Question from SaberSpellSword

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get past the kids dressed as mummies?

I downloaded the demo for this but can't get past the line of kids blocking the road at the very start of the game. all you can do is talk to them and that gets me nowhere.

I don't want to condemn this game to the no play list before I've even stepped out the kids front door so can some one tell me what I'm supposed to do there?

Accepted Answer

From: proselotis 4 years ago

There will be two kids fighting with each other in the middle talk to them you will race there leader (its very easy to beat him)then they will move out of the way and you will have another kid in your party

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There's one specific kid you have to talk to, and then you get to do a race before the mummy kids move. The kid you must speak to is the one hovering over another kid - he's beating him up.

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