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Will It have Oblivion Gates ?

Will It Have Oblivion Gates ?

Marinus11 asked for clarification:

I know I can't answer this question with 100% accuracy, but probably not.

DrakonianLegend asked for clarification:

Could there even be something called The lost Oblivion Gate. A continuous Oblivion Gate thought to be destroy by an avalanche of ice and rock when really it made a shell, or protective barrier around it. with the only way to get in is through a lost mine or cave infested with oblivion creatures?

lazygirl32 asked for clarification:

Dunno They Better Have

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craftsman465 answered:

No chance. In Oblivion, I am pretty sure Martin destroyed all chances of another Oblivion gate opening. And at the end of the storyline, all oblivion gates that were still open are closed.
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Centurion1000 answered:

Most likely not, because at the end of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Martin destroys the ways to Oblivion (i.e. Oblivion Gates). But who knows, anything can happen.
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Mitchell_1797 answered:

Very unlikely
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jeremie101 answered:

Well wasnt that expansion the door to where shaogorath is technacally that was one of the plains of oblivian dagons oblivian was only one plain of oblivian and the door to shaogorath oblivian plain stayed open when martin died technacally they can say anything to reopen these gates in the story for example because there is once again another dragonborn the dragon fires need to be lit again cause the dragon born is technacally the key to loch the doors to oblivian not just shut them
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jeremie101 answered:

Well it is a fantasy world and anything would be possable
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cipo89 answered:

Yes its been confirmed that in some quests it will require you to travel to the planes of Oblivion
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Novagod666 answered:

Yes they will be
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nmenezes92 answered:

Highly doubt it since the Oblivion gates were attributed to a totally different diety. But this is TES, expect the unexpected at times :D
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paulhancock12 answered:

I don't think oblivion gates in the sense of fire-shooting portals will exist, though there is something to be said of the daedric gods who send you into thier own planes (Peryrite) in order to complete a quest. Though they are ways to oblivion, they are not technically "gates." Skyrim may have gameplay in oblivion, though it is unlikely that any questline will revolve around closing and/or locking gates.
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onetrickfred answered:

absolutely not for sure the entire focus of the game "possible spoiler alert" is about you again being an heir to a line. And to sum it up they have replaced oblivion gates with dragons as you'll run into them occasionally like you did with oblivion gate. Also some dragons are probably main quest related
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TG77lead answered:

No. martin fixed the oblivion promblum in elder scrolls 4
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kheas answered:

Sorry no oblivion gates. This game takes place 200 years after the events of Oblivion and covers the return of Dragon kind. Dragon encounters replace the oblivion gates this time around.
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