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Words of power locations?

Does the presence of a dragon mean that there is a word of power to learn somewhere in that general area or is the dragon appearance in that location just a random event? And approx. how many words can we learn/find in the game? Hate to spend a soul on a stupid shout if better ones are out there to find. Thx


recca1821 answered:

From what ive figured out you can find the places that have the words of power by looking on your compass bar thing and looking for places that have dragon heads as markers. Hope this helps
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KaosWolfen answered:

There are from what I've experianced 2 types of dragons, overall, elementalwise I assume more but I digress.

The dragons can appear randomly those are the unscripted ones. There are some you can find from bounty quests the jarl's assign through innkeepers. You will find marks on your map as you travel in the shape of a dragon head, that is the sign there is a wall in that area. All you have to do is find it.

So far as how many and 'stupid' I have come to understand the shouts are pretty much the 'strongest' spells in the game. Not sure how many there are, if I recall the achievement is for 20 so...I assume there are at least that many.
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GuyGoesGame answered:

It's almost a given that you can find words of power at the end of crypt type dungeons, dragons themselves only give you the souls to unlock those powers.
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hogarthundead answered:

any dragon head symbol on your map has a word of power and a dragon. other than that dragon apearences in proximity to words are mostly coincidental. as mentioned before dungeons are another good palce to look. also the grey beards can give you a quest to go find words of power. they wont send you to all of them, but i think i got 20 words or so from their misc quest .

There are 20 3-word phrases, but a few of them dont take dragon souls to learn
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warnerve67 answered:

After completing a couple quests for the Greybeards, you can go up to Arngeir and ask for locations for the words of power. Hope this helps.
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sodapop12345 answered:

Ask Areinger at High Hrothgar. The question will apear in the dialogue choices.
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