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Where can I find/buy Muffle spell?

I cant find it

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LaffinJoker answered:

I got this spell from the Jarl of Whiterun's Wizard (sorry, can't think of his name). I'm pretty sure it wasn't available when I first went to him at the lower levels though. I'm level 15 now, but I'm pretty sure I bought it between Levels 10 and 15.

There is a guy (sorry, again with not knowing the name) in Whiterun who, if you ask him about his goods being stolen, will tell you that they are not, but wait, there is a ring that he bought that matches the description of a missing ring. But if the owner finds it on him, she'll kill him. Could you plant it in her house? (I hope this description is enough for you to find him, I think he runs a General Store or a Curiosity Store in the lower West or lower East side of Whiterun) I had done this quest and afterwards checked his inventory to sell things and he sold this spell under the Books section of his inventory (I already had it from the Jarl's wizard though so I didn't need it, all new spells are under the Books section of their sellable items). I don't know if it was there before because I didn't know a General Store would have spells but I'm pretty sure he has it too.

On another note, I think it's about 357 gold.

Hope this helps!
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kyrazifyNow answered:

Thank you! I will try it out:)
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dragonbourn88 answered:

Hi i got the muffle spell from the arch mage in the college after completing the second mission. it was a gift for helping out.
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sglobensky answered:

There is a dark elf that sells illusion spells inside the colledge of whinterhold /go.
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Dracial answered:

Probably from and Jarl Wizard, and a dark elf at the College of Winterhold will sell it to you.
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GamerGirlie101 answered:

In the Understone Keep in Markarth there's this old mage, I'm sorry I forget his name...starts with a C, he sells this spell along with quite a few others. He's researching these dwarf ruins and is involved with a couple quests, like bringing this Dwarven Sword of Absorption you can come across to him. Once you enter the keep instead of going straight where you'll find the Jarl, go left and you'll see him hovering over some Alchemist's labs with his nephew. This was the easiest way for me to get the spell, if you haven't been to Markarth you can take a carriage ride there or start this quest that'll instantly take you there by playing a drinking game with a man in Whiterun's bar. Hope this helps.
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Blackligerzero answered:

You can find it numerous places once you get your illusion spell level to a certain number, I think it's around 30 but I'm not sure, once you do you should be able to buy it by farengar at dragonsreach, and the illusion mage at college of winterhold, I'm sure you could also get from Riften's court mage. Hope this helps
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Hayk1 answered:

You can get the spell at Dragonsreach or Whiterun.When you get their go to the king's castle.Inside go forward then makea right.Their's a wizard in this room with an enchanter and alchemy table you talk to him and he sells it to you but you have to buy it.If he's not there look inside the castle.For example=Upstairs.I know that the Wizard wears a black orlight black robe.
I hope this helped!!!
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