Question from jeffofknight

Why do people ask me if I'm sick?

I'm an Argonian and towns people keep asking me if I'm sick/telling me I don't look well. Anybody know why?

SniperFire274 asked for clarification::

Do you have any diseases/ active poisons / genral negitive stat effects?

Accepted Answer

luke204 answered:

You may have caught a disease by being attacked by a skeever or vampire, if you go to a chapel or shrine, you can be healed of your afflictions and receive a blessing as well.
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Chaoskillakam answered:

Do you remember getting attacked by a vampire?
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FalseProphet310 answered:

Im argonian and suffering the exact same thing. luke204 maybe onto something as ive had a skirmish with a few Skeevers.
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exar34 answered:

I just tested luke204's answer because the same thing was happening to me. Sure enough I went to a shrine and diseases were removed. Good to know for the future.
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Saber_Elf answered:

Drink a cure disease potion.
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