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Best Bow available?

I know the game is just out but what are the best bows in the game and where can I get them

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ghoul542 answered:

I was a big fan of the Long Bow....then I took an arrow to the knee.
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KiraMidnight answered:

Well this would depend on a few things: Are you looking for the best Damage? Or are you looking for Damage/Enchantments combined? Also, where I find a bow may or may not be the same place you do. This all depends on your race and if you have any blessings or shouts currently in effect.
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josteria562 answered:

The one i've found the best so far is the Nightengale Bow, Do most of the thieve's guild quest line and you'll eventually get it (dont wanna spoil it)
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bobjesbusiii answered:

The best bow is the Ebony Bow. I am level 38 and i got my first Ebony bow from the merchant in Whiterun. My archer skill is only level 40. it is better then the base damage of the nightingale bow, and the one i have has 30 fire damage so the enchantment damage is equal to that of the nightingale bow(assuming the damage of the bow is constant over levels)
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specter85398786 answered:

The Nightingale bow has the most base damage, but it's scaled based on your current level and archery skills.
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MacDaddyArdican answered:

The best bow you could find or buy is a daedric bow. the best you can make is a dragon bow with a 100% armorer skill. there are other bows that you get with quests but they won't be better.
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striker246 answered:

Okay, the best bow I have seen so far, and I am almost a level 50, is by far the daedric bow. Dragon weapons do not exist (makes me sad) and for some reason, daedric armor is stronger than dragon armor. So if you get highest smithing you can, make a legendary level daedric bow at a grindstone, use daedric arrows, (which are rare as hell), and give it a great enchantment, it will be the most powerful bow you could hope for.
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TehRev answered:

If the Nightengale Bow is leveled loot, though....avoid finishing the thieves guild quest until your archery is 100 and you're 50+...Might be better than daedric then once improved to legendary status, if you can do that. I personally haven't tried.
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Randomnul3 answered:

Tehe...I got an ebony bow at level 19 from a chest. I snuck up on a dragon sleeping on top of a tower and looted the chest before killing it, so I got to use the ebony bow to kill it instead of my elven bow.
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bk201soren answered:

Well, get 100 enchanting skill and 100 smithing skill (with all the necessary perks) and you can make a bow unlike no other. Daedric Weapons are the best. So a Daedric bow. I suggest making enchanted smithing set.

At lvl100 enchanting, perks that double enchanting effectiveness, grand soul gems, and with an enchanter's elixir you should get four pieces of armour that each give out about 30% smithing bonus. Now, if you combine this equipment with a Blacksmith's elixir (which can be bought at alchemy shops, like the enchanter's elixir) you should get a legendary daedric bow that is far superior to normal legendary daedric bows. I suggest putting two enchantments on it while using an enchanter's elixir.

I myself have a Daedric bow with 282 damage when you count my other enchantment bonuses. I still haven't employed the stratagy I have talked about because my enchanting is close to reaching lvl 100.
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