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How do i enable infinite ammo?

There is an infinite ammo option in the setup screen b4 you start the campaign, i set it to on but i still lose ammo. how do i unlock the ability?

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Your right wing, i went and bought the brady guide for it.

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wingdefender answered:

@ NaveedEX , wrong, it's not that way. killing certain number of enemy only unlock skill to make your gun stronger. to unlock infinite skill, you have to finish 4 campaign, yes 4 (ada campaign). then you'll unlock every infinite skill that you can buy for 70k-99k skill point
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NaveedEX answered:

To unlock infinite ammo you first need to kill a certain number of enemies with the gun you want infinite ammo with (so for example 1,500 enemies with handgun) then the option will appear in the skill purchase menu where you have to purchase it before you can activate infinite ammo. The option that you are seeing just allows you to use infinite ammo if you have it unlocked. So in short you have to unlock it before you can use it.
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