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How do you refill charges in enchantments themselves rather than the enchanted weapons?

I disenchanted an axe with frost powers and obtained the enchantment for adding 15 points of frost damage to a weapon. The problem is, is that I had already used this axe for some time and now whenever I try and enchant another weapon with this frost enchantment it says the enchantment doesnt have enough charge. I know you can use soul gems to refill the charge on enchanted weapons but how do you refill the charge on enchantments themselves so that it can be used to enchant weapons again.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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DemonicAnahka answered:

Quoted from prima guide: "To recharge an enchanted weapon, you need a partially or completely-depleted weapon and a filled Soul Gem. Select the weapon in your inventory, pick Recharge, and then select the Soul Gem you want to use."
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declives answered:

Do you mean the game wont let you enchant a new weapon or it wont let you enchant the new weapon for 15 points of damage? The damage is determined by your enchanting skill and the level of the soul used in the enchantment, (Petty, lesser, common, ect) not by the item you disenchanted.

You also maybe be trying to enchant the weapon for full damage, but are using a very small soul at it therefore only has enough charge for a few swings, in which case you should just need to recharge your weapon.
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