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Where can I find (andur's amulet of arkay)?

I am in the dead halls and was asked to find an amulet of arkay in the catacombs. I killed the skeletons and searched the catacombs but no amulet??? Help

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AxelRipcurl answered:

It's in the bottom of The catacombs on a table, there's a candle with a wreath around it, it's hidden in the wreath. The quest indicator points to it :)
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JBDevin answered:

I am not entirerly sure where i got it.... But i am fairly certain i got it doing the cannibal quest that you get from the Halls of the Dead
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guinness4life answered:

Back room of the catacombs in the wreath. Try using the spell "Clairvoyance" (can be purchased from teh trader in Riverwood) if you still can't see it.
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myrimsarestock answered:

Its the table on the right. On my game it actually wouldn't show up on the table until I equipped a torch... It's odd. I know. But it worked for me.
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Wusai answered:

AxelRipcurl is spot on. It's in the bottom of the catacombs on a table, I missed it a few times and couldn't believe it was right there when I did find it.
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