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Gate in Yngol Barrow?

I have cleared Yngol Barrow and there is a gate in the last room with a chest and some stairs behind it. The is a lever in the front of the room that says activat but does nothing and no other way that i see to open the gate. has anyone found how to open this?

ddamniel asked for clarification:

I have had the same exact thing happen to me, but it seems there are, as of yet, no solutions. Do I need to go back to an earlier save? That would suck arse

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danveti answered:

I had the same problem with this one. The helmet of that your after for the Jarl of Winterhold quest is in the chest but it seems that there is another quest related to this dungeon as well that is causing the issue. You can still get the chest though...

I checked the official guide book and it spoke of another quest "Yngol Barrow: Ashore in a Sea of Ghosts" - the main difference is that when you enter the room with the throne and the button to activate the door to leave (and get the chest on the other side), the little chiming, floating, spirit orb things that follow you are supposed to form into another enemy - Yngol's Shade. Once you beat this you take the item "Yngol's helmet" from the body you are then able to activate the button to leave via the stairs apparently.

To start this quest you may need to have already finished the quest for the helmet for the thane of Winterhold or maybe not started it. It is supposedly activated just by getting the Coral Dragon's claw however I had this when I went in and the Orb things didn't do anything, and just followed me back to the entrance when I left. I makes sense that the Jarl quest would need to be finished, otherwise you would have to fight both enemies.
I haven't try going back in yet as I found another way to get the chest before I actually went in there the first time. If your standing facing the entrance to Yngol's Barrow, go left until you reach the shore, then turn to the right and walk along the edge. There is no path as such but there will be a small (higher than your character) cliff on your left and if you look carefully along there you will find the door that is the other exit which is unlocked and you can just go down the spiral stair case and get the chest at the bottom without worrying about going through Yngol Barrow again.
I actually went that way first, as the way-point led me to that door rather than the entrance when I had the quest active to get the helmet of Winterhold for the Jarl. I spent ages trying to work out how to open the gate before I gave up and found the other entrance.

I hope that helps!
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Bemtoto84 answered:

From what I am able to tell, the gate your referring to with the lever(trap trigger) will only open when you solve the puzzle, there should be 4 rotating puzzle pieces nearby that you can "switch" to set them to the appropriate image before being able to hit the lever to open this gate. To find your puzzle solution the answer is in a book you'll get off a dead scholar inside the barrow
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Kazatoth answered:

Not that you need it anymore but it took me a few minutes to figure this out. The button doesn't work until you take the helmet off of the corpse on the throne. It's not a corpse you actually loot, it's the Helm of Yngorl sitting on it's head.
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timemaster77 answered:

Leave the throne alone, put the whale symbol on the pillar with the water dripping , put the snake symbol on the pillar with the weeds, and put the hawk symbol on the remaining pillar with a hole that shows the sky above it, pull lever and enjoy your dungeon
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Randomnul3 answered:

Read the dead guys journal. It tells you the combination you need to open the lever, which matches what timemaster77 has already said.
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darthtom11 answered:

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spariezjr answered:

ok this link willexplain everything on how to do this just download and your good to go
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Rhys2SkilleD answered:

Think it's for a quest mate.
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haloman90 answered:

Well, if it says"activate", and it does nothing, it's obviously broken. (ba bump crash) maybe you need to fix it?
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valera1agon answered:

And what are you planning on next? You will sit and wait for an answer here? Better if you go to hahaped
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