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Talking eggs right after you exit asylum?

Once I defeated the demon in the asylum I left and walk over to some giant bird(?) eggs on a ledge to the right and they said "Kaw, Kaw (you, you) cooing (give me warm) cooing (give me soft)." Is there anything I can do or is this just a random part of the game?

Kino808 provided additional details:

Thank you guys very much.

TigusVidiks asked for clarification::

Where exactly is the nest?

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HerpDerpSouls answered:

Pillaged from DarkSouls Wiki.
Item - Returned item
Bloodred Moss Clump - Twinkling Titanite
Purple Moss Clump - Twinkling Titanite
Blooming Purple Moss Clump - Twinkling Titanite x2
Cracked Red Eye Orb - Purging Stone x2
Dung Pie - Demon Titanite
Egg Vermifuge - Dragon Scale
Humanity - Ring of Sacrifice
Pendant - Souvenir of Reprisal
Prism Stone - Demon Titanite
Pyromancy Flame - Red Titanite Chunk
Rubbish - Titanite Chunk
Ring of the Sun Princess - Divine Blessing x2
Sack - Demon's Great Hammer
Skull Lantern - Ring of Fog
Sunlight Maggot - Old Witch's Ring
Sunlight Medal - White Titanite Chunk
Twin Humanities - Rare Ring of Sacrifice
Xanthous Crown - Ring Of Divine Protection And Favor

You can only trade in each item once.
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bigmanuel answered:

You come back later with certain items and drop them there and they give you treasures in return....
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Green_Cj answered:

If you tell me what items you have ill tell you evrything hawk girl, aka sparky, gives to you.
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Blithersnipe answered:

HerpDerpSouls 3 That is an awesome list thx for that
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