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How do I get past Norfolk Naval Base?

What the heck am i supposed to do? The crew and CP keep telling me to fight harder, which i do, and then they tell me I am not doing enough? how do I destroy the battleships?

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Thanks for the answer, but can i aim any where on the battleship or do i have to hit its guns?


demongunner answered:

lots of ammo to blow up one of the ships i used AP ammo shoot from far back as not to get hit by there fire and just keep shooting and it should die. as for getting past the level just kill all or most of the VTS and you will beat it
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afraidtomerge answered:

You have to destroy the giant battleship in the ship building dock (after you get word from CP that they had false intel on the ship's location before). The ship is located due West from your starting position if you're facing towards the wharf--behind a nest of VTs and a few armored tanks you'll need to take out. Blow a hole in the door in the hangar and you'll find the battleship. Your crew doesn't always point it out, but there's a spot towards the back of the ship that doesn't have armor yet. Use HEAT rounds and it'll sink. (I had a bit of trouble with this level too.)
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e4Gecko77 answered:

if you move straight forward from startiong point of mission, you can hit the first "false" battleship with out getting hit. the turn left and take out some ground targets, vehicles and grunts. as you advance you will be told about false info, look for new target. turn left towards a guard tower andtake it out. then travel up that road until you can turn right, take out another tower and the enemy VTs as you advance forward. Be wary of a rpg guy to your left as you pass some containers. blast through the doors to the warehouse, move inside and take out the ship by hitting the area without armor.
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