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Can I revive dead allies such as Jenessa or Lydia?

Sometimes I *accidentally* kill my ally because I am an archer and they tend to step in the line of fire of my arrows. Now, without using a temporary Raise Zombie spell or staff, is there any potion or anything that can revive a dead comrade? (Also, besides reloading the game)

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warnerve67 answered:

Dead Thrall spell
You will need a Conjuration lovel of 90 or greater.
Phinis Gestor sells this spell after the completion of the Conjuration Ritual Spell.
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Blades_Artemis answered:

Afraid not. Sorry.
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fuse14 answered:

After you get level 90 conjuration you can get a permanent raise zombie spell and summon atronach spell from phinis gestor, im guessing that would work, but i havent tried it so im not 100% sure
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Death_Master911 answered:

Nope, nothing of the sort. Even If there was, it wouldn't work due to the NPC being "Too Powerful".
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