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Obliteration/ultimate techniques in MP?

Will we be ablt to use UT/OT in MP? can we hack limbs off people?

green_abobo provided additional details:

^ after playing it, i was 100% incorrect. there are both Uts and Ots in MP.


green_abobo answered:

If both are weakened, you can SoB struggle against another opponent. the winner gets the kill.

Obliteration techniques do not exist in NG3, period.
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Scotty_Delial answered:

UT/OT are in this game, as well as SoB attacks, which are basically ala chainsaw duels.

OT's happen a lot less as a player who would get this on them is usually left clinging to life after repelling an SoB attack.

UT's occur when you have a kill streak or so from what I've gathered, 2 or more and it's like the same, though players are much more likely to dodge it if they are aware. :)
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