Question from decepticusprime

Asked: 3 years ago

How do i trap Elijah in the vault?

Where do i run to that allows me to hide and get Elijah trapped in the vault?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I dont need the gold anyway, i plan to drop enough gear to take 2-3 bars with me but even those I bet I have trouble selling.

Accepted Answer

From: anglittle 3 years ago

I just did this. Though I see no way to get the gold with this option, just the achievement. So save first and kill him for the gold. When you speak to Elijah in the vault tell him that you don't want the treasure you just want out. He will agree to come down but warn you no tricks. You then get a quest option to sneak out of the vault trapping Elijah in it. Immediately go into sneak mode and exit the vault. He enters from the right and there is a large cylinder electrical box just to right of the glass structure that surrounds the main vault. Hide behind the cylinder until he makes his way around to the main vault door. Then make a dash for the exit (the same way you entered from). He will quickly realize that you are not there and engages the defenses in the vault trapping himself. Run all the way back out to the elevator and exit before your head explodes.

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