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Version 1.00, Last Updated 2013-04-01

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Exclaimer: I do not own any property of the game, and the views and beliefs expressed in-game do not necessarily represent my own.

This text document is Copyrighted under me, Thomas A Halter Jr. This document cannot be rerecorded or hosted anywhere without my consent. I have given my consent to host my document to: Gamefaqs.com. As of the posting of this FAQ I do not wish to have my FAQ hosted outside GameFaqs or otherwise outside the GameSpot network. Any reproduction without my consent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in any case of copyright violation.

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Author's Note

I obtained a PS3 copy of Bioshock Infinite on the U.S. release date of 3/26/13, and my brother and I played the campaign mode with me writing the walkthrough as we experienced the game for the first time. The purpose of this is to provide a walkthrough that does not spoil the events ahead of the text, provided the reader doesn't skip ahead missions or content.

That being the case I will most certainly miss hidden collectibles, easter eggs, or other valuables throughout the first iterations of this walkthrough. I would be absolutely ELATED for the GameFaqs community to help fill in the gaps and I will of course be abiding to GameFaqs's golden rule of giving credit to my help. Simply send me an e-mail at Taenju@hotmail.com to give me the information you wish to provide. The only caveat to this is I will not include creative content that I cannot credit to someone. So if you are giving me a suggestion for a strategy for a mission or challenge please give me a GameFaqs username I can credit or the content will NOT be added to the game.

On the note of actual battle strategies for harder difficulties I found that the game overall was pretty easy, the difference on harder settings being more numerical with enemies requiring more hits to defeat and health/salt pickups offering less recovery. In the end that just means you can use the same strategies for Hard mode as you did for Easy and just be more methodical and careful. This boils down to just scrounging more thoroughly for health pickups in between fights. Because of this I won't be doing a harder difficulty walkthrough as there's just not that much more to add because of it. The only thing I'll say is on harder difficulties you'll probably want to just focus on keeping your standard vanilla guns upgraded (The carbine, the sniper, the shotgun, etc, none of the more strange weapons like the RPG, burst rifle, repeater, crank gun, or volley gun) and use vigors and tears to secure an advantage in fights.

The chapters are set up by how they are listed on the Chapter Select screen, because of this there are going to be chapters that feel very long and some spots where you scroll past three chapters in one conceivable area, this is just the way the game has it set up, not a decision on my part of how to break up the game. The reason why I chose to copy the Chapter Select screen set up is because I wanted readers to be able to find something they were looking for, load up the chapter checkpoint right before it, and know how far they have to go to get say... a missed kinetoscope for example.

This is going to be my seventh guide as well as my twelfth contribution to GameFaqs overall, including reviews. I also intend on submitting a user review alongside this guide. For those of who interested on what other guides I've written they are Dark Void, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Aliens Vs Predator (2010), Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Dante's Inferno (my FotM winner).


You star as Booker DeWitt, an investigator with a debt to be paid. On a boat ride to a mysterious lighthouse (reminiscent of Bioshock 1 isn't it?) you are treated to some back and forth banter between your row mates before being left on the pier of the lighthouse. Now it is time to experience Bioshock Infinite.

Collectibles Checklist


We start the game as Booker is being taken by boat to a lighthouse off the coast. After being left at the pier you can scrounge your environment for Silver Eagles (the currency of the game) but for the most part you're here to take in the atmosphere of the introductory scene. Climb to the top of the lighthouse to find a few bells marked by a scroll, key, and sword. Booker will pull out a note with these symbols and a number next to them. Ring the scroll bell once then the key and sword bells twice each, following the note. Take in the mysterious lighting and siren blaring before a chair appears in front of you and sit down and buckle up because someone's about to light your candle.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "LOVE THE SINNER" Voxophone
  • "UNDESERVING" Voxophone
  • "EVERYMAN, ALL AT ONCE" Voxophone
  • Sightseer Telescope
  • "THE ENVY OF ALL HIS PEERS" Kinetoscope
  • "FOR I AM LONELY TOO" Voxophone

Eventually you end up in an ominously beautiful cathedral setting. The game at this time will notify you of the ability to press the up directional button on your d pad to summon an arrow on the floor to show you the direction to your current objective, but this can actually be really useful for exploring to. Just save whichever direction it's pointing in for last and you can explore every other direction fully. At this point you really only have the ability to go to either congregation room or go forward around the statue. Heading to the left will net you Lady Comstock's "LOVE THE SINNER" voxophone (essentially the audio tapes from prior games). There's also several Silver Eagles in either wing if you're greedy enough to swipe them from the congregation rooms.

Continue playing at your own leisure, as it is fun to just experience what is going on. Eventually you will end up in a courtyard surrounded by statues. There's fruit lying around to recuperate after nearly being drowned, and once you dock with the rest of Columbia run over to your right to another building currently docking, inside being the "UNDESERVING" voxophone tucked behind the counter and "FATHER COMSTOCK'S GIFT OF PROPHECY" kinetoscope in front of the counter.

Go back outside and progress forward until you hit a parade of floats passing by. Afterwards a bridge will reconnect you with the next building complex and straight ahead is the "BEWARE THE FALSE SHEPARD" Kinetoscope clip. Now you'll have the option on your left hand side to either go up a set of stairs or turn right. Going up the stairs first will net you Zachary Hale Comstock's "EVERYMAN, ALL AT ONCE" voxophone.

Progress through the chapter and you should reach a point where you first see the giant angel statue in the distance and a young boy gives you a telegram telling you to not let Comstock find you out and don't choose number 77, whatever that means. Moving to the left is a telescope for the Sightseer credit. Also up a set of stairs you will see a man advertising vigors (think plasmids from Bioshock) on the left and the "THE ENVY OF ALL HIS PEERS" Kinetoscope clip on your right.

Now up ahead is the fairgrounds. There are two carnival style games you can play for some extra money. There's also a vigor vending machine but by now you're lucky if you have even a third of the money required to buy it. I'll explain both games:

  • Cast out the Devil
Just keep in mind that it's not timed and it will keep going until you win. The devil will be behind one of the three chairs. Just avoid hitting the stand up of the woman and child and lift the devil (use the L1 button/Left bumper to cast). If you cast the vigor on the devil just as the stand up comes in front of it the game will warn you against hitting it but give you the credit for the catch anyway.
  • Hunt down the Vox
Depending on your preference you may want auto-aim turned off for this game. The idea is to hit as many targets as possible for prizes, with extra points if you can hit Daisy Fitzroy in the back towards the end of the timer. You can try as many times as you like and can get all three prizes. Just keep nailing the three primary targets, if you get them consistently enough you shouldn't need the Daisy credit to get the 20 point prize.
  • Bring Down Sky-Line Vox
Same as Hunt down the Vox except the targets slide across the play area from one end to the other. This is probably the hardest of the 3 although that's not saying too much. After a few tries you should be able to get the 20 point prize soon enough. Just keep your gun trained toward the center and lead outwards as you catch more and more of them before they exit the play area, and in the down time in between streams of targets reset back to the center. This is also one of the more hidden games located back and to the right of Cast out the Devil.

Up ahead there's also a lady giving out Possession vigors (nope, doesn't work on the vigor vending machine unfortunately, just makes him spill money, just not enough to buy the Bucking Bronco vigor). This is required to progress further, as you need to make the ticket vendor next to the lady friendly towards you to proceed. On the other side of the gate your attention will be drawn to a statue that's wigging out, check the bench at its base for the "FOR I AM LONELY TOO" voxophone.

Collectibles Checklist


There's nothing else important for a while, well, there's vending machines you can buy health and salt (your magic fuel, essentially) from but you don't need those right now. Up ahead you see the raffle everyone has been mentioning. Walk up and talk to the lady near the stage to get a raffle, number 77... oh boy.

Antics ensue and now you're a wanted man! Now we actually start seeing some combat, albeit only melee with the sky hook. Fight through the police going up the stairs, eventually one will drop a pistol you can now use. Head down the other stairs and look towards the left between the two cages to find Jeremiah Fink's "SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS" voxophone. Up ahead there is a vigor vending machine that will sell you the upgrade to make your possession ability work on human targets as well as mechanical, and with the added bonus of them suiciding when the effect wears off. Fight through the barge of fireworks, destroy the turret ahead so you won't have to worry about him ahead. You get plenty of ammo for your pistol as well as plenty being dropped by enemies so feel free to just spam the pistol fire.

You will run into the courtyard you arrive at the raffle from. Use the concrete outcroppings for cover as you pick off policemen and the turret ahead. Continue down the street on the far side (you couldn't come here before because a couple police would have been blocking the way earlier) and on the other end of the gate there you will come across a fireman, no not a fire-fighting fireman, a fireman that throws fire AT YOU! Just watch your environment and strafe around his shots, he should go down quickly and you can receive the Devil's Kiss vigor from him, allowing you to throw fireballs too!

Now you have a pretty quick way of dealing with groups of enemies and turrets. Fight another half a dozen guards and turret ahead and proceed onward to enter the Blue Ribbon restaurant.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "A LOOK BACK AT OPENING DAY" Kinetoscope
  • "HALF A JEW" Voxophone
  • "OTIS' NIMBLE FINGERS" Voxophone
  • "DANGER ON ALL SIDES" Kinetoscope
  • "A NEW HUNT" Voxophone
  • An Infusion
  • An Infusion
  • "SYMBOLS OF OUR LADY" Voxophone
  • Gear pickup
  • Gear pickup
  • Sightseer telescope

Right off the bat to the left are three Kinetoscope clips, "A LOOK BACK AT OPENING DAY," "THE PROPHET STANDS UP TO FOES: WITHIN AND WITHOUT," and "WE SECEDE FROM THE SO-CALLED 'UNION'."

Walking forward will have you meet the heads or tails couple again, and this time they'll provide you with the shield upgrade. In the next room is also Ed Gaines' "HALF A JEW" voxophone. Once back outside the gun fights will continue. The game also takes this chance to show you that you can jump to hooks using your sky hook. My old adage from playing Wind Waker seems to be making a return, "When in doubt, look up". Make liberal use of your salts to cast Devil's Kiss on human targets as salts are abundant if you do a bit of searching. Enemies should also be dropping machine guns and the ammo for them now so you have another weapon . Possession is cool but it just takes up a lot of salts at once so I find it more advantageous to just toss fire grenades. The turret on the barge will be about the only thing that will give you real trouble. If you're having trouble just click the right analogue stick to use the iron sights on your weapon and pop out from behind cover in between spurts of gun fire to kill the turrets.

You will have to jump across the rooftop on the far side of the barge and traverse across the hook to continue. Before doing that however you can break the triangle skylight windows and drop inside the building. Scrounging around inside will net you a sizable amount of money. There is also a chest here that we can't do anything with... yet. In the same room as the chest on the second floor there is also the "OTIS' NIMBLE FINGERS" voxophone eluding to the whereabouts of the key that opens the chest. When you're done make your way back upstairs to the balcony and use the hook on the next building to continue. Inside the building ahead to your right you will find a small pantry of food to restore your health. Again, scrounging around will most often yield a modest amount of money as well as plenty of health recovery items.

Explore the building for some change and health/salt pickups and fight the oldie SWAT team outside, there's also a turret on the far side. Those turrets are hard to spot when you don't realize they're there, but once you know of them all you really have to do is look for the flashlight. Closer to the building you came from is the "DANGER ON ALL SIDES" Kinetoscope. You'll also find the "A NEW HUNT" Voxophone up on the stage that's sitting down in the little garden area near where said Kinetoscope was.

Progress onward to find yourself in room with a John Wilkes Booth statue and a cultist area are with more dudes to fight. Turn left from the statue in order to find "THE GIFT OF THE EMANCIPATOR" voxophone on the counter. Head up the stairs now and you will come across a room where a few men are congregated. You're going to have to fight these guys anyway so you may want to initiate the fight from the balconies because the congregation seats aren't that great to fight from. Down in the seats is "THE LIFE OF THE EMANCIPATOR" voxophone.

When the battle is over go up to the podium to find an infusion you can use to up your shields, health, or salts. There is also a key here that goes to the chest from earlier. Backtracking to the chest will get you a health and salt pickup as well as another infusion. Make your way back to the cultist building.

In the next area you'll find a room with a projector casting an eye on the wall, move the bookshelf to find a pants gear (it does vary what pieces you get where so I can't say exactly what piece of gear you will get here, I got the Head Master pair while my brother got the Sky-Line reloader pair). On the opposite end of the room is a small office area that houses the "SYMBOLS OF OUR LADY" voxophone. Proceed up the stairs and out the doors of the only door you haven't tried yet to enter a courtyard where you fight the crow-tamer guy you saw preaching to the cultists earlier. Just keep moving and spam bullets when he appears. Defeating him will net you the Murder of Crows vigor. After picking it up a few men volunteering as dummy targets for your new powers.

Run inside the building on the far end of the courtyard to find the a piece of gear and proceed with the chapter. Leave the room on the opposite side and turn left to find a barge, there is a telescope on it for Sightseer credit if you're interested. When you're done hop across the hooks ahead to find yourself in another pantry/kitchen area. Make your way downstairs to find that you're in a police station and thus have more policemen to fight. Loot the area for all it's worth and then leave the way you came and continue across the hooks.

We find ourselves in another staircase junction with some oldie SWATS to fight. Upon their defeat walk up to the door at the top of the staircases and confirm your transition to the next area.

Collectibles Checklist

  • An Infusion
  • Sightseer telescope
  • Gear Pickup

Off to the right immediately you will find the "UNCANNY MYSTERY IN COLUMBIA..." kinetoscope. Initiate the fight with the guards ahead, keeping in mind that there is a turret up on the high ground you'll either want to get rid of very quickly or possess to help you. Scrounge around for money and restoration pickups after the fight and move onward. You'll find a ticket-counter type area that houses some extra cash and health/salt pickups. Proceed through the white doors to find a couple vending machines, although the stuff at the vigor machine is too expensive to grab for now.

Go outside and jump on the skyline, jumping on the first enemy you see to find a building that has an infusion on the desk and a Sightseer telescope on the railing. Claim the infusion and then jump back on the skyline to reach the sky-line control platform, where you will need to slay another dude, pick up the "ANOTHER ARK FOR ANOTHER TIME" voxophone from the room on the right, and pull a lever to continue. Jump back on the skyline when you're finished. Up ahead a barge will stop where you need to jump off to start the next fight sequence. When you get a chance jump onto the hooks above the building on the far end to reach the balcony and go inside. Inside you will find a bedroom which on the right side, behind a dresser, is a piece of gear. Make your way to the far side of the building to find the next segment of skyline.

Now you have access to the entire skyline in this area, but just move ahead to the spot where you'll see a bunch of oldie SWATs praying, not fighting you. You can use crows to get rid of them all if you really want to but either way go inside the doors and use the lever to activate the elevator, lift, thingy. When you can leave the lift do so and move across to board Comstock's Zeppelin. Still fighting pretty vanilla enemies here, so just brute force your way inside and open the blast door to reach the control room. Comstock gloats a bit, and now escape the zeppelin through the rear and jump onto the skyline to reach the next building segment. Head up the stairs to find some vending machines and the door to the next area.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "TIGER BY THE TAIL" Voxophone
  • "TO: R THOMPSON RE: FUSES" Voxophone
  • "A REWARD, DEFERRED" Voxophone
  • An Infusion

Make your way forward, using the hook above the gate to traverse it. Inside the building ahead there is the "TIGER BY THE TAIL" voxophone in a closet immediately to the left. Continue down the hallway past the morphology blackboard and the electric arching room. There's some levers you can play with but nothing super important. In the next hallway there is a room past the first left with a blast door sealed testing room, there is the "TO: R THOMPSON RE: FUSES" voxophone here. Continue back out and head to the big speaker room (you'll see what I mean) with the "A REWARD, DEFERRED" voxophone right in front of you as well as an infusion behind the desk it was sitting on. Head down the elevator on the far end to continue. Up ahead we will finally see the girl we've been looking for.

Keep making your way through the display windows until you reach one that views the girl singing, "THE SOURCE OF HER POWER" voxophone is on your right. Exit through the door on the left and start climbing the tower before eventually falling into the girl's room. The escape sequence will start, there isn't any collectibles for a while so just experience the game the way you want until the next loading screen.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "BORN IN THE RIVER" Voxophone
  • "BATTLESHIP BAY" Kinetoscope
  • "HEAVEN" Voxophone
  • Gear Pickup
  • Gear Pickup
  • "A LOOK BACK AT OPENING DAY" Kinetoscope
  • "A DOG'S LOYALTY" Voxophone
  • "TAKE HER ALIVE" Voxophone
  • An Infusion
  • Sightseer Telescope

The next scene will find you on a beach, what little of it there is. Towards the back of the area before you actually go indoors the "BORN IN THE RIVER" voxophone is under a cart. Go inside the building and before walking on the next beach look at the wall opposite of the doorway to find the "BATTLESHIP BAY" kinetoscope. Proceed onto the next beach and go down the pier to retrieve Elizabeth and continue on. Continue on to the far side of the beach to enter the merchandise shop, on the right is a room you can loot for money and the stairs on the left proceeds onward. Keep moving down the boardwalk and into the police checkpoint and move to the right and have Elizabeth pick the lock to continue. Up the stairs you will find a vending machine and Elizabeth will introduce the gameplay mechanic where she will collect useful loot and toss them to you. Down the hall and through the doors you will find the "HEAVEN" voxophone and a piece of gear.

Proceed onward to meet the couple from the raffle and grab the piece of gear on the left counter. In the next room you'll find an arcade/show box type area with the "A LOOK BACK AT OPENING DAY," "COMSTOCK STANDS UP TO FOES: WITHIN AND WITHOUT," and "WE SECEDE FROM THE SO-CALLED UNION" kinetoscopes again off on the left side. Go to the bathrooms on the far side of the hall and go inside the men's room to find the "A DOG'S LOYALTY" voxophone. There's nothing in the ladies' room other than the obvious humor of going in the ladies' room. Back outside in the hallway intersection is the "SOLVING THE IRISH PROBLEM" kinetoscope. Go through the turnstile now and make your way to the ticket counter and initiate the next set of events. Before pursuing Elizabeth head to the right and grab the "TAKE HER ALIVE" voxophone from the desk. Enemies will also start dropping shotguns for you to use. Go down the hallway now and take your first left, you should find an infusion on one of the desks in here. Before heading outside go through the white doors ahead and down the stairs and under the stairs will be "THE GOLDEN PATH TO HEAVEN" voxophone.

Now you are safe to initiate the next sequence of events that take you to the next building complex. Up the stairs here is another telescope for Sightseer credit and the turnstile that will take you to the next area.

Collectibles Checklist

  • An Infusion
  • "A PLACE IN THE WORLD" Voxophone
  • "A CITY IN THE SKY? IMPOSSIBLE!" Kinetoscope
  • "I AM HIS MIRROR" Voxophone

Immediately to the left you can find a lockpick on the ground Elizabeth can use to get you access to the room beyond and get the infusion inside. Lockpicks will now be an item you can stock up to get past locks. In the back room is another safe but we don't have the 5 lock picks required to open it. What we can get is the "A PLACE IN THE WORLD" voxophone in the back closet. There is also one lockpick on the desk. Go back out to the main room and head to the opposite end to get a couple more lockpicks as well as the "A CITY IN THE SKY? IMPOSSIBLE!" kinetoscope. This is also the place that houses the first weapons vending machine which will sell you permanent boosts to your weapons. You should have 3 lockpicks by the time you're done scrounging around. Lift the gate ahead and go outside and immediately go to the far side of the bridge and turn left for the "MIGHTY SONGBIRD PATROLS THE SKIES!" kinetoscope.

Immediately to your right in the Ice Cream shop is the "I AM HIS MIRROR" voxophone on a table. Going back to the boardwalk extending towards the right, you'll find a small book store-type room where the "VIEWING THE INFINITE" voxophone. It is just before you hit the Duke and Dimwit live show. The waypoint arrow will point you towards the airship but veer off to the right to the carousel and find a lockpick on the ground. There's also a toy shop that has the heater replica gun you can steal, it's up to you. You can also steal from the register in here but it's not that much and you'll have to deal with guards so I'd just skip it if you're not going to be causing a ruckus for the gun anyway.

When you're done exploring follow your waypoint and try to summon the gondola before realizing you need to get the shock jockey power. Follow your waypoint to the hall of heroes entrance but guess what, there's our 5th lockpick! Go back and lift the gate again and go to the right and through the doors to unlock the safe and find 250ish silver eagles... whoopie? Yea you could just skip it and keep your lockpicks if you want, the money isn't that great unless you've died a few times and need the extra cash. Head back to the Hall of Heroes and take the elevator.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "NEVER SEEN THE FACE" Voxophone
  • "WHO ARE THE VOX POPULI" Kinetoscope
  • Gear pickup
  • "A TRUE SOLDIER" Voxophone
  • "THEIR SUN IS SETTING" Voxophone
  • An infusion
  • "A FINAL STAND" Voxophone

Off to the right side is the bucking bronco vigor, not incredibly powerful but it comes at the benefit of being a cheap way of temporarily disabling a group of enemies. On the left side hallway there is a 1 lockpick door that leads to a turret and the "NEVER SEEN THE FACE" voxophone. Outside you'll have a gun fight with some oldie SWATs, just be careful of guys up in the balconies. At some point throughout the fight a crow summoner will appear to fight you, same as the other guy, just keep moving and wait for him to appear before blasting him. Once the fighting stops go to the building opposite of the one with the giant "Tickets" sign above it. There's a lockpick on one of the tables and the "VOX CONTRABAND INVENTORY" voxophone hung up in the kitchen in the back.

On the other end head into the "Tickets" building and go up to the ticket counter and take the lockpick through the window and then go around to the left side to find the "WHO ARE THE VOX POPULI" kinetoscope. Then head upstairs and grab another lockpick under one of the machines, you should now have enough to unlock the door downstairs and get a piece of gear. Upstairs next to the railing is the "A TRUE SOLDIER" voxophone. The optional quest starts in here too, go down to the cannon in the main lobby and pick up the book from the end of the cannon, take it to the bathroom of the other building, and then go to the room past it and interact with the hat rack to reveal a room that has an RPG, the "THEIR SUN IS SETTING" voxophone, an infusion, and another lockpick.

Head back outside and pull the lever at the sky-line control to open up the sky line. Jump onto the skyline and hop across to the adjacent skyline ahead to get to the next segment.

There is a trolley immediately to the left of where you land with an RPG outside it and the "A FINAL STAND" voxophone inside. Up ahead a battle will start and Elizabeth will toss you a sniper, you can go without it but this fight is styled to take advantage of it. when the fight is done go up ahead and up the stairs but before going through the door veer off to the right to find the "WHO NEEDS THE POWER COMPANY" kinetoscope. When you're done scrounging around for money and pickups go through the door on the top of the stairs to transition into the next area.

Collectibles Checklist

  • An Infusion
  • Gear pickup
  • Gear pickup
  • "UNCONDITIONAL" Voxophone

Inside you will find the "COMRADES OF NECESSITY" voxophone to the left behind the ticket counter, before you go through the double white doors. Now head in said doors and pretty soon you will be ambushed, slay everyone coming from the room to the right and then head inside that room for an infusion. Head back out and proceed forward and you'll have a choice between going to the Wounded Knee and Peking exhibits, go to Peking first. Eventually you should hit a point where you can either continue left or go right through a set of doors, going right gets you a piece of gear. Continue through to the end of the exhibit and fight Slate's men here until they're no more, the only thing here to give you pause is a Fireman that's in the mix. Loot the room of everything then go back to the junction of the two exhibits.

Now go to the Wounded Knee exhibit, a mirror of the last one, eventually there will be some doors on the left you can enter for a piece of gear, then proceed to the final room to fight off another group of mercenaries. The only difference this time is that a Crow will attack you towards the end instead of a Fireman. Clean everything up and head back out to the exhibit junction. This time the central door, previously barred, will be open now.

Move forward up until you reach the exhibit showcasing Lady Comstock's assassination, turn and take the entryway to the right to find the "UNCONDITIONAL" voxophone in a chair. Keep moving and eventually you will reach the courtyard which Elizabeth reveals that she can open the tears to materialize various things into the world. Your options here are either hooks to gain a high ground advantage on your opponents or a turret and cover, which you can change between at will. Open up the turret for a quick fight and take the sniper for some killer headshots (by the time I was done there were a LOT of guys with no heads, hehe). The first targets you want to make sure are gone though are the turret and RPG guy in the far back, other than that just go to town on their butts.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "THE CITY MOURNS..." Kinetoscope
  • "A SOLDIER'S DEATH" Voxophone
  • An Infusion

When you are done fighting head through the next set of doors and to either side near you is "THE LAMB IS THE FUTURE OF THE CITY" and "BEHOLD THE MIRACLE CHILD! A PROPHECY IS FULFILLED!" kinetoscopes. Inside you will fight a motorized patriot, a mean tanker that will have no qualms about just charging straight at you. Your tear options in here are either a barrel of salts, a crate of medical kits, or a turret. Activate the turret in preparation of the fight and get out a shorter range weapon and spam the motorized patriot while strafing around your turret. When the Motorized Patriot is dead you can view "THE CITY MOURNS..." kinetoscope clip at the central counter. Utilize the other tears to heal up and then have Elizabeth pick the lock the waypoint is pointing to now (remember? up arrow on the d-pad still really useful). There's a safe in here you can pick for 5 lockpicks but it's just another couple hundred silver eagles, I'd suggest saving the lockpicks for later as these safes aren't really ever good targets to use them on collectibles-wise.

Make your way back out to the courtyard to find Slate is there hopped up on Shock Jockey and sending dudes at you. You no longer have access to the turret tear unfortunately as it was replaced by a shotgun tear and medical kit tear. You can still get up to the high ground and I suggest hanging out up there for most of the fight, just be careful of a wave of reinforcements including a motorized patriot coming out of the doors to jump down into the fight. After several waves of baddies and things calm down go to the lower ground and in the door on the left hand side (from where you just came from) to find the "A SOLDIER'S DEATH" voxophone and an infusion tucked away in the toolbox behind it. Follow your waypoint markers now up the stairs to the right side and onward.

Slate will bring out one more set of baddies for you to slay, then it's time to finally grab the Shock Jockey from him. Take it all the way back out of the building, using it to open the gate that would have barred your way back out before. When you're sure you've gotten everything you need exit the building.

Return to Hall of Heroes

  • Gear pickup
  • "CALLING YOU OUT" Voxophone
  • Gear pickup
  • Gear pickup
  • "A CITY MOURNS..." Kinetoscope
  • An Infusion

Outside you will be at a familiar battleground, albeit on the other side of it as last time. Off in the distance you can tear in a Mosquito turret which is what I suggest, there is also a sniper tear to the left should you want it. The turret will distract most of the enemies leaving you the ability to pick them off as you see them with a longer range weapon. Once everyone is dealt with move down to the right side and power up the shock jockey conduit to open the door and find a piece of gear on the balcony above. Head towards the sky-lines and jump on to dead down to the next area. Now, you can either tear in the motorized patriot and have him help you take care of all the bums here, or you can simply jump onto the next sky-line and skip the entire thing altogether as there is not really much that interesting here other than having a motorized patriot on your side.

Ride the sky-line back down to Soldier's Field and fight some guys including another blasted Fireman, luckily shock jockey is pretty quick about neutralizing him at a low cost. Continue on inside to fight another motorized patriot, this is also helped by shock jockey allowing you to maneuver behind him and shoot his gears for a faster kill with less ammunition spent. Finally head back down the elevator. On the other end you end up back in the boardwalk market area, you can jump up onto the local sky-line and land in a few different places now, including a balcony with a shock jockey door, inside on the bed being the "CALLING YOU OUT" voxophone and a piece of gear. You can also enter the toy shop from earlier (just lift the gate) and power the shock jockey door to get another piece of gear.

When you're ready go to the gondola lever that you couldn't activate earlier and do so now. A fight will start with a bunch of barges converging on your location. Use the sky-line to either get up to a position where you have adequate cover or simply jump on the barges and bring the fight to them, which is what I prefer. Near the carousel is also a motorized patriot you can tear in to help you fight. Towards the end of the battle the gondola will arrive with a motorized patriot to end the fight, deal with him and then have Elizabeth pick the door to get into the control room.

NOTE: In my game Elizabeth was actually bugged with being stuck in a falling animation just outside the gondola, I fixed this by going back in the elevator to Soldier's Field as that causes her to teleport to where you are, then simply head back up and get back over to the gondola.

Ride the Gondola up to the Aerodrome, a small fight will be there but nothing special. Below the stairs here is another "A CITY MOURNS..." kinetoscope if you missed the first one, why there's two is beyond me (although I find out later there's multiples of quite a few kinetoscopes). Loot the area and then ride the elevator up to the First Lady airship and collect the infusion and cash inside before interacting with the console.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "GOD'S BLUEPRINT" Voxophone
  • Gear pickup (will initiate a fight with the guards)

Booker is definitely not going to have a fun time recovering from that headache, or that migrane, or that aneurism, or that coma, ouchywawa. As always scrounging around will yield extra money and lockpicks. Straight off to the left the "GOD'S BLUEPRINT" voxophone is in the little building. Continue across the pier and through the barge. On the other end you will see a building with an "Employees Only" sign above it, inside is a piece of gear if you fancy killing all the nearby police to get it. It's worth noting that if you do start a fight here it will be the first time you will have Mosquito turrets used against you, just aim at the balloons to quickly dispatch of them. Back outside continue down the path your waypoint is aiming at and pry open the door ahead. You will find Elizabeth again and thus need to start chasing after her.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "SHAME OF MY SERVICE" Voxophone

Elizabeth now for the most part is just going to have you on a goose chase. This is a pretty short segment and ends when she tears through a wall and gets apprehended on the other side. When this happens if you turn to your left and go into the little desk area the "SHAME OF MY SERVICE" voxophone is on one of the desks.

Collectibles Checklist

  • An Infusion

You should now be at the Fort Franklin pier. Move on through the pier and find her captors on the opposite side of an apparently bullet prove mesh. Lay righteous justice upon everyone silly to raise a weapon towards you. Eventually a barge will come in with a heavily armored dude and a turret. When the fighting stops head to the doors on the far side and grab the infusion behind the jail bars. Take the sky-line now up to the other set of jail cells and follow Elizabeth down the next sky-line.

Collectibles Checklist

  • Sightseer telescope
  • Gear pickup
  • "THE PATH OF THE VOX POPULI..." Kinetoscope
  • An Infusion
  • "SEED OF A LIE" Voxophone

After being thrown around for a bit Booker should meet back up with Elizabeth, albeit on less amiable terms, and you can continue your stroll through Columbia together. Turn to your left and view the telescope if you're looking for Sightseer credit. There's also a 5 lockpick door on the gondola if you want a Gear equipment piece, you can also just skip it if you're low on lock picks. When you're ready head up the stairs and through the door. It's also worth mentioning the Dollar Bill vending machine here will sell lock picks at $48 a piece, but I found that unnecessary although it's there if you need it.

Inside immediately to your left is "THE PATH OF THE VOX POPULI..." Kinetoscope. Further inside you can find the "A PRODUCT LIKE ANY OTHER" voxophone in the middle office room. On the opposite end of the room there's a door that takes 5 picks to lock (this is why we stopped opening those safes) and an infusion inside to claim. Head down the stairs and pick the hairpin lock. Downstairs you will face some opposition, the only enemy of note being the motorized patriot in the center. In the office room (the one with the elevator in the back) you can find the "SEED OF A LIE" voxophone in a locker. The other side of the room houses a safe with some cash in it if you're willing to trade a lockpick for it, it's not so bad this time since it's just one. Call the elevator in the voxophone room to continue.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "WE'VE NEED OF A SHEPARD" Voxophone
  • An Infusion (requires backtracking after obtaining a key item in the next chapter)
  • "A TRUER ALLEGIANCE" Voxophone (requires backtracking after obtaining a key item in the next chapter)

You will eventually be landed on a streetway plaza. Going back and to the right finds you at a door you can pick that you will need to come back to later. In the far back right corner you will also find "THE INVISIBLE COLOR" voxophone. There are also some hooks that will allow you to get onto the rooftops where a piece of gear awaits. When you have collected all of your goodies head inside the Gunsmith's shop and grab the "WE'VE NEED OF A SHEPARD" voxophone off the counter then go on in the inner door. Proceed with the sequence until you are told to go to the Good time club. Head back outside to fight a Handyman. The main thing about this guy is that you simply need to not get yourself cornered and keep wailing on him when you get a chance. Shots to his heart will do extra damage and thus make things go faster. He will drop a piece of gear upon death. Follow your waypoint to the good time club nearby.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "CRIME COMES TO 'SHANTY-TOWN'..." Kinetoscope
  • An infusion
  • "THE FIRST LADY" Kinetoscope
  • Gear pickup
  • "CHANGING MY TUNE" Voxophone
  • Gear pickup
  • "GUN-SMITH SET FREE!" Kinetoscope

First thing once you're inside will be to go up the stairs to find the "CRIME COMES TO 'SHANTY-TOWN'..." Kinetoscope. Inside the main hall you will encounter some enemies, including a Fireman, a Crow, and a Motorized Patriot in that sequence. When you finally finish the fighting go to the right of the stage area and into the door near the Dollar Bill vending machine for an infusion. going back to the stage stand in front of it and turn 180 degrees to see a vigor vending machine with "THE FIRST LADY" Kinetoscope sitting next to it. There is also a piece of gear upstairs in the room before you hit the RPG tear. Head towards the back of the stage to a dressing room with the "CHANGING MY TUNE" voxophone on one of the dressers and then head downstairs. At the bottom you realize Chen Lin is held captive. Have Elizabeth pick the lock and you will soon find a giant pipe with burning embers inside, to the right of it is a cipher for the last couple collectibles in the last chapter. Move through the room with the projector to find a hallway, with the "HIS DESIGN FOR CRUELTY" voxophone immediately near you. On the left side up ahead there is a door that requires 5 lock picks to enter, which will net you a piece of gear. The door on the opposite side is a hairpin lock that you need to pick to continue onward.

Backtrack out of the club and head back to the door you picked earlier (mentioned before in the Plaza of Zeal) and decipher the code on the wall with the cipher you retrieved and interact with the clock nearby for the "A TRUER ALLEGIANCE" voxophone and an infusion as well as 3 lockpicks. Head back down to Chen Lin in the Good Time Club and open the tear now. Fight your way back up through to the stage area. The Kinetoscope at the club's entrance has changed to the "GUN-SMITH SET FREE!" clip so be sure to grab that on your way out.

Collectibles Checklist


Outside there will of course be more other-world baddies to rid yourself of. Make your way to the gunsmith's shop here. Inside you will find Chen but he doesn't have his tools, so we've got to go to Shantytown and get his tools from the impound. So... we're helping Chen now because he's dead for us so that we can get his guns for the Vox Populi in our dimension where there is no Chen the gunsmith anymore so we can get our airship back... INCEPTION!!!! That or something equally confusing in the least. Anyway, our objective is Shantytown, so follow your waypoint (up directional button on the d-pad). The path will take you through a small freight area that you have to fight in, just open the tear with the gun automation on the right and mow them down with your weapon of choice. The station up ahead has a vigor behind some bars that we can't get to... yet. Take the elevator to finally make the scene transition to Shanty Town.

Collectibles Checklist

  • An Infusion
  • "FANNING A FLAME" Voxophone
  • Sightseer telescope
  • "TRAPPED" Voxophone

First thing you want to do is head left and grab the infusion on the far table. Make your way down the street and stairs towards the Graveyard shift bar. In the back room you will find the "FANNING A FLAME" voxophone and a set of keys on a barrel for the optional objective here. Start moving forward now, it's a pretty long path but eventually you should come across a broken down vending machine that has a piece of gear nearby. Immediately past this is a pier area where your next shootout will happen. Up to your right should be a sky-line and up to your left should be a hook that will take you to a balcony with a telescope for Sightseer credit. Use the sky-line to get up to the balcony up on your right and you'll find that you're going up against some rocket turrets with plenty of health. There's a rocket launcher up here to help even out the task. Hopping on the sky-line that runs below the rocket turrets and going upward will get you on top of the building you get the RPG from to find the "TRAPPED" voxophone. When everything is dead have Elizabeth pick the lock to enter the impound.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "FITZROY SPOTTED!" Kinetoscope
  • "TERMINATED" Voxophone
  • An Infusion
  • Gear pickup
  • "THAT GOD**** KEY" Voxophone
  • An Infusion
  • "KINDLING" Voxophone

To your right up ahead you'll find a counter you can get behind to reach the "FITZROY SPOTTED!" kinetoscope and some loot. Up ahead there will be more fodder for your bullets. Make your way to the to the left past the cover you can tear in to find a room with the "TERMINATED" voxophone. Go up the set of stairs you passed, there is a 5 lockpick door on the left side up here that will get you an infusion and a piece of gear. Keep walking now to the back area of the upstairs level to find a desk with a chest next to it and the "THAT GOD**** KEY" voxophone on the desk itself. The keys you got from the Graveyard Shift bar should open the chest and net you an infusion. Now go downstairs to proceed onward with the objective. Eventually you're going to open another tear, once this happens go back upstairs, grab the "KINDLING" voxophone off the desk and continue outside.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "THAT ETERNAL SHORE" voxophone
  • "DRAWING DEAD" voxophone

You're going to find a full on war happening out here as the Columbians and Vox Populi are duking it out. Note that not everyone you're fighting here is an enemy, just the well armed-looking ones. Navigate through the chaos (though the waypoint system helps it not be all THAT chaotic) and overshoot the exit of the area and grab the infusion if you missed it the first time through. To your right you'll find people taking pictures of a dead Handyman who has the "THAT ETERNAL SHORE" voxophone in his hand and then in what used to be the Graveyard Shift bar there is the "DRAWING DEAD" voxophone now on the counter. Now exit the area back to the Plaza of Zeal to find yourself back in the Shantytown entrance.

Collectibles Checklist


You'll notice that the cage that barred the Charge vigor on your way through here the first time is now gone so you can claim it now. Proceed on to the end of the bridge and pull the lever to get the freight containers out of your way so you can go back out to the main streetways. Again your target is Chen Lin's shop.

Collectibles Checklist

  • "ALL DEBTS PAID" voxophone

After finding out that the Lin family is dead, take the "ALL DEBTS PAID" voxophone that is now on the shelf to your left then follow the insurgents on the other end of the street through the blast doors and join the commotion. Fight your way to the end and clear out the motorized patriot and his lackeys.

Collectibles Checklist

  • Sightseer telescope

On the other end of the bridge you will need to get rid of a giant zeppelin so run off to the left and jump on the sky-line. It should take you eventually around to the wing of the zeppelin where you can enter from. Just clear out the interior then interact with the engine in the back. Escape the zeppelin through the hatch on the left and prepare to get inside of the factory, making sure you look through the telescope nearby if you want Sightseer credit before doing so.

Collectibles Checklist

  • Gear pickup
  • Gear pickup
  • Sightseer telescope
  • An Infusion
  • "APOLOGY" voxophone

Fight your way through the next couple rooms to the elevator ahead, near the elevator next to a knocked over dolly is a piece of equipment. Head up the elevator and now everyone's mad at you again, just like it's meant to be. Fight through the next room and proceed until you find a hallway with a lot of vending machines, behind one of which being a piece of equipment. Back near the next door on one of the tables is the "A CHILD NEEDS A PROTECTOR" voxophone as well as the Undertow vigor on the ground. Outside you will witness this dimension's Daisy murder Fink and then send everyone and their grandmother at you. Just keep your cool and start picking everyone off and eventually you will encounter a handyman as well in the mix. Use the sky-lines to your advantage here to keep everything from surrounding you at once. The handyman will drop a piece of equipment upon death. Before actually dealing with Fitzroy however run down to the left of where your waypoint is telling you to go (near the Tesla coil you can tear in) to find another Sightseer telescope next to the railing. When that's all done follow the on-screen prompts right up to where Elizabeth runs ahead of you, with scissors no less. Anyway, go through the doors on the left to get an infusion and the doors on the right for the "APOLOGY" voxophone. Continue down to the airship to initiate the next chain of events.

Collectibles Checklist

  • An Infusion
  • Sightseer telescope

You'll find yourself in Prosperity Park in a seriously whacked up shuffled dimension. Fight your way through the turmoil through to Prosperity Port. Going up the stairs to the left will find you in a hallway that houses a Heater rifle and an infusion. Proceed up the right side stairs to the other side of the port. On the other end you'll have to contend with a motorized patriot, this time Lincoln, to proceed. There's a gun automaton and another motorized patriot you can tear in here to help smooth things other. Next to the gondola on the right sight is a sightseer telescope, so grab it if you want it before getting on the gondola and continuing onward.

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