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How do I get into Irkngthand =*( ?

Been around this place for an hour and I can't seem to get in. Didn't get any help from the guildies...

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Blades_Artemis answered:

Well the entrance is at the VERY top of the place. There's a wooden bridges connecting the rooftops of smaller structures leading all the way up. Hope that helps?
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P41N4670 answered:

To gain access to irkngthand, you need not even kill the bandits...
You need to drop onto the platform where the entrance is from the cliff above.
If you travel from shearpoint to the ruin you will have enough elevation, its tricky though, if you look on your minimap you can see the door labelled: irkngathnd arthanex...

Ill start again...
If you look at the ruin head on, soo that the semispherical tower is centred in the middle, you could pretend the ruin has 3 floors, the 3rd most top floor is innaccesible from below and you must jump from the cliff above onto the tip of the 3rd floor where the entrance is located.
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5BodiesJutsu answered:

Its tricky because the world map is misleading. It makes it seem like irkngthand is on top of the mountain but really its on the bottom of the mountain on the northern side. it took me for ever to find it
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DHKase answered:

This is part of a quest. You have to start the quest before you can enter the ruins, otherwise the door is always locked.
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JoshFriesen answered:

its part of a thieves guild quest called Blindsighted.
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