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Questions about Great Hollow/Ash Lake. Input?

I don't have the ability to warp between fires yet, not that far into the game. But I have the opportunity right now to go down the great hollow and Ash Lake since I'm right in Blighttown. My question is, there is in fact a way back up once you've gotten all the way to the stone dragon right? Someone was telling me that there's no way to walk back up once you're down there. So I am just looking for a confirmation or anything on the matter, thanks!

Crayonmuffin provided additional details:

Yeah I'm kinda sketched out. My friend showed me his game and he literally can't find a way back up since he doesn't have the ability to warp yet. I really wanna go down and get the stuff I want though >:| ahh!


KttanBachika answered:

You can just turn around after you get there...
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The_Cuggernaut answered:

I am currently stuck down there i have made my way to where the crystal gecko appears (past the ladders) but cant walk past the root on the floor which has the path which leads up. I tried jumping to a root in the center tree and just about made it but it does lead to anywhere that can access the top.

on about climbing back up btw already beat hydra and got all the goodies and dragon cult blah blah

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The_Cuggernaut answered:

Bank that the part what im on about if you walk more to the left (which by all means should of dropped me to my death) it lets you walk up.....but the root which is no bigger than my little toe would not let me traverse it....
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Zander6669 answered:

You can get back up from ash lake pretty easily just go back the way you came from the great hollow. There is a path leading up to the right once your in it. I would advise to just run past the big mushrooms cause they will more then likely kill you. And just run past the other mobs as well otherwise you will more then likely die.
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Triad24 answered:

There is a way back up Ive ran up and down from ash lake to the great hollows, you will have to do a little scouting around tho and look at which branch leads to where before you decide to jump or drop on it, the whole point behind that level was to make people use of their surroundings, just like everything else in this game it's supposed to be difficult but NOT impossible, as for a specific guide just look for a map of the level on google I'm very sure you'll find one.
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yankeemarksman answered:

After the ladders i fight back through the poisonous geckos and up the ramp keeping left.
Then the path bends back on itself.
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