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Getting more ammo?

In previous Ace Combat you could land and get more ammo. How do i resupply in Assault Horizon?

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X-02 answered:

Unfortunately there is no longer a return line in Assault Horizon so you cannot go back to resupply as you wish. However, there are still landing sequences, albeit not many, which are story-related. One of which has you land in the middle of a mission to refuel, which also restocks your ammunition. Either way, you are provided with more than enough missiles and SP weapons as well as unlimeted machine gun rounds so you should be able to get through each mission with plenty of left overs at the end.
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BluBattleDragon answered:

You can not.
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Mars832 answered:

You can't; but if you reach the check point and die after the checkpoint you get ammo is resupplied...
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devildogs answered:

Yes you can! All you have to do is go to the far left of your map. You will see a line, once you approach the line, there will be a cut scene. You have to push your left thumb button down to lower your landing gear then land the plane. You could also hit the back button to skip the landing. Not only can you replenish your ammo but it will also remove any damage you have taken to your plane.
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