Question from bigmanuel

Asked: 3 years ago

How do you make the weapon with the butterfly soul?

And also what is the weapon that it makes?

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From: HerpDerpSouls 3 years ago

You can upgrade a +10 spear to the Moonlight Butterfly Horn at the Blacksmith in Anor Londo

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Either a rapier/spear.

It also makes a sheild which is better in my opinion (it shoots discs)

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Check out this diagram :

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Heres a guide on where all the Blacksmiths in the game are if you need help locating them - Undead Blacksmith - Giant blacksmith hes the one that will use boss souls

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You have to take the butterfly soul to the blacksmith in Anor Londo. he is the only one that can upgrade using the souls. It costs 5000 souls for each upgrade. The butterfly soul can a +10 spear to the Butterfly Horn or a +10 shield to the Crystal Ring Shield.

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