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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I upgrade weapons?

I have materials and access to the Bastion, where I placed an Arsenal as my first building. When I entered it, it let me change weapons, but not upgrade them. The only buildings I have available is the Arsenal and Tonic. Do I need an "upgrade building" to do it?

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From: DrRocketSurgeon 3 years ago

You will gain access to a forge in which you will beable to freely upgrade your weapon along two paths as you see fit. As long as you have the required resources. As you unlock the weapon levels you will be allowed to switch between the left or right to suit your play style. The first forge allows up to 3 upgrades and the advanced forge allows up to 5.

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You should unlock an Armory in the next stage or so. It will allow you to upgrade your weapon as long as you have the shards and materials. Up to 3 upgrades at first and 5 later for each weapon. There are two choices (Left and Right) for each upgrade and you can freely switch between them once you bought the upgrade.

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