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Asked: 3 years ago

How do the param bonuses work?

How much bonus do you get for an A, a B, etc.?

When you have both a strength and dexterity param bonus do they both count or does the higher stat only count?


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From: Grahfb 3 years ago

Parameter bonuses take the stats listed under Parameter Bonus into account to add additional damage.

Say you're using a weapon that has Parameter Bonuses of Strength - C and Dexterity - B. The damage would go up by putting, say, 2 points into either stat, but would go up further if you put them into Dexterity, since it has a bonus of B.

Don't exactly know how much they go up by each rank, though.

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It all depends on the weapon you are using.

For example the infamouse Drake Sword does not do extra damage the stronger you get the only way you can increase it's damage output is by upgrading it.

The Astora's Stright Sword on the other hand does more damage based on your Strength, Dexterity and Faith. You'll find that every now and then your damage out put does not increase.

The best way to check if you'll do more damage with a weapon is to equip it before youlevel up.

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