Question from RazeHale

Asked: 4 years ago

Stuck on treasure rank 2 need help?

I have the treasure map and i know where the locaion is but the "inspect" thing doesnt come up and doesnt let me open the chest anyone know what to do???

Additional details - 4 years ago

Id have to double check on the name of the location but i know its correct because i went to all the other places (looked online) and none of them work either... this is the only thing keeping me from achieving rank 5 in the challenges.. its the location where your on the edge of the cliff i know that much

Additional details - 4 years ago

Is there anyway to fix said glitch? or just wait it out for possible game update

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What map is this ? Sometime you get the map out of order so you need to wait until you get the correct one,then hunt for that one first.Hope this helps.

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If your absolutly sure, like checked out the step by step guides on youtube and found the box and can't open it or no rank 5. You may have a glitch on your hands.

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