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Where can I find a wood chopping axe?

In Whiterun, the inn tells me I can earn some money by chopping wood, but the chopping block tells me I need a woodcutting axe. I can't seem to find one at any of the shops, though.
Is this something I have to find or am given, or am I just missing a vendor or shop?

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kilik0410 answered:

If you fast travel to Riverwood and notice how on the Northwest side of the village they have a house that's actually on a little island all by itself in the middle of the river. Well, if you travel around to the backyard of the house (northwest side of the little island) there is a woodcutter's axe on a table. In fact, I think they even have a little dock that goes into the river and if you're facing down the pier the table is going to be to your right side and then they even have a chopping block to the left side.
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exar34 answered:

Usually there will be one sitting next to the places to chop firewood. One place that has multiple axes is Anga's Mill, which is West of Windhelm.
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