in parenthesis.

F,F or B,B (Dash)
Pressing Forward or Backward twice in rapid succession will make the 
character (from this point forward listed as "Akuma") do a quick dash 
in that direction. 

D, UF or D, UB (Super Jump)
This will cause Akuma to jump forward or backward a much greater 
distance and height than by jumping forward or backward normally. 

FP+RK (Taunt)
This will cause Akuma to taunt. Akuma cannot do anything until the 
taunt has finished. His taunt does not hit the opponent. This will add 
a bit of power to his Super Meter. If you taunt several times the 
amount of damage Akuma does to his opponent will increase, as well as 
Stun Meter damage. Try to sneak in a few of these per round.

This causes Akuma to hop off the ground at a very low height and 
distance to attack his opponent. It behaves as a jump attack in most 
ways- the opponent must stand to block it. 
JP+SK when close
Akuma will throw his opponent. Standard throws cannot be blocked but 
can be parried. Don't be afraid to throw.

Introduced in Street Fighter III, parrying allows you to block an 
attack and receive no damage. In addition, if you parry, you have the 
initiative to attack or parry again. This is done by pressing Forward 
the MOMENT the attack reaches you. You must press Forward for every hit 
of the opponent's attack you want to parry. While on the ground, press 
Forward to parry high attacks and press Down to parry Low attacks. 
While in the air, press Forward to parry. Since there is no air 
blocking, you must parry to stifle attacks in mid-air. A serious player 
will take the time to learn parrying. Akuma needs to learn to parry, 
even though he's offensively-oriented.

Super Art Gauge and Super Arts
This is the bar at the bottom of the screen. When any part of it 
flashes, that is a signal that you can perform an EX move (see below). 
When the gauge fills up or completes a circuit, it will make a sound. 
This is the signal that you can perform a super art. Each character has 
at least three of these at his disposal. You can select them each time 
at the character select screen, but not in between rounds. Some Super 
Arts store more energy than others.

EX ing
EX moves add power to your special moves, making them faster, or 
stronger, or hit more. They take off some of the Super Art gauge, and 
can only be done when the gauge flashes. When executing a command, use 
two buttons instead of one. For example, if you wanted to do Ryu's EX 
Hadoken, the command would be :QCF+PP. Some Super Arts can even be 
EXed. It should be noted that Akuma CANNOT EX any of his moves.

Stun Bar
This is the bar just under your life bar. When it is filled, you are 
dizzy. Blows to the face inflict more stun damage than to the body. 
Some characters (Oro, Hugo, Alex, Dudley, Gill, Q) have very long stun 
meters. Akuma has the shortest Stun Meter in the game.



He's in the top tier of players. Stay close for the big win.

Unlike in previous Street Fighter games, Akuma is no longer invincible. 
You must remember that this is simply _not_ the Alpha series, where you 
could walk up to a fallen opponent and do Fierce Dragons over and over 
again as they got up. This game has a different style all its own. The 
Dragon Fist no longer out-prioritizes everything. Hadokens do very 
little damage, and are extremely easy to parry or counter. Akuma has a 
very short stun meter, so he's easy to dizzy. He also has about the 
lowest defense in the game. In a war of attrition, Akuma will loose. 
Proportionately, his Super Arts are not the game's best. He can't EX 
anything. Thanks, Capcom. (This is probably operating off the tradition 
that in Akuma's 1st appearance, he had no super bar. Now he can't EX 
anything. Or it might be a handicap.) With him, what you see is what 
you get. There are no real surprises in his arsenal. Fortunately, he's 
still Akuma, and that means he still has Speed, Priority, and Power. 
Play offensively, parry like a jerk, and never show mercy to anyone. 
Remember that Akuma is the biggest grouch of all.



Two-Hit Roundhouse (Axe Kick)- when close FK
Akuma does a roundhouse that hits two times. It must be blocked high. 
These have a startup lag, so it cannot be in the middle of a combo. 
This one seems to come out when you don't want it to.

Strong Punch ver.2- when close SP
Akuma throws a body blow instead of the palm thrust. _Unlike_ Ken, you 
cannot go SP,FP, Goshoryuken, etc. At least, you can't do it easily. 
I've never been able to do it. You can do this followed by a fierce, 
but that's it.

Forward Kick ver.2- when close FK
Akuma uses his knee instead of that poking kick. Does not cancel into a 
FP or RK.

Fierce Punch ver.2 (Uppercut)- when close FP
Akuma does an uppercut instead of that lunging punch. Can be canceled 
into other moves.

Zugai Hasatsu- F+MP
Akuma does a two-hit punch that must be blocked high. Mix this up with 
MP+MK and crouching Shorts as an opponent rises from the ground. There 
is a pause before a move, so you can't use it in the middle of a combo.



Gou Hadoken-QCF+P
Akuma's standard projectile attack. The punch button used determines 
how fast the projectile moves. Jab is the slowest, Strong is in the 
middle, and Fierce as the fastest. This move is almost worthless now. 
It does a very small amount of damage (6%) and is so easy to parry it's 
like just giving your opponent some energy in his super meter. It does 
have it's place in combos, where it can be canceled into any of his 
Normal Super Arts. This move really has some uses in the air, where it 

Zankuu Hadoken-in air, QCF+P
Akuma's air projectile. The punch button used determines speed, in the 
same way as the Gohadoken. It travels downward at roughly a 30 degree 
angle from where you release it. This is one of the best tactical moves 
in the game. Either of his air supers can be canceled from it. This 
does around the same amount the same amount of damage in the air as on 
the ground, and although it's as easy to parry, you'll see less of that 
because it comes out quickly. Using the Zankuu Hadoken _as_ you ascend 
will cause the it to come out earlier (of course), so you would use it 
to discourage ground opponents from jumping or tagging them in the air. 
Using it as you fall sometimes causes you to land  about the same time 
it hits the opponent. _Ignore_ people who tell you not to use this 
move; that's a lot of garbage. It isn't cheap and it doesn't make Akuma 
all-powerful. Of course you don't want to jump around and sling them 
all over the place like a nut, but don't hesitate to use it if you 
think you need to. Otherwise, it is going to be virtually impossible to 
land a combo from the air against a person with an anti-air super 
(Ken's Shinryuken).

Shakunetsu Hadoken-HCB+P
A powered up Gohadoken. Punch button used determines the speed and the 
number of hits. Jab is fast and hits once. Strong is slower and hits 
twice. Fierce is the slowest and hits three times. There is a huge 
delay before and after the lag, so if you're using it closer than full 
screen, you are begging to eat a Super Art. The Fierce is the best 
version, since it actually damages the opponent and does chip away at 
them. Most people can parry all three hits, so be sure to Dash up to 
them if they do and nail them with a low Roundhouse for being cruel. 
You can only use this in a combo if you catch the opponent while they 
are falling. Also, you can set up the Hyakki Gousai or Hyakki Goutsui 
with it (both of those rely on surprise). It's bad etiquette to use 
this on people as they get up from the ground.

Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku-QCB+K (air)
Also called the Hurricane Kick. The stronger the kick button, the more 
range and damage. This move is damaging and difficult to parry. It's 
most common use is in the middle of a combo canceled from a low Short 
or Forward. If you hit the opponent in mid air, they fall down close to 
you so you can begin juggling. 

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku-  Down+ MK in air  (as you ascend or at the peak of 
the jump)
Akuma stops his jump and flies downward at a 45 degree angle toward the 
opponent. It can be parried without too much difficulty (since it hits 
once), but it's so quick, they need to be looking for it. Good priority 
and speed.  Try doing this _before_ your jump peaks. If this move is 
blocked, you should be OK depending on how close you are to the 
opponent. Don't use this move every time you jump, since an experienced 
opponent will parry it and kill you. For combos.

Gou Shoryuken-F,DF,D,DF+P
A three-hit dragon punch. The punch button used determines strength and 
range, with Jab as the lowest and Fierce as highest. Despite the fact 
you are no longer invincible, it has amazing priority. It also does a 
great deal of damage. This move is very easy to combo off of most low 
moves. Use it whenever possible. The jab version will leave you safe 
more than the other versions, but it is easier to parry since it only 
hits once.
His normal Super Arts can be canceled from this move. When you are on 
the ground, and your opponent rushes up to you and starts throwing 
crouching Jabs or Shorts, do this move. You will go through his attacks 
and hit him. You can also run up to a downed opponent and wait till he 
gets up, then do the dragon punch. Most people will try to counter 
instead of block when they get up. Mix this with crouching Shorts and 
the MP+MK.

Hyakki Shuu- F,DF,D,DF+K
Akuma flips in the air toward his opponent. The kick button used 
determines how far he goes. This attack branches off into…

Hyakki Gouzan- During Hyakki Shuu, do nothing
When Akuma hits the ground he will do a sort of slide. Hits low. It's 
good to confuse people once in awhile.

Hyakki Goushou- During Hyakki Shuu, press P
Akuma throws a punch in a similar frame of animation as the Zankuu 
Hadoken. Not many uses.

Hyakki Gousen- During Hyakki Shuu, press K
Akuma does a Tenma Kuujin Kyaku, but his back is to you. Has the same 
Hyakki Gousai- During Hyakki Shuu, press Jab + Short when close
This move is a throw. Does it really exist? Embarrassingly, I have 
never used it, so I can't say how much damage it does. You have to be 
so close to the enemy in order to do this they have to be asleep for 
you to hit them with it. However you _can_ do this while they are 
parrying your 3 hit Shakunetsu Hadoken. I'm not sure if you can use the 
Short version to grab people when juggling rules apply.

Hyakki Goutsui- During Hyakki Shuu, press F or B +Jab+Short
This move is a throw (different than the one above). Does it really 
exist? Embarrassingly, I have never used it, so I can't say how much 
damage it does. You have to be so close to the enemy in order to do 
this they have to be asleep for you to hit them with it. However you 
_can_ do this while they are parrying your 3 hit Shakunetsu Hadoken. 
I'm not sure if you can use the Short version to grab people when 
juggling rules apply.

Ashura Senkuu- to go forward-F,DF,D,DF +PPP or +KKK to go backward- 
Akuma glides across the screen. Using punch will take him a full 
screen's distance, and using kick will take him halfway. You are 
invincible during this move, but you will be vulnerable while you are 
coming out of it. Most players know this and will smack you when you 
are finished. When the opponent is in the corner, use this to go 
_behind_ him. He might not expect this. Useful for getting out of 
corner traps.



I. Messatsu Gou Hado (x2) – QCF, QCF + P 
Akuma throws a large Gohadoken that hits 5 times. This is his weakest 
Super Art, (20%?, less in combos) but it is the most versatile and 
leaves you pretty safe. It has high priority due to the fact that it's 
a projectile. This isn't a Shinkuu Hadoken; it can be jumped over and 
it's not that fast.  Most Akuma players pick this one. Unfortunately, 
when placed in a combo, the already unimpressive amount of damage it 
does is shortened even more. If you're going to use this in a combo, 
make sure you hit a bunch of times. For example, there isn't any point 
in doing this: Gohadoken <Cancel> MsG. The damage it does is less than 
the SA alone (even though it looks way cool). You might as well do it 
by itself. But this SA does have a truckload of uses in combos, and it 
can be done in the air. Save up for a Kongou or  Shungokusatsu.

I. Tenma Gou Zankuu (x2 long) – QCF, QCF +P (air)
Hits the same number of times and does the same amount of damage as the 
MsG. This one is great for punishing mistakes on the ground. Feel free 
to cancel from a Zankuu Hadoken (even though it does less damage). The 
ground version has more uses in combos.

II. Messatsu Gou Shoryuu (x2 long) – QCF, QCF + P
Akuma does three Goshoryukens, the last one hitting the hardest. This 
is his most powerful normal Super Art and fills up the stun meter the 
best. It actually does impressive damage and stands well on its own.  
Not all of the hits may connect if you juggle an airborne opponent, but 
all you really need are those last three. It's easy to get most of the 
hits and damage in ground combos. It's got weird priority; a tatsumaki 
can knock you out of it, but it beats a dragon punch. This is the super 
I like the most.

III. Messatsu Gou Rasen (x2 long) – QCF,QCF, +K (air)
Akuma does a Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku straight up in the air similar to a 
Shinryuken. This SA does a moderate amount of damage. You can cancel it 
while in the air, but you'll get way less damage since Akuma always 
goes a certain height X no matter where he is. Better for punishing 
people who are jump happy.

Shun Goku Satsu (MAX) – Jab, Jab, F, Short, Fierce
Akuma glides across the screen and grabs the opponent, hitting him/her 
for about 60% of their life. His trademark Super Art. Unblockable 15 
hits. It's easy to knock Akuma out of this, and a good player can hit 
you out of it if you do it to him while he's getting up. Use it when 
the opponent leaves himself open (of course). This move is discussed in 
depth later in this FAQ.

Kongou Kokuretsuzan (MAX) – D,D,D +PPP
Akuma raises his arm to the sky, then slams his fist down making a 
purple spire of energy come out of the ground. Hits 8(?) times at 
maximum. Does about the same damage as the Shun Goku Satsu. This move 
would be great except for the _horrible_ delay before/after the game 
pauses (like it does during every SA) that actually lets your opponent 
HIT YOU OUT OF IT! If you can see a jump a mile off, use this and 
you'll knock the hell out of him. Mastering the motion to do this move 
is absolutely imperative if you ever want to use it on purpose. This 
move is discussed in depth later in this FAQ.



As I stated earlier, Akuma is an in-close fighter. You wouldn't 
normally think so since (even barring SAs) he's got three projectiles. 
Half of the fight is psychological. Your goal as Akuma is to get the 
other sap in the corner and kill him. When in the corner, most people 
want to GET OUT. They'll jump, or do an uppercut, or something stupid. 
When in the corner and you knock them down, go up close. You can: 

A) Use crouching SKs or JPs so they'll have to block low
B) Use MP+MK so they'll have to block high
C) Use a Goushoryuken (Jab) so they have to block
D) Use the Zugai Hasatsu so they'll have to block high.
E) Cancel A into C (for your own safety)
F) Use a Tenma Kujin Kyaku
G) Use a Tatsumaki Zanku Kyaku over them as they get up so they block 
in the wrong direction
H) Use A then throw (not recommended)
I) Use a Shun Goku Satsu (not recommended)

You get the idea. Use anything that will make the other guy sweat. I 
don't know how many times I've seen Akuma players get someone in the 
corner and then back way away and throw a projectile. Ugh. Don't do 
that. A good way to back them in there is to jump. Akuma has a lot of 
jumping options. Use the Fierce for high priority, Roundhouse for 
range, or a Zankuu Hadoken to keep them on the ground. If you want to 
juggle them when both of you are in the air, hit them with a Tatsumaki. 
As they fall you can hit them once. You can cancel a Fierce into a 
Goshoryuken, but the uppercut will not hit them. Of course, if you 
can't get him in the corner, the next best thing to do is get them to 
come to you. Please learn to parry jump-ins. If you can parry a Dragon 
Punch as you jump in, good job, that's tough.



If you've ever tried to use this move, then you know it's difficult to 
land. You get knocked out of it, or they jump over you.  The ideal time 
to use this is when the opponent is coming down from a jump and has 
already attacked. But that doesn't happen very much, so you will need 
something else. This move has a few good properties. You can go through 
(normal) projectiles if you time it right. That's usually when I hit 
people with it. And you can even go through some SAs. I used this on a 
Ken player. He saw it coming and used his Shippu Jinrai Kyaku. My 
attack went through his first kick and killed him. Of course, I was 
very close to him when he did it, but his leg clearly hit me. Once you 
master the motion to this move, try doing it at sweep distance. You can 
go through some normal attacks. Don't misunderstand me too fast, 
though. If you do this from across the screen and your opponent 
attacks, you will probably loose. Doing this to people as they get up 
might seem good at first, but you'll probably get beaten by a few Jabs, 
so avoid that. Using this one just depends on if you're willing to take 
the risk.


Akuma learns this move in his ending at SFIII Second Impact. He 
destroys Ayer's Rock with it. I was pleased when it showed up in 3rd 
Strike, but it turned out to be not that great. He seems to have a 
short lag before it and a great lag after the game is finished pausing, 
giving the opponent plenty of time to hit you or get out of the way. 
There are at least two ways to use this effectively. If you can see 
someone jumping in, immediately use this. You will probably hit them 
for over half of their life. This works better on the higher jumping 
characters, like Chun-Li. The other use is using it when someone is 
falling down after you've hit them in the air with a Tatsumaki Zankuu 
Kyaku. When this happens, you get the opportunity to hit them with one 
move. You can gamble and try the Kongou. Timing is _very_ hard (due to 
that stupid pause). I have personally never done this, but I am sure it 
works. By the time I hit the punch buttons they were on the ground. 
That's too slow. You probably have to be hitting the Down part in the 
air, saving the last one as you land. Try this out and let me know if 
it works. I have heard that you only need to use two punch buttons, but 
using three helps me do it.



I'll keep this short because you can make your own combos. Just 
remember the chains. Also, you can interchange Jump with Super Jump, 
and air FPs with RKs if you like (or anything else).

1) Jump +RK, FP, Goshoryuken, <cancel> SA

2) Jump +FP, crouching FK, SK Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku, FP Goushoryuken, 
<cancel> SA

3) Tenma Kujin Kyaku, crouching SKx2, crouching FK, RK Tatsumaki Zankuu 

4)Crouching FK, Gohadoken, SA

5)Jump + FP, MP, Goshoryuken, <cancel> SA

6)Juggle with air Tatsumaki, Kongou Kokuretsuzan (unconfirmed)

7)Jump + FP, crouching FP, Goshoryuken, <cancel> SA

8) Jump + RK, crouching FK, Gohadoken, <cancel> SA (instead of 
Gohadoken you could go LK Tatsumaki, Goshoryuken, but you will not get 
all the SA hits in if you use the Messatsu Gou Shoryu)


Akuma's Ending

A deep sea exploration team is looking around on the ocean. Nothing 
interesting is happening until they notice a man with glowing eyes 
standing on the bow of a sunken ship. They are surprised, because no 
one could survive at this depth. Their panicy report reaches their 
mother ship, a big ocean liner, just as they are destroyed. Suddenly, 
their huge ocean liner is ripped in half by this man as he skyrockets 
out of the water, screaming the name of his new technique.
Akuma: Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Tenshou Kareki Jin!

According to Mr. Megura, Tenshou Kareki Jin  might mean something                   
along the lines of "Deadly Chopping Blade" 


Kao Megura kmegura@yahoo.com
for letting me use the official names of the moves from his page and 
translating that wicked move at the end

"T" archpaladin@hotmail.com
for inspiring me to write this, suggesting some solid ideas, and the 
titles for each section

Ma Junior
Who said , "Akuma is the biggest grouch of all. Why are you writing 
about him?"