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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find more tomahawks?

I ran out of tomahawks from red dead redemption undead nightmare and I cant find any from saved towns

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Hiya mate. To to out post in tall trees and save it. To speed up the process go to sleep(save game). Get on the roof of your safe house.Throw tomahawk at trees dead eye a bat.Bat done. Hope that helps mate best regards Psycojohno

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Sorry new phone. I ment goto outpost in tall trees kill all undead to get tomahawks and get on the safe house roof in thieves landing to hit a bat with a tomahawk. Throw tomahawk into trees when your on the roof then dead eye a bat that flies out killing it with a tomahawk. Sorry about that I hope this helps you.

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Go in on the cheat for unlimited ammo hill some zombies with tomahawk and then you can gather up to 21 tomahawks,after that do as Psycojohno said and the rest ie simple. GOOD LUCK

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Kill not hill sorry mispelled.

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Wait three days for Manzanita Post to come under attack and then save it.

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Wait so how do I get the unlimited ammo?

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Just use the infinity ammo cheat i use it because i attack people on horses it fun try it.

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