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How do I beat the Kraken?

I honestly can't figure out how to damage him. I see torches everywhere but nothing for them to light. I can't figure out how to get those boxes unstuck from him and I also see no way to leave the "ground" level.

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Ravengambitx answered:

The Kraken battle has three parts. The first part is that it sucks you in and spits you out, along with some items that can be thrown. Use Elizabeth to pick up one of the throwable items and throw it when its sucking in. Do this a couple of times and it starts slamming its tentacles onto the deck. There are explosives at the top of the tentacles, wait for the tentacle to remain still, then run up it with a torch and set off the explosives. Do this twice, then it starts sucking up in again, but it also spits out grenades. Throw these into its mouth when its sucking until you beat it.
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sevenyc answered:

There are objects the Kraken spits up that you can pick up and throw back at him that will explode. Hide behind the boxes to keep him from eating you... unless you want to get the achievement "Get eaten by the Kraken 10 times."
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assassinreaper answered:

You have to use Jack to get onto the masts were you attack the riggings or the things on the middle of walkway. Then you jump onto the rope to pull it down which then allows gibbs to repair the thingy.
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