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How do I get into Mercers house?

I can't figure out how to get up to the Balcony.

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Reinbachimus answered:

Under the balcony there is a thing that looks like a spool. shoot it with an arrow, ramp drops and you can get in. Eitehr kill Vald or pick his pocket or pick the lock for the key in
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Huggbert answered:

Shoot the mechanism with a bow, it should have a marker upon it when you look at it.
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bwillroku answered:

You can also to the little mini-quest(shows up as a miscellaneous objective) to clear Vald's debt with Maven Black-Briar. If you do, you can talk to him and he will let you pass. You still have to shoot the ramp mechanism, but he will give you the key. This way takes a while though because the quest to clear his name involves finding a key at the bottom of a lake. It was hard to find for me and I used the strategy guide!
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sglobensky answered:

Heh, i just killed vald lol
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