Question from AceofSpades414

Asked: 4 years ago

What do I do after I become a zombie?

I just finished the main story and found out John died. I dont know what to do now.

Accepted Answer

From: zeldafan44310 4 years ago

Story may be done, but there is still fun to be had. Some suggestions are getting the horses ,doing challenges, doing stranger missions, killing the chupacabra, getting the unicorn, completing outfits, and just plain hunting. Also trying undead overrun is not a bad idea. Hope this helps. : )

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You can start by putting a *spoiler tag at the front of your question dbag

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Wait so John dies at the end just like in the first game??

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I uasually look to sell some of my games after like a year when they get boring so far i have gotten most my money back by selling at gamespot's market

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