Question from Parnash

Illia Bug?

So, I came back to the tower after helping her, and it won't let me initate dialog with her... Any fixes?

RPGLover657 asked for clarification:

Hey, this also happened to me too. Did you ask her to follow you at first chance? I didn't, because I had another follower with me. When I did some more exploring and part ways with my follower, I tried to talk to her and no conversation starts. She just says "Did you need something" or something like that.

Parnash provided additional details:

Yeah, I asked her to join me immediately. It sounds like it's just a bug in the coding.

Accepted Answer

WuldNaKest answered:

Patch 1.4 is out, and Illia is now fixed.
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humptizy answered:

reload an earlier save? That is all I can think of
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cloudlockdown answered:

Illia is the buggiest character I've come across. If you do end up using her, she is a powerful magic user. It comes at a price though: she will spam magical staves forever, locking herself in place, she randomly attacks and kills your horse (not sure with shadowmere), will run around naked (!), and occasionally she reverts back to zero dialogue options. Your best bet if you must use her is to save frequently and reload or fast travel if she bugs out.
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DrNewcenstein answered:

She'll also revert to her default gear if she has to travel too far to catch up with you, erasing whatever better enchanted gear you gave her.
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