Question from morrisbud

How many vending machine codes are there?

I was wondering how many codes there are for weapons, ammo, aid, and chems. and where they are if possible.

I have 2 weapon, 2 ammo, 6 aid, and 3 chem, just want to know if there are any more. I don't care about food or misc. because I have all of those that I want.


dremble_basic answered:

There are the two for the HOLORIFLE - sounds like you got those. All tolled - about a dozen vending machines codes was all I could find. Sounds like you got'em all or close to it.
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anglittle answered:

I can't completely answer your question but I can help. I found six weapon codes...1 for a demolition charge (it's a frag mine with a different name) not sure exactly where, 1 mod for the autorifle (found on the rooftop next to the severed wires where you leave Dean before the Gala Event), 1 mod for the bear trap claw (found on the ground in the switching station room where you leave Dog before the Gala Event), and I found 3 for the holorifle but I only remember where 1 is the bell tower where you launch the Gala Event. There is also one for the Superstim in here. All of these I located prior to going into the casino.
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TheRenomian answered:

Hi ok list below of the ones I've found

Villa- Their is cash register in a shop with a return item code (it has a hologram vendor) the register is on its side in a display case or something.

Clinic :

In the reception there is a stimpak code on the front desk next to a stimpak.

On the top floor offices (the corridor with the holo emitter) check the offices one of them has a computer with a code for Med-X

Mentat codes are in one of the offices as well I think on a desk

Poice Station:
Crack the computer (need a skill of 75 min) to the left of the main entrance to get access to a store room .308 code is in here.

In the corridor to the right go down to the end and one is on floor next to the toilet (I think this is .357 rounds).

At the back of the Ploice station go past the cells and check the top of the filing cabinet for the Weapon Repair kit code.

Switching Station:

With the elevator behind there ia a large console on your left with the code forthe Holorifles reinforced components

The Sierra Madre:

The vodka,scotch and wine codes are in the casino section of The Madre (sorry can't remember where)

The ones already covereed above

Holorifle focusing optic one is in the bell tower in Salida de Sol on a window ledge

Bear claw HD springs are on the floor next to the large pipe to the right of the row of electrical switches in Salida del sol.
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