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Where can you find undead bait?

I am on the mission where you have to get undead bait and dynamite for LR. I already have the dynamite, I dont know where to find the undead bait so could you help me.

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Shotgunman5000 answered:

You need the flowers listed below:
wild feverfew in cholla springs, & prarrie poppy in the great plains.
Afterwards, look for a undead bait build option in your inventory and create more.
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macaroni338 answered:

U don't find the bait itself, u make it!
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djuar05 answered:

One of West Dickens missions before you go to Mexico, has you going round getting previously mentioned flowers wild fever few and prairie poppy's. After you have complete this mission, you can like previously mentioned make it, you have to open your satchel and chose undead bait, but you must have the flowers I believe you must have 2 of each to make one bottle. Then you can create more.
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