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What do you do with the elder scroll?

What do you do with the elder scroll after the quest septimus is dead quest if over when you read the elder scroll you see a symbol then your vision goes black does any one know more about it?What do you do with the elder scroll?

Tutoring_Ace asked for clarification:

I try to sell to orc librarian but doesn't ask for it or I cant tell him I have it?

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Jinn_Remona answered:

If I'm correct, you can take it to the Orc Librarian in the College of Winterhold and he'll buy it off of you.
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specter85398786 answered:

Have you used it for the main quest yet? If not, return to the throat of the world and search for a spot where the air shimmers. Stand in the spot and open up the ES.
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sglobensky answered:

Dont use it for the main quest till you use it to get the ogma infinitum or it will bug and your will never be able to do blood rights ( wich you must be at least lvl 15 to start) after both of those are done sell the the college librarian hes the cranky orc.
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candy_world answered:

If you have dawnguard you need it for the quest line.
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