• Shadow of the Warrior Unlockables

    I took a peak at the official Strategy Guide and found some ways to unlock more features for online play.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Adept ArmorReach Player Level 3
    Adept HeadgearReach Player Level 3
    Bandage ArmorSuccessfully betray your team one time in Clan Battle
    Black Spider ArmorClear one Ultimate Ninja Trial
    Black Spider HeadgearClear one Ultimate Ninja Trial
    Color: AmaranthReach Player Level 50
    Color: AshReach Player Level 5
    Color: BloodReach Player Level 25
    Color: EarthReach Player Level 2
    Color: FireReach Player Level 20
    Color: ForestReach Player Level 35
    Color: GoldReach Player Level 99 (Max)
    Color: IceReach Player Level 10
    Color: SandReach Player Level 15
    Color: SkyReach Player Level 40
    Color: ToadReach Player Level 30
    Color: TwilightReach Player Level 45
    Crest HeadgearClear ten Acolyte Ninja Trials
    Crimson Demon ArmorWin one Team Battle in Clan Battle
    Crimson Demon HeadgearWin two Team Battles in Clan Battle
    Dark Ninja ArmorClear three Ultimate Ninja Trials
    Dark Ninja HeadgearClear three Ultimate Ninja Trials
    Dark Wings HeadgearClear five Mentor Ninja Trials
    Hanya HeadgearClear five Leader Ninja Trials
    Hyottoko HeadgearClear one Master Ninja Trial
    MagojiroHeadgearClear three Master Ninja Trials
    Mentor ArmorReach Player Level 6
    Mentor HeadgearReach Player Level 6
    Nioh HeadgearClear five Master Ninja Trials
    Okame HeadgearClear two Master Ninja Trials
    Old Man ArmorKill one leader in Clan Battle
    Old Man HeadgearKill two leaders in Clan Battle
    Power Up: Arrows+2Reach Player Level 8, 12, 17, or 22
    Power Up: Shuriken+4Reach Player Level 9, 13, 18, 23
    Regent ArmorClear two Ultimate Ninja Trials
    Regent HeadgearClear two Ultimate Ninja Trials
    Scarlet HeadgearClear one Mentor Ninja Trial
    Shuriken HeadgearClear ten Mentor Ninja Trials
    Tengu HeadgearClear four Master Ninja Trials
    Three Strokes HeadgearClear five Acolyte Ninja Trials
    Trainee HeadgearClear one Leader Ninja Trial
    Wanderer ArmorWin one Battle Royale in Clan Battle
    Wanderer HeadgearWin two Battle Royales in Clan Battle
    White Fox HeadgearSuccessfully betray your team two times in Clan Battle

    Contributed By: nathan900130 and ne0class1c.


  • Achievements

    Abysmal CreationsEscaped from the Chimera Disposal Facility.15
    Advent of the GoddessFinish Day 7.15
    AhabLand on the Black Narwhal.15
    An Honorable DeathPerform harakiri.10
    Antediluvian SlumberFinish Day 3.15
    AtonementDefeated Theodore.15
    Beyond the FlamesMade it through the fire.15
    BrothersDefeated Cliff.15
    Bumpy RideFinish Day 2.10
    Evil TwinDefeated the Epigonos.15
    Falcon DiveLearn the Falcon Dive.10
    Flying Bird FlipLearn the Flying Bird Flip.10
    Guardian of the VillagePlay the Hidden Village stage 10 times.10
    Hayabusa Style Grand MasterReached level 50.15
    HeroCleared the game on Hero.50
    I Got Your BackPlay a Co-op Ninja Trial with a partner.10
    InfernoLearned Ninpo.10
    InitiateCleared 10 Acolyte Trials.10
    InitiationPlay a Clan Battle.10
    Izuna DropLearn the Izuna Drop.10
    Kunai ClimbLearn the Kunai Climb.10
    Lone NinjaCleared 10 Solo Ninja Trials.50
    Master NinjaCleared the game on Master Ninja.100
    Master of the KatanaRaised the katana to level 10.15
    MentorCleared the game on Hard.60
    Mind the GapEscaped from the monorail.10
    ObserverPlay the Watchtower stage 10 times.10
    One Against the WorldWin a battle royale match.10
    OverlordCleared 5 Master Ninja Trials.50
    PrestigeCleared 5 Leader Trials.10
    Rope CrossingLearn how to cross a rope.10
    ShadyPerform a betrayal.10
    ShinobiCleared the game on Normal.50
    SlidingLearn how to slide.10
    SneakyPerform a ghost kill.10
    SnowmanPlay the Snowfield stage 10 times.10
    Steel on BoneCut down 100 enemies with Steel on Bone attacks.10
    Steel on SteelDestroyed the Steel Spider.10
    TeamworkWin 10 team battles.10
    The AcolyteSuccessfully responded to Sanji's ambush.15
    The Great EscapeFinish Day 4.15
    The Grip of MurderFinish Day 1.10
    The Karma of a ShinobiFinish Day 5.15
    The Spice of LifeGet 10 customization parts.10
    Ultimate NinjaCleared 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials.100
    Ultimate TechniqueLearn the Ultimate Technique.10
    VeteranCleared 10 Mentor Trials.10
    WaitingFinish Day 6.15
    Walking DictionaryGet 100 kanji.50
    Wall RunLearn the Wall Run.10

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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