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Stuck in High Hrothgar ('use your unrelenting force shout')?

Okay, so I'm in High Hrothgar, at the part where I'm with the 4 Graybeards and they are like 'use your unrelenting force shout to strike the targets when they appear'.
I have been stuck here for like 4 hours.
Guy walks up, screams, and the blue orb appears, I shout at it, next guy does it, I shout at it, next guy does it, I shout at it.
Nothing happens, nothing ever happens. The one guy just keeps saying 'use your unrelenting force shout' and the cycle just repeats OVER AND OVER and I don't know what to do. TWICE in all the times ive done it, I see this etheral (?) guy come out of the orb, but then he disappears like half a second later.
How the heck do I get past this part?

snarkyrobot provided additional details:

I do that, I hold the button down from the second the blue orb comes out, to past the time it disappears.

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snarkyrobot answered:

lol I reloaded my game and it didn't fix it.
Restarted 360 and they all came up just fine :D
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marcosis answered:

Hold the button down longer for the second word.
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