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Guilds or brotherhoods?

Is there a chance that there will be any new guilds or

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mattman909 answered:

The main factions that the player can join are:
Battle-Born Rivals of the Stormcloaks who are based in Whiterun.

College of Winterhold A guild dedicated to the study and practice of magic, similar to the Mages Guild in previous games.

Companions A guild of mercenaries, dedicated to combat, based in Whiterun. They are similar to the Fighters Guild in previous games.

Dark Brotherhood A secret guild made up of professional assassins.

Imperial Army The military power of the empire, they seek to maintain Imperial control of Skyrim and are based in Falkreath.
Stormcloaks The main organisation of rebels in Skyrim's civil war, they seek to have Skyrim become independent of the Empire.

Thieves Guild A secret guild dedicated to professional thievery, based in Riften.
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lionesss answered:

Only the Dark Brotherhood has been confirmed. There certanly will be more in the game though.
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wymerm1 answered:

So far the game has 3. The companions is one they are like the fighters guild. Not sure what this one is called but there is one for mages i know this. And finally the theivies guild of course. No dark brotherhood yet i have no clue where the other guy heard that from.
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wymerm1 answered:

So far the game has 3. The companions is one they are like the fighters guild. The college of winerhold is the mages guild . And finally the theivies guild of course. The dark brotherhood has finally been confirmed. The blades might be in there because esbern is the reamaining blade but maybe he is the only one known and the blades is finally a secrect again.
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insane100 answered:

Wywerm1 is right all the guilds in are right.
You should check out youtube for the full gameplay demo todd howard showed it tells and shows a lot.
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CONV1KT answered:

Dark brotherhood is in the game, fighters,thieves and mages guilds will be but unsure if their names are changed
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nmenezes92 answered:

Not sure. But the old guilds present in Oblivion are still there. My favourite was the Dark Brotherhood :)
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