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Dragon on the bridge?

How the heck do i get past this guy? every time i try he just torches everything and i lose. i have lost at least 5000 souls to this guy. i have tried running, i have tried shooting him, shield up, ect. is there a different path i can take to get around him, or do i need to have a better fire resistance?

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jamesaphillips answered:

First, you need to sprint to the alcove on the right hand side of the bridge (assuming you have just gotten to the bridge and are facing the dragon) where there is a staircase. Go down the stairs and you'll find yourself in a small room under the bridge. Now if you go down another set of stairs from here you will come to a ladder. Kick it down and climb down to reach the bonfire in the Undead Burg, and now you have a shortcut to get back to the dragon bridge (this is really relevant to getting past the dragon, but its insanely useful to have).

As far as getting past the dragon, if you go back up the ladder, you will be back in the room under the bridge. You should see a door leading out under the bridge further and you can go out along there (this is also where you shoot the dragons tail with a bow and arrow for the drake sword), walk along there and you will fight a sword+shield skeleton and a spear + shield skeleton. Behind the spear guy is basically your next path. Be careful of 3 poisonous giant rats past the spear guy though, if you arent careful they can be a nasty surprise.
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