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How do I catch (any) horse?

i am having trouble catching "war" horse.

i lassoo him just fine, but every time i dismount my own horse, i end up on my butt, and he just runs off.

the undead disk is the onlt RDR i have played, so i did not do the "taming a horse" tutorial..

i already have the "death" horse, i just want to know how to catch and ride the others... any help out there?


Accepted Answer

oboewan9999 answered:

After roping the horse, make sure you keep LT held down as you dismount your horse (this will keep him tied up). Then, just walk over to him (keep LT held down) and press Y.

After doing this, you'll be presented with a little minigame in which you have to push left or right on the left stick to keep Marston's butt centered on the horse for a short time. It should be pretty self-explanatory: push the stick in the opposite direction of the direction he appears to be falling off towards.

Once you've done this, congrats! Enjoy your new horse.

NOTE: If your freshly-broken horse dies, the only way to get a new (non-undead) one (without roping another one) is to use a Blood Pact. You get the Blood Pacts for Famine, Pestilence and War by taming all three and then killing one of every different type of undead using Death's trample ability.
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