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Can't find two teleporters, any missable?

I beat the game and thoroughly searched the map. Can only find 42 of the teleporters. Are there any that are missable/ very well hidden? I completed every quest and covered all visible ground. Any advice appreciated.

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mjmacky1 answered:

I couldn't find them myself either, here's a link to a map to help you sort it out:
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mjmacky1 answered:

Only 43 in the image, the 44th may be the "lunar" one in your inventory, the missing you're most likely missing is one of the islands (because you HAVE to come across the others at some point, but you could easily skip one of the islands).
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KepC answered:

I had the same problem.. the teleporter is on an island not seen visibly on the world map. the island is hot island found south of spider island
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