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Asked: 3 years ago

Dark Brotherhood?

How does one go about joining the Dark Brotherhood on this game?

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From: poweradefan100 3 years ago

It is a quest in Windhelm. Just talk to some guards that are around, and one of them will probably say something about someone trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. Then a quest starts, and you have to go to his house. (set this quest as your main quest by pressing Start and marking it with A, then a marker should lead you to it) Then you just talk to him and he thinks you are part of the Dark Brotherhood. Just say you are part of it, and he will give you a contract to kill a lady who owns an orphanage. After you go there and kill her, you go back and he will give you your reward. Then you just have to sleep in an Inn. (I slept in the Inn at Riverwood, in case that makes a difference) After that someone visits you and you're in the Dark Brotherhood! Hope this helped.

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Talk to Innkeepers. They should direct you to a quest in Windhelm that will lead you to the Dark Brotherhood.

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You have to go to Windhelm and look up a house that belongs to a kid named arteno (not sure), and he sets the quest chain in motion

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I've got the player's guide.. What is state over i true but the real first quest of the dark brotherhood start with your meeting with Cicero... Just north of whitehelm on the road... you need to help him to get his carriage back on track.

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