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Asked: 4 years ago

Need help with the One tree hill achievement?

I'm assuming the 25 pieces you need are the unique things you use for houses and stuff and I built all of the ones i could in all 3 places and used them and I still don't have the achievment. Any help?

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You have to share collectables with friends to get other collectables to build at the sculptor etc.

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I built 25 unique pieces in the Forest kingdom (all at once) and it unlocked. I don't if it will work if you have a total of 25 in the 3 kingdoms...

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When I first played through this I only had 3 buildable items in each of the sculptor buildings, I shared mine with a friend and got a load in return and can now build 5 from each. I built all 15 available in the forest kingdom then built all 5 in the desert and snow lands and received the achievement as soon as the last one appeared ont the buildings build pad

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hey iv tried sharing with ppplk on the leaderboards but no luck!! dont spose one of u guys cud share with me plz?! last 2 achievements to get!!! thanks.


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Yeah i need this achievment and the sharing one also, help me out if ya can, thanks in advance.

GT: kaine5448799

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