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Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Alvina disapeared? Answered 1
Covenant levels? Answered 2
Darkroot Gardens blacksmith help? Answered 1
Dead fire keeper? Answered 1
Gold Doors!!!? Answered 2
Painted world bridge??? Answered 2
What is the right route? Answered 2
Where is big hat logan?? Answered 1
Where is the Blacksmith in Darkroot Gardens? Answered 1
Item Help status answers
+5 Buckler no longer showing up in Blacksmith Upgrade panel? Answered 2
Are spears dexterity weapons? Answered 2
Armour + Weapons ??? Answered 1
Bon Fire Warp? Answered 2
Broken Pendant wont drop? Answered 2
Can I use a giants halberd to upgrade into lifehunt scythe? Answered 2
Can Soldiers use Bow & Arrows? Answered 1
Can you aim with the sniper crossbow? Answered 3
Cannot pick up item? Answered 1
Crystal Ring Shield LT Attack No Longer Working? Answered 3
DLC pendant not dropping? Answered 1
Drake sword complications? Answered 9
Dried finger? Answered 1
Gold-Hemmed Black Set? Answered 1
Havel's Ring Effect not working? Answered 1
Help please? Answered 1
How can i fire again the first bonfire? Answered 2
How can I get 'poise' stats? Answered 2
How can i use cat convenant ring? Answered 1
How can i use soul of the moonlight butterfly for example and where blacksmith? Answered 4
How do i get sunlight maggot helm? Answered 1
How do i increase the number of spell casts i have? Answered 1
How do I upgrade my Zweihander to +6? Answered 2
How do i use spells? Answered 1
How do i use the black eye orb? Answered 1
How do the param bonuses work? Answered 2
How do you loot the corpse on the broken staircase in the tutorial? Answered 2
How do you lvl up the beggining flame hand? Answered 1
How do you make the weapon with the butterfly soul? Answered 5
How does curing a curse work? Answered 3
How does the dark hand work? Answered 1
How to use red suit of armour? Answered 1
How to use remedy? Answered 2
Humanity? Answered 1
I'm looking for someone to trade a Obsidian greatsword ? Answered 1
If I kill Griggs in Firelink, will I get his ring? Answered 1
Is there a ghost shield? Answered 4
Is there a way to stack fireorb/fireball pryomancy spells? Answered 1
Items to get at the start (Firelink Shrine)? Answered 3
Key to the locked door in the slums? Answered 1
Need help trying to use dragon headstone? Answered 2
Ornstein armour ? Answered 1
Priscilla's dagger help? Answered 1
Set of thorns location? Answered 4
Should I wear the Silver Knight Set or The Dark Set? Answered 1
Soul of Ornstein or Smough? Answered 2
The huge dragon in firelink shrine? Answered 2
Transient curse items? Answered 1
Upgrading Weapons? Answered 2
Using Bosses Soul like Soul of Smough? Answered 2
What Can I do with all my loot? Answered 1
What do I use for Qeulaags soul? Answered 2
What do the different coins do? Answered 2
What does fire breathing dragon covering the bridge in the undead burg drop? Answered 1
What does the covenant of artorias ring do? Answered 1
What does the dark hand do? Answered 1
What does the life hunt scythe do? Answered 1
What is the best weapon for an SL1 run? Answered 3
What is the most powerful weapon in the game? Answered 13
What one-handed scythe type weapon goes through shields? Answered 1
What sword can I use after the Drake Sword? Answered 2
What weapon/stats should i go for? Answered 2
Whats better silver knight or favor armor? Answered 2
Where can I find a list of weapons needed for Knight's Honor achievement? Answered 1
Where can I find any big shield?(One that can Shield Bash) Answered 2
Where can I find Black Sorcerer armor set? Answered 1
Where can I find Dragonslayer Greatbow? Answered 1
Where can I find gold hemned armour set ??? Answered 1
Where can I find Green blossoms? Answered 1
Where can I find Havel armor set? Answered 1
Where can I find Magic Barrier? Answered 1
Where can i find more twinkling titanite? Answered 1
Where can I find the dragon head ? Answered 1
Where can I find the umad spell ??? Answered 1
Where can I find Twinkling Titanite? Answered 1
where do I find the second pyromancer? Answered 1
Where is the best place to find dragon scales? Answered 3
Why can't I use the Catalyst? Answered 1
why cant I use the sunlight altar? Answered 1
Why Is my Humanity not going up? Answered 4
Wrath of the gods 1 use? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
+10 Weapons? Answered 3
About the game? Answered 1
Additional content ? Answered 1
Any fast one handed swords that pack a punch? Answered 2
Bottomless box glitch ? Answered 1
Bottomless box glitch ??? Answered 1
Can i summon phantoms offline? Answered 1
Can you calm down NPC's after you accidentally attack them? Answered 3
Can you invade as a forest hunter, if Sif is already killed? Answered 1
Can you jump in this game? Answered 7
Can't open the door at Darkroot Garden? Answered 1
Can't summon players into my world? Answered 2
Cancelling a Covenant? Answered 2
Changeing from offline to online? Answered 2
Character! Int and Faith? Answered 1
Cleric Trainer Location? Answered 1
Darkmoon blade question? Answered 1
Decent off-hand weapon? Answered 1
Do people still use this site? Answered 1
Does the humanity bonus work only as a human or as a hollow as well? Answered 1
Does this count towards achievements? Answered 1
Dragon Head Glitch? Answered 1
Fire Keeper is dead and I cannot invade killers world? Answered 1
Firelink Shrine bonfire cannot be activated??? Answered 3
Frampt has disappeared. Can I still find him or contact him? Can I still complete the game and get the good ending? Answered 1
Game patch ??? Answered 1
Gravelord sword ? Answered 1
How do I know when I get summoned to another level? Answered 1
How do I make Smough's Hammer? Answered 1
How do I sell? Answered 1
How do you buy from the sorcerer in firelink? Answered 1
How i can unlock alternative classes? Answered 2
How long does it take to beat? Answered 1
How the heck do you leave messages on the ground? Answered 1
I accidentaly fed the Wolf Ring to Frampt, what should i do? Answered 1
I don't get enough souls? Answered 1
I have a question about dark souls? Answered 2
I've found the black smith in anor londo but still i cant forge lightning?!?! Answered 1
Icons under Stamina Bar? Answered 2
is Dark Souls going to have nudity? Answered 2
Is magic stackable? Answered 1
Is there a way to revive the Fire Keeper offline? Answered 1
Is there any way to Store or Save your souls so that when you die you don't lose them? Answered 1
Kindle? Answered 8
Need dragon scales? Answered 1
New Game Plus? Sins and Covenants Answered 1
New to dark souls? Answered 2
Non white soul signs? Answered 1
Npc revival? Answered 1
Offline Multiplayer? Answered 3
Online achievements? Answered 1
Online lvl gap? Answered 2
Party Chat? Answered 1
PLEASE HELP, regarding Lonesome Gavlan? Answered 1
Questions about weapons and Scaling? Answered 1
Rare Weapon Achievement? Answered 1
Strength? Answered 1
Summoning Sif Time Crisis? Answered 1
Talking eggs right after you exit asylum? Answered 4
The Nine Covenants, where and what? (Possible spoilers) Answered 2
Two Questions - Help? Answered 2
Understanding weapon upgrades? Answered 1
What does magic damage do? Answered 2
What does touch bloodstains do? Answered 1
Where can I go to remove my Curse? Answered 1
Where is master logan? Answered 1
White Circles? Answered 4
Why are there shadowy figures in my game? Answered 1

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