Question from mikeyensi

How do I find the nocturnal quest.?

I want find the nocturnal shrine so I can get the skeleton key to improve my lock picking skill. Where do I found her.

Keuelin asked for clarification:

The only time i saw the skeleton key was at the end of the theives guild quest line. After you become a "Nightengale" or something. A servant of Nocturnal. You have to kill the traitorous leader of the thieves guild when you get the skeleton key, along with two pretty shweet giant gems.

Accepted Answer

superdoom7734 answered:

Nocturnal has a shrine that can only be found by doing the Thieves Guild Quest. You do get the Skeleton Key but are forced to give it up. This quest is NOT counted as one of the 15 Deadric Quest. If you want to level up your lockpicking, get the skeleton key through the Thieves Guild Quest but once you get it DON'T continue with those quest, go to the training area of the Thieves Guild with all of the locked chest use those to get your lockpicking up to 100 and then take the perk so that your lockpicks never break.
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Blades_Artemis answered:

Nocturnal plays a huge part in the Thieve's guild story line. Follow that and at the end you'll get the treasure you seek.
To keep it forces you to not finish the Thieve's guild story line and it does not offer ANY benefit to Lockpicking in this game.
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bjmad33 answered:

What Blades_Artemis is mit completly true.... The skeleton key is unbreakeble ( not sure how to spell it) when you lockpick something it can't break no matter what you do
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Fatman322 answered:

If I were you I'd just finish the quest and level up your lockpicking. There's a perk that makes all of your lockpicks unbreakable. You don't need the Skeleton Key.
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