Question from kangarookyle

How do I solve the golden claw door puzzle?

I can't get the door with the bear, the owl and the bug on the spinning circles on it to open, or find any clues?

TheLordApollo asked for clarification:

Im also having a problem i cant even get the circles to spin. Is there something i have to do to get the circles to spin.

KevlarToker asked for clarification:

How do you get through the room before you get the claw?

shloomz asked for clarification:

Did anyone else realize and see a secret room/cave that's partially covered with fallen rocks? It's in Bleak Falls Temple, you see it pretty much right after you kill the guy and get the Golden Claw from him. When you're winding around in the temples' caves, you can get 2 glimpses (once from the right side and once from the left side) of a partially hidden cave/room that's partially hidden by boulders. You can see a dead body/skeleton in the room and seems like some items and a chest with a staircase leading upwards. How do you get in there?

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darkmerlin01 answered:

Yes make sure to examine the golden claw in your inventory should be self explanatory after that
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WeAmTheBest answered:

Look at the claw itself! The largest symbol should be an Owl, then the Bug, then the Bear as the smallest one. Hope this helps.
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Mglass answered:

When in the inventory rotate the right analog to rotate the image. the solution is on the palm of the claw. I was very irritated with this as i looked all over the dungeon before doing this.
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pozat answered:

Look at the wall panels leading to the door on the left. They have the people who represent the order of the lock
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jessmarler answered:

TheLordApollo - I had the same issue. I think it might be a glitch. I fixed it by leaving the area (walking all the way until the loading page comes up) and then heading back.
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jdilla313 answered:

This may sound dumb but where do I get golden claw at?
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Wusai answered:

There is a journal from one of the bandits, basically it says that you have to hold the claw in the palm of your hand to find the secret.

Open your inventory, examine the claw - rotate the view so you can see the underside of it, there are three symbols..the top is the outer ring, the second is the middle ring, and the third is the inner ring..set the rings accordingly and then activate it in the center.

In my game it was Bear (outer)Bug(middle)Owl(inner). I don't know if that is set or random for each player.

Hope that helps.
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JuliaCHB answered:

Accept the quest from Lucan in Riverwood (he is in the general store...where you can sell your junk collected from when you escaped Helgen). He says thieves stole his golden claw, and they are hiding in Bleak Falls Barrow.

In the dungeon, you will eventually kill a giant spider, and there is a thief trapped in the webbing. Ask about the claw, and he says he has it. Cut him loose (and if you wish, kill him right away...if not, he runs off and you'll have to chase after him, possibly aggroing some dragurs...) You will get the claw off of his corpse.

For me and my hubby as well, it was the same as I guess it is the same for everyone. Examine the claw in your inventory. Outer ring is BEAR, middle ring was BUG, and inner ring was BIRD (aka OWL). Set the door rings appropriately. Then you "use" the claw (activate the plate in the middle, the claw automatically inserts and turns...) then it changed to 3 Birds (Owls...) and the door opened.


When you kill the final boss, take the Dragonstone from his has no value, and weighs 25lbs (make sure you can carry it! Drop other junk if necessary!) You will need this in the next town, and if you fail to bring it, you'll need to go back to Bleak Falls again. Taking the stone the first time will just avoid having to backtrack... ^_^
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Beckipunzel answered:

Yes, it's definitely glitchy! I had three owls on the door and couldn't activate any of the circles. You have to go all the way back (down the stairs, through the swinging axes, and through the door) then come back again and it should be fine.
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drewgalloway answered:

Go to your items and look at the claw if you look under it the animals woll be in order from top to bottem
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noobgamer135 answered:

Go into your inventory go to misc. go to the golden claw then you use the button and turn it so you can see its palm you with see the order for the door combo there hope it helps and good luck with the game.
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Lanceone answered:

I never noticed the claw marks, I just saw that when you turn the wheel, one of the symbols had like.. curly markings on the sides, so I put that one up , the inner ring wasn't so easy to see but there's only 3 guesses :-p
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