Question from lildmo21

Will there be another guns in the game?

Like Shotguns Knife Magum?


DARQ_MX answered:

Yes, there is shotguns in this game as well as Knifes.
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gOwCoD4 answered:

There are handguns, assault rifles, machine pistols, handcannons (high-powered pistols), revolvers, shotguns, and melee weapons (knives, your own hands and stun batons)
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tidasf10 answered:

Leon starts with knife and pistol, Helana starts with 10 gauge shotgun and pistol. they get the 12 gauge in a room by the bar scenes along with 12 gauge ammo in the same room, sniper rifle in the cathedral by were you need to ring the 5 bells, magnum in the main cabin out side the cockpit, assult rifle at the beginning of the part were you first see the mean mutated fish in a sealed coffin. i dont no were any other weapons are yet, but also looking to no were.
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Skyrim1012 answered:

Magnums: Elephant Killer and Lightning Hawk
Handguns: Wing Shooter, Picador, 909, Triple Shot
Shotguns: Shotguns, Hydra, and Assault Shotguns
Sniper Rifles: Sniper Rifle and Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
Assault Rifles: Assault Rifle RN and Bear Commander
Machine Pistols: Ammo Box 50
Physical Weapons: Stun Rod, Hand-to-Hand, and Combat Knife
Equipment: Remote Bombs, Incindeary Gernades, Flash Gernades, and Frag Gernades
Gernade Launchers: Gernade Launcher and Bear Commander ( Attachment )
Hope this helped.:D
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