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Asked: 4 years ago

Can you get the ghost people armor?

Im just wondering if you can obtain it at all?

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If you can get it, how?

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Throughout the "dead money" quest I did not encounter any of their armor, no matter how many of the Ghost People I killed, which was quite a few. It may not be a "get-able'' item.

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If you mean the casino security armor then you find it around the villa. In the casino you find re-enforced security armor and helmet. BUT, if you mean the stuff that the ghost people wear, (the ones that you have to dismember to keep them down), then you cant get that, sorry.

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I found assassin's armor, (light armor, 15DT, weighs 20 lbs, and has a sneak bonus) can remember where I found it, but it while I was gathering the companions.

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I think that yes you can. I just finished and at the end, talking to Elijah he mentions the Big Empty that christine mentioned. It also said somthing about a "things to come acheivment". Learn the future of the courier.

Eli said that the armor that the ghost seekers and harvesters wore came from there as did the collars and holo-poeple.

SO, if the Big Empty is a future DLC/expansion pack, or whatever you want to call it, then there is a chance that we will see it there. Hope so anyway.

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I found Assassin Suit in The Clinic, on one of the tables by the corpses in the first room to the right, at the begining of the hallway where the shielded speaker is.

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The new New Vegas DLC, (third one) is going to take place in the Big Empty. It is called Old World Blues, I think. So, I guess they were hinting that at us, sactheboss.

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Yes, you can acquire the "ghost people" armor in the big empty. There is only one, that I've found, but honestly aside from selling it's useless.

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