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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Anybody want help with bosses or invaders? 0
Can any1 help me cutting kalameets tail? 0
Can someone help with artorias? 0
Can someone please help me with Nito? Sl 46 0
Need someone to distract kalameet? 0
Nito? 0
Why am i getting so few souls from bosses!? 0
Andor Lodo why are there black sentinels? 3
Any tips for Smough and Ornstein? 6
Anyone help me through the game? 3
Anyone want to help with Artorias? 2
Anyone willing to help me with the very first boss of AotA? 2
Brethren in need of assistance...Please? 1
Can anyone hel0 me with the Four Kings? 1
Can someone help me beat the Capra Demon? 3
Can someone help me defeat Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough? (Via summon) 5
Can someone help me kill Quelaag? 2
Can someone help me kill Sif? 2
Can someone help me with Nito? 1
Capra Demon Far Too Easy? 1
Dark souls anyone need help ornstein an smough or any boss? 1
Desperately need help with O&S? 3
Does Maneater Mildred respawn? 5
Easiest way to kill Lautrec? *new* 1
Four Kings Help? 2
Help beating Seath? - Tail wepon 3
Help cutting Kalameet's tail? 1
Help with 4 kings please? 2
How do I beat (Artorias)? 1
How do I beat (goat man)? 1
How do I beat (seth the scaless)? 2
How do I beat Ornstein and Smough? 3
How do I beat The Four Kings? 4
How to beat grave lord nito? 1
How to kill the Red Dragon? 3
I need help beating Orestien & Smough NG+? 5
I need help defeating Gwyn? 3
I need help defeating the four kings? 6
I need some help with four kings? 3
Looking for someone to team up with to defeat knight Atorias, can you help? (first enconter) 1
Need help defeating the centepiede (xbox 360)? 3
Need help fighting Kalameet? 1
Need help with Kalameet's tail.? 2
Need help with Kalameet? 1
Ornstien and Smough, Solaire is gone ? 2
Why am I having so much trouble with Seath? 4
Will anyone help me with tomb of the giants ? 1
Will someone please help me finally defeat Gwyn? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Can someone drop chesters armor set for me? 0
Would anyone be willing to spare a dragon torso stone? 0
Any Good Spots besides kiln for white titanite farming? 2
Anyone want to trade or just give an ornstein set? 1
Anyone willing to give me Catatina armor? 1
Best Weapon for me? 3
Black knight won't drop anything? 2
Blue titanite? 1
Bottomless box missing? 3
Can i make my drake sword +10 weapon? and burn? 5
can I put 2 spells in 1 slot? 2
Can someone help transfer items? 1
Didn't know i was going to kill Laurentius by saying yes. Who else can upgrade my glove? 2
DLC items? 1
Does Mildred's Item drops appear somewhere if you die before picking it up? 1
Dragon Torso Stone? 2
Egg head infection early game cure? 3
Has anyone got any spare Demon Titanites that they could give to me or trade for something? 1
Havel fell off the cliff. Ring is lost. can someone help me and give me one? PLEASE I can't bear to start over AGAIN 2
Help with Knights Honor Achievement? 1
HELP! Lloyd talisman/ first merchant? 2
HELP! Shiva/ Ninja flip ring? 3
How can i use magic weapons? 2
How do i get rid of the weapon degrade debuff? 5
How do I get special weapons with the boss souls? 2
How do I use the bow? 2
How to Get TCC? 3
I died before could pickup item? 1
I dropped my Gravelord Sword. Can I get another one? 1
Is there anyone willing to let me borrow a master key? 1
Is there anyone willing to spare a set of mage smith? 1
Is there anyway to recover sold items? 1
Master Key? 2
Mimics drop symbols in dlc?? 2
Rare weapons? 3
Trade Quelaag soul for 10k or turn uchi into chaos blade? 5
Trade request? 2
Trying to get the thorn armor? 4
Uchi help ascending to +15 already got materials? 2
Wahing Pole uppgrade? 1
Weapon help - wondering what I can upgrade to ? 3
Weapons? 2
What do all the different upgrades types do? 3
What does scaling mean? 1
What is some good early game armour for my knight? 2
What is the best weopon to use or level up? 5
What the use of the guardian soul? 2
What to make of my claymore? 1
Where can I find a ring that helps with soul collecting? 1
Where can I find Black Knight's Halberd ? 2
Where can I find Cracked Eye Orbs? 2
Where can I find embers? 2
Where can I find the crest shield? 1
Where can I find the dark wood grain ring? 1
Where can I find the Darkmoon Seance Ring)? 1
Where can I find the key? 1
Where can I find the white summoning stone?. 2
Where can I find transient curses? 2
Where can I get purge stones? 1
Where can I make my swords on fire? 3
Where do I sell all this stuff??? 4
Where is a good bow after the undead merchant? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Best armour and talisman for faith char? 0
Just how crazy is this PVE build? 0
What armour should i have for this pvp build im working on? 0
What is the best way to go with the weapons i have? 0
What would be a good quality and enchanted weapon? 0
Where should this build be going? 0
Will upgrading past 50 for intelligence be worth it for MGS? 0
Are there any particularly good builds? 2
Black Iron Set or Elite Knight Set? 1
Cursed Greatsword parameters?? 1
Did I mess up my build, shouls I start fresh? 2
Do you have to be an ACTIVE member of the Chaos covenant to open/use shortcut? 4
Elemental katana for strength build? 1
Fairly new to pyromancy. Love it, but need a little guidance. Anyone? 2
Faith/Strength Build, need tips/advice? 1
Game saved right after I attacked someone? 2
General Knowledge? 1
How do i get the best amount of damage out of my build? 5
How does saving work in this game? 2
Im new to dark souls and need help with how to build my character? 2
Is my stats armour and weapons ok ? 2
Is there any way to salvage my character? 1
Is there really a soul glitch? 3
Mages? 3
New build idea please? 1
New game +? 1
NPC phantom death= permanent death or respawn? 1
Online PvP ? 1
Other than stat differences do the classes differ at all? 3
PvP build help?? 1
PVP suggestions - currently SL 82- Wondering what I should level until SL120 for pvp? 1
Rate my set-up? 1
Summoning in Anor Londo? 1
To low damage with Uchigatana? 3
Tranquil Walk of Peace and Co-op? 1
Uchigatana Slow? 1
What are the levels? 1
What boss should i beat after dragonslayer? 1
What is the best build for a sl1 run? 1
What is the best strategy for getting dragon scales? 1
What is the way to play/level a pyromancer? 1
What stats are good enough? 1
Where should I pvp when I'm about level 40? And then 60? 3
Zweihander upgrade? 2

Other Help Answers
(Spoilers) Anybody else notice the broken wall in Undead Burg? 0
(Spoilers) Lautrec: The invasion summons? 0
Any ideas for a vampire build or if possible a werewolf one? 0
Best pvp spot 2015? 0
Can any one drop Artorias' set for? me my gamertag is MOTORCYCLELUV. 0
Can I reverse my crystal claymore? 0
Can I talk to Frampt in NG+ and still be part of the Darkwraith covenant? 0
Cant play or chat with friend? 0
Demon ruins coop? 0
Help with a SL 150 build? 0
How to get to ng+7 at low SL? 0
I gave my manus soul to bird nest and i didnt get the spell? 0
Is plus 5 as high as i can get great sword of artorias? 0
Location of merchants? *new* 0
Looking for co-op partners? 0
Need help aquiring souls for dex build? 0
Pvp sl 102? 0
Thief build? 0
What is the best armor i could use with the dark wood grain ring? 0
Where is the elevator that's in the undead parish main church, and where is the church? 0
(Accidently hit the giant smith?) 4
(create your own question)Gear Build? 1
Accidentally attacked Oswald of Carim -- any way to fix? 3
Active players? 5
Add your gamertag? 2
Am I ready for Painted World? 1
Am I too late to be summoned by anyone to fight a boss? 1
Anybody has black knight set? 2
Anyone wanna team up type of thing on dark souls? 1
Anyone want to play Dark Souls? 4
Anyone want to trade for their Sif soul? 1
Anyone wanting to trade Soul of Ornstein for... anything? 1
Are boss tail cut off weapons worth it? 1
Are there any cheats for the game? 5
Artorias sword? 2
Backwards compatibility save? 1
Blacksmith wont list falchion sword to upgrade to plus 6? 1
Bonfire won't give mt the level up option? 2
Brass set trade? 1
Build/Gear Advice? 1
Can anyone trade me Quelaags soul for another boss soul or something? 1
Can I learn pyromancies from anyone else besides the one in the Depths area? 2
Can more then one Sunbro be summoned at once? 4
Can someone help me with the knights honor achievement? 1
Can you get Prayer of a Maiden acheivement on more than one character? 1
Can you join the gravelord a covenant early? 2
Cant play or chat with friend? 1
Class difficulty, different items? 3
Controller configuration? 1
Dark souls - Is Dragon Sword good for mid game? 1
Dark souls 2 summon stone help? 1
Dark souls dlc? 1
Dark souls will anyone trade the moonlight greatsword with me? 1
Darks souls summon buddy ? 3
Defeated moonlight butterfly what next? 1
Disaster gone after? 1
Does anyone play online anymore? 2
Does beating the boss in anothers game make yours defeated? 2
Dragon eye? 1
Effigy Shield? 1
Even trade? 1
Game breaking glitch with the lordvessel? 1
Game breaking glitch? 1
Game plus? 2
Giant Blacksmith Doesn't Sell Titanite, Does My Game Need To Be Patched? 1
Giantdad legend? 2
Gravelord covenant? 1
Green Orb missing?=( 1
Hi,wanna trade items? 1
How difficult is it to get all Achievements? 1
How do I get NPC's to stop attacking me? 1
How do I give humanity to others? 1
How do I level up? 3
How do I use the Drake Sword special attack? 1
How do I use the light crossbow? 1
How should I level my Wanderer class so he can use pyromancer spells and withstand attacks? 1
I can't upgrade my iaito past +11? 2
I cannot get passed door to lordsvessel because i used souls now what? 3
I Killed the Daughter of Chaos, HELP? 1
I wanna ask a really big favor.? 1
I'm dying without end in Anor Londo for some reason :( Any help? 2
Im having problems summoning or invading? 2
Int/Dex Build Help? 1
Is it me or dark souls isn't all that? 3
Is it possible to get all of the achievements in the game without being online? 1
Is it possible to have two people in a host? 2
Is it worth it? 4
Is New Game + worth it? 1
Joining a session? 1
Killed the first merchant, wanna revive him as he was before? 1
Lightning Claymore or Standard Claymore? 1
Looking for someone to summon me so I can help them beat bosses while I'm in the sunlight covenant... ? 1
Loot Gone Forever? 2
More challenge? 1
Need help with my build? 2
Need titnite chunks and slabs of all types (and lots of them)? 2
New Game + ? 4
New Game+ Souls? 3
NG+ Questions? 1
Ng+ still have my embers? 1
Npc is missing, is it a glitch? 1
Online coop? 1
Online with a silver membership? 1
Permission for hacker hunting? 1
Pvp question? 1
Quelana of Izalith disseapred..Can you upgrade pyro glove without her? 1
Sexiest Weapon? 1
Should I lvl str or dex? Or maybe some other stat entirely? 1
Should I start over? 1
Snoring? 2
So... A glitch with Frampt. Help? 1
Solaire going mad? 3
Stone Dragon/Dragon Great-sword question? 1
Strange encounter?... 3
Summoned without summon sign? 1
Summoning at Bell Gargoyles? 1
Tank class gear? 2
The Stairs Leading to the Four Kings?! 2
Valley of drakes? 1
Want to start building Dex but already built Str abit? 3
Were can i get some titanite Slabs? 4
What is the best build for my chracter? 1
What is the best class? 3
What weapons should I use? 2
Where is Shiva's bodyguard? 2
Why can i summon 2 people? 2
Why can't I see anyones summoning sign? 1
Why can't I upgrade past +10? 2
Why do i only have three glowing balls when i use homing soulmass? 1
Why does my character not seem to be able to use Ultra Greatswords efficiently? 1
Why is my damage so low? 1
Why is the firekeeper still alive? 1
Why won't my game load? 1
Will anyone please share their game save with me? 2
would you like to play Co-op play through of Dark Souls? 1

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